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Prevention of Nosocomial Infection in the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit: Remember the Basics

(ICU) [ 1 ]. The case mix in the neurosciences ICU is not immune to such infectious complications [ 2, 3 ]. Such infections increase both the costs and lengths of stay [ 4, 5 ]. Overall mortality ... comprehensive strategy to limit rates of potentially preventable infections [ 37 ]. It is time to apply this knowledge to the neurosciences ICU, research it, modify it where needed, and audit the results. 1

Mathematics Education and Neurosciences: Relating Spatial Structures to the Development of Spatial Sense and Number Sense

Mathematics Education, The Netherlands Abstract The Mathematics Education and Neurosciences (MENS) project is aimed at exploring the development of the mathematical abilities of young (four- to six-year old

A quest in neurosciences: neuroportraits

in this field and will also attract more papers from neurosciences, as some special issues in the near future will prove. This ambition is based also on tradition as seminal electrophysiological papers ... nervous system, and as such the origins of neuroscience stretch back to antiquity. The neurosciences emerged from the biological sciences because conceptual building blocks were isolated, and the ways in

Naturalistic music and dance: Cortical phase synchrony in musicians and dancers

movement, the cognitive and affective neurosciences have been directed towards expertise in dance. To understand the versatile and overlapping processes during artistic stimuli, such as music and dance, it ... neuroscience to elucidate the elements of social interaction [ 5,6 ]. Auditory-motor interaction has received attention in neurosciences of music [7]. In dance, both collaboration and rhythmic auditory-motor

Neurocarta: aggregating and sharing disease-gene relations for the neurosciences

Background Understanding the genetic basis of diseases is key to the development of better diagnoses and treatments. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of the existing data linking genes to phenotypes is available through online public resources and, when available, it is scattered across multiple access tools. Description Neurocarta is a knowledgebase that consolidates...

Rhetoric and the Neurosciences: Engagement and Exploration

) Few popular science news articles today attract as much attention or are communicated with as much flamboyance as those involving the neurosciences. Catchy but charged headlines such as “Obese Teens May

Molecular composition of the human primary visual cortex profiled by multimodal mass spectrometry imaging

see Amunts and Zilles, Neuron 88:1086–1107, 2015; Casagrande and Xu, Parallel visual pathways: a comparative perspective. The visual neurosciences, MIT Press, Cambridge, pp 494–506, 2004). In humans, V1 ... (Matsumoto et al. 2011; Dekker et al. 2015; Schubert et al. 2016; Martinez-Gardeazabal et al. 2017) . In neurosciences, several studies used this technique to characterize the distribution of biomolecules

Introducing the neurosciences section of the journal of translational medicine

Journal of Translational Medicine Introducing the Neurosciences Section of the Journal of Translational Medicine Luis F Alguacil 0 0 Translational Research Unit, Hospital General de Ciudad Real ... emergence and maintenance of the problem. This fact extremely complicates laboratory modeling. It is clear that the fast development of the neurosciences along the XX century has led to important medical

Transfer entropy—a model-free measure of effective connectivity for the neurosciences

Understanding causal relationships, or effective connectivity, between parts of the brain is of utmost importance because a large part of the brain’s activity is thought to be internally generated and, hence, quantifying stimulus response relationships alone does not fully describe brain dynamics. Past efforts to determine effective connectivity mostly relied on model based...

Making the most of animal data – improving the prospect of success in pragmatic trials in the neurosciences

0 0 Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh , UK - Introduction Developing disease modifying treatments for

The contribution of ethology and evolutionary biology in neurosciences

importance of ethology and evolutionary biology to medicine as far as their special relevance to neurosciences is concerned. Primary examples are the studies of imprinting in newly hatched goslings and the

Psycho-physiologic emergentism; four minds in a body

The mind-body problem represents one of the most debated topics in the neurosciences. From a psychological standpoint, abstract/non-material data are an intrinsic part of the mind, intervening to a ... -physiological basis of computational neurosciences (interaction 88 between distinct subunits) (5). These mental/ psycho- recognition and processing. Efferent motor responses are physiological mechanisms are

Auditory ERPs to Stimulus Deviance in an Awake Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes): Towards Hominid Cognitive Neurosciences

open the way for future studies comparing endogenous neural activities between humans and chimpanzees. This signifies an essential step in hominid cognitive neurosciences.

Mathematics Education and Neurosciences: Relating Spatial Structures to the Development of Spatial Sense and Number Sense

The Mathematics Education and Neurosciences (MENS) project is aimed at exploring the development of the mathematical abilities of young (four- to six-year old) children. It is initiated to integrate