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Nursing Incivility: The Growing Epidemic

Deedrick Dyani Sanchez November 30, 2017 Chapter One INTRODUCTION Description of the Problem Incivility is a growing problem in the field of nursing. The dictionary defines incivility as a rude or ... disrespectful action towards another individual. When incivility occurs on hospital units, nurses feel unsafe and mistreated; therefore, it should come as no surprise that these worries interfere with nursing

Pain and Cognitive Status among Nursing Home Residents in Canada

pain in a sample of Canadian nursing homes, to determine whether residents with cognitive impairment experience lower rates of health conditions associated with pain (eg, arthritis) than residents ... secondary analysis of data collected with the minimum data set (MDS 2.0). SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: The study comprised 3195 nursing home residents in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. SUBJECTS AND

Prepartum peripherally-induced hyposmia does not reduce postpartum anoestrus duration in nursing goats

- Parturient goats rapidly develop exclusive nursing of their own litter that relies on olfactory recognition of the young. They also show a period of postpartum anoestrus whose duration depends on the presence ... postpartum anoestrus in goats, we compared the recovery of estrus behavior by daily estrus detection with an active buck in intact and selective nursing goats (n = 24) with that of dams rendered non-selective

Exploring Perceptions of Workplace Bullying in Nursing

lead to increased turnover. As a result of a referral to the Nursing Quality Council for bullying, the Nursing Quality and Caring Council set forth to explore bullying in the workplace. The purpose of ... a descriptive cross sectional survey design, RNs were offered two surveys; the Nursing Incivility Scale (NIS) and the Negative Acts Questionnaire (NAQ). Clinical Partners were offered the NAQ only

Identification of the drug-use behaviors of the elderly living in nursing homes

Identification of the drug-use behaviors of the elderly living in nursing homes Ayse Ferdane Oguzoncul,1 Emel Ercan,2 Evrim Celebi3 1Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Firat University ... examine the medication behaviors of the elderly who lived in the nursing homes in the Elazig and Malatya provinces, located in eastern Turkey, and in the Kayseri province located in Central Anatolia

Determinants of burnout syndrome among nursing students in Cameroon: cross-sectional study

assess the determinants of burnout syndrome amongst nursing students in Cameroon. A cross-sectional study which included 447 nursing students recruited after written informed consent by convenience ... , maximum = 31) for exhaustion items. After multivariable linear regression analysis, satisfaction with results (RC: − 1.42, 95% CI − 2.52, − 0.32, p value: 0.012) and regret of choice of nursing studies (RC

Training Nursing Skills: A Quantitative Study of Nursing Students’ Experiences before and after Clinical Practice

practice. Findings. A majority of the nursing students reported that the exercises in the clinical lab were a good way to prepare for the practice, although most of them did not perceive that the procedure ... during the internship. Conclusions. The results from this study could indicate that the students’ age to a larger extent should be considered in the universities’ facilitation of nursing students’ clinical

Rethinking the Staff-Quality Relationship in Nursing Homes

relationship between staffing levels and quality in nursing homes, the research literature is contradictory (1). In this editorial we consider the evidence found in a literature study that we conducted for the ... Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS). The aim of this study was to summarize all available evidence on the relationship between staffing and quality in nursing homes. Specifically, we

Nursing Now: WHO will Frauen in der Pflege stärker fördern

Das P egemagazin Nursing Now: WHO will Frauen in der P ege stärker fördern 0 Royale Unterstützung beim Start der Kampagne „Nursing Now“ in London mit Kate , Herzogin von Cambridge N C I ... „Nursing Now“ rührt sie die Werbetrommel für einen besseren Zugang von Frauen zu diesen Berufen. In vielen Ländern sind die Hürden hoch. Große Medienresonanz erfuhr der Start von „Nursing Now“ in London

Patients expectation strongly associated with patients perception to nursing care: hospital based cross sectional study

ObjectiveNursing care is one of the most important components of health care and patient expectation toward nursing care is being rising. Accordingly, patients’ expectation needs to be managed

A Proposed Middle-Range Theory of Nursing in Hypertension Care

Nursing in hypertension care comprises counselling about lifestyle changes, blood pressure measurement, and being a translator for the physician. For the patient, changing lifestyle means performing ... self-care. As not much in the form of research and guidelines for nurses is available, a middle-range theory of nursing in hypertension care was developed to guide nurses in their practice, in order to

Clinical Supervision and Support: Exploring Pre-registration Nursing Students’ Clinical Practice in Malawi

Background: Supervised clinical practice plays a significant role in the nursing profession, as it has an influence on the students’ clinical learning.Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore ... pre-registration nursing students find their experience on clinical supervision in the clinical placements. Methods: The study used both quantitative and qualitative approach to collect data through

Heart rate variability can clarify students’ level of stress during nursing simulation

their mental state. This study sought to clarify stress changes throughout the progression of the simulation by measuring heart rate variability and students’ subjective reactions in 74 nursing students ... Department of Nursing, College of Life and Health Sciences, Chubu University , Kasugai, Aichi , Japan 1 Department of Nursing, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine , Nagoya, Aichi , Japan 2 Editor

Implications of Nursing Clinical Practice to The Student’s Spiritual Health

This study aimed to clarify the implications of Nursing Clinical Practice (PLKK) to the spiritual health of STIKES Bali students. This study employed purposive sampling method to determine the number ... number of respondents. To conduct this study, the fourth grade of nursing students were recruited as the sample with total number 136 respondents. A questionnaire about spirituality from World Health

Nursing in a War Zone

essential qualities of good leadership. I thought about those things a lot over there.” Joe Romero ’07 put his nursing skills and team training to work during a 90-day deployment in Iraq last year. His team ... in the classroom and on the football field. For a long time, Romero, a nursing graduate, didn’t think he’d ever again experience the camaraderie and sense of shared mission he found as a college

Implementation of nursing process in clinical settings: the case of three governmental hospitals in Ethiopia, 2017

Medicine and Health Sciences, Bahir Dar University , PO Box. 79, Bahir Dar , Ethiopia Objective: The purpose of this survey was to evaluate the implementation of the nursing process at three randomly ... selected governmental hospitals found in Amhara Region North West Ethiopia. Result: From the total 338 reviewed documents, 264 (78.1%) have a nursing process format attached with the patient's profile/file

Strengthening the Quality and Quantity of the Nursing and Midwifery Workforce: Report on Eight Years of the NEPI Project

In response to the urgent need to scale up access to antiretroviral therapy, the Global Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (GNCBP), a PEPFAR program administered by the U.S. Department of ... . Working closely together, HRSA and ICAP partnered with local nursing leaders and ministries of health to strengthen the nursing and midwifery workforce across 11 countries. This multi-country project

Leader-Member Exchange, Structural Empowerment, Patient Safety Climate, Nursing

of health- related absences and nursing attrition. This has been reported to lead to increased risk to nurses' safety, patients' safety, and poorer patient outcomes. Methods: The purpose of this study ... Reflection: This study targets nursing leaders in front-line managerial positions, possibly increasing their awareness of SE, thereby allowing them to develop a more positive working environment on their unit

Student’s Preparedness and Their Clinical Performance in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

students’ preparedness and their clinical performance in psychiatric and mental health nursing (r value: 0.20; sig: 0.863). Thus, it was recommended that a similar study in the future would be conducted in ... to assess further the best practice of the student in the psychiatric rotations including quality health care delivery in the said undertakings. Clinical performance; nursing; preparedness