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Manager-Customer Relationship in Food Service Commissary Operations

Documented reports of day-to-day decision-making in food service tend to emphasize technical aspects. However, this view does not represent completely the decision-making process managers go through ... to Decision Making The technical decisions internal to commissary operations are not the only factors influencing decision making. Efficiency is affected by relationships between the manager and the

A Theory of Decision-Making

guidelines have cam to light, specifically In the area of policy-planning and des -aa. It is the purpose of this paper to attempt to extend theory (specifically that applying to policy-planning and decision ... -making) fros these limitations. The author win propose a theory of decision-making and will suggest its applications. Literature on Decsion-Making The beginning of any major theory of bureaucratic

The construction of theory in MIS research

pastdecade hasseen both information economics and agency theory joi n the "hard" reference disciplines of operations research/management science, and computer science. The "soft" reference disciplines of ... construction of theory in MIS research Mark T. IDishaw University of Wisconsin Oshkosh ABSTEACT As a relatively new academic discipline, MIS has gone through processes of initiation, expansion, and

Shipboard vs. Shoreside Cruise Operations

operations using the McKinsey 7S Framework, thereby providing a foundation for further inquiry. Recommendations are made for practitioners, and ideas are provided for future research. ... decision maker, by- operations?Are shoreside managem passing the shipboard manager truly transformational? To what Contents © 2002 by FIU Hospitality Review. The reproduction of any artwork, editorial or

Dicta, Schmicta: Theory Versus Practice in Lower Court Decision Making

than 1 in every 3000 cases. In our view, the disjunction between dicta-in-practice and dictain-theory in lower court decision making has important descriptive and normative implications. The power of ... .-KENT L. REV. 655, 698 (1999); see also Dorf, supra note 13, at 664-68 (discussing “execution” theory of precedent and distinguishing it from the “elaboration” theory of common law decision making). 22

Qualitative Research on Mediated Dialogism among Educators and Pupils

The relevance of qualitative research to virtual practices rests on subject knowledge and practical know-how on operations for exchange, growth, learning, and dialogue. Highlighting the discursive ... action learning provide an overview of issues particular to research on virtual discursive interaction. Key words: Methodology, Dialogism, Information Systems/Theory, and Learning Professional educators

A multidimensional framework for group decision support system research and design

Groups are a fundamental and essential part of organizational decision making. A group decision support system (GDSS) attempts to use computer and communications technology to help a group make ... group decision making . Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Informaiton Systems , Tucson, Arizona, 101 - 113 . Cartwright , D. & Zander , A. ( 1968 ).Group dynamics: Research and theory

Evaluating Machine Learning Classifiers for Defensive Cyber Operations

ability to detect unknown threats, but despite over 15 years of active research, the operationalization of anomaly detection and machine learning for Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) is lagging. This ... , incorporating explicit values into the selection and optimization of algorithms we use for cyberspace operations. 2.4. Value-Focused Thinking VFT is a decision-making approach from the operations research

Thought Leaders: Faculty Who Shape Business Theory and Practice Through Research

Profiles of seven DePaul professors and the research they are conducting in areas as diverse as work-life balance and investor behavior: James D. Shilling, Real Estate Studies; R. David McLean ... - Article 5 et aFl.: EThAouTghUt LReaEders FACULTY WHO SHAPE BUSINESS THEORY AND PRACTICE THROUGH RESEARCH BY LORI FERGUSON Driehaus College of Business professors are not only educators, but also thought

From Theory to Practice: Translating Research into Health Outcomes

Commenting on recent research articles which look at the potential health benefits of behaviour change, the PLoS Medicine Editors say that publication of the findings of such research is only one ... Medicine Editors are Virginia Barbour , Paul Chinnock, Larry Peiperl, Emma Veitch, and Gavin Yamey - AKhaw and colleagues in this research article by Kay-Tee issue of PLoS Medicine [1] quantifies the

Improving Credit Card Operations with Data Mining Techniques

. However, the presence of data mining techniques to identify credit risk cannot be ignored. There is a paucity of research to demonstrate the use of data mining techniques in this context, and such studies ... ) and the multi-criteria decision aid method, as well as machine learning algorithms (Matsatsinis, 2002) and other statistical models (Lee & Kwon, 2002) . While these models are impressive in theory

Use of Grounded Theory in Cardiovascular Research

health literacy skills, and is an example of the use of grounded theory in cardiovascular research. ... grounded theory in cardiovascular research. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License. Acknowledgements To our colleagues at

The influence of DSS types, decision style, and environment on individual decision making

more effective decisions. The research attempted to investigate systematically the effects of cognitive style and DSS usage on the decision maker's perception of risk in the context of capital expansion ... Nebraska at Kearney ABSTRACT "Perceived risk will be influenced by the compatibility of the information source and the cognitive style of the decision maker." RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS The research attempted to

Morphological Operations Applied to Digital Art Restoration

the use of morphological operations. Mathematical morphology is an area of set theory applicable to image processing, and therefore lends itself effectively to the digital art restoration process. ... , which is a method of image processing based in set theory. This paper breaks the digital art restoration process into three steps: edge detection, crack detection, and crack removal. Section 2 covers

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Grounded Theory Research

National initiatives in the United States call for health research that addresses racial/ethnic disparities. Although grounded theory (GT) research has the potential to contribute much to the

How will Comparative Effectiveness Research Influence Clinical Decision Making?

evidence-based medicine. Comparative effectiveness research has become an essential component of research to help define the benefits, risks, and effectiveness of different interventions for a particular ... is designed to better inform the different interventions for a particular illness. Comparative clinical decision making process. effectiveness research is informally defined as an assessment of all

Critical Theory and Catholic Social Teaching: A Research Framework for Catholic Schools

attending urban Catholic schools. The authors used critical research methods within the context of Catholic social teaching (CST) as a theoretical framework for the data presented in this article. Two themes ... , 1990) , we find the integration of CST with critical research compatible. Moreover, critical theory is to be utilized as a map to aid the researcher in designing the work they do (Kincheloe & McLaren

Ethics and Methodology in Legal Theory a (Personal) Research Anti-Manifesto

and political beliefs influence the substance and methodology of research? This is the issue which I want to focus upon in this brief article, focusing particularly upon methodology. This journal

Development of Mine Hand: An Extended Prodder for Protected Demining Operations

Manual operations remain indispensable in the demining process despite the use of heavy machines in the field. Although considerable research has focused on demining sensors, automated machines and