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A Model to align the organizational culture to Lean

need to be taken into account before Lean implementation which national and organizational culture are important. By considering influences of national culture on the organizational culture, this paper ... ; Bortolotti et al., 2015) . However, no studies could be found on how to adapt organizational culture with Lean culture when national culture is not compatible. Therefore, this model can help companies to

Exploring the Tensions in Organizational Theories

businesses today. The complexity and dynamism of the world have introduced more tensions in organizational theories as some of the theories were introduced with the intention of refuting existing theories ... these theories and maintains that the tensions they create is borne out of the battle for superiority when non can actually solve all organizational problems Organizations; Theories; relevance

The Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Administrative Creativity in Universities

The organizational culture is a critical and coral factor in achieving the dimensions of the administrative creativity. It can be said that the improvement of the practice of organizational culture

Economic knowledge and the scientization of policy advice

The growing role of economic expertise in contemporary policy-making has received increasing scholarly attention. Yet, so far, this discussion has only been tenuously linked to relevant debates in ... of economic knowledge and reasoning in contemporary policy-making has received particular attention (Markoff and Montecinos 1993; Fourcade 2006, 2009; Hirschman and Berman 2014) . Studies have

Administrators in higher education: organizational expansion in a transforming institution

. Bromley , P. 2016 . Policy and administration as culture: Organizational sociology and cross-national education trends . In K. Mundy, A. Green , R. Lingard & A. Verger (Eds.), The Handbook of Global Policy ... institutions (HEIs) are facing Higher education; Professional and administrative staff; Organizational expansion; Functionalism; Neo-institutionalism; Entrepreneurialism - Baltaru acknowledges funding from

Discounting in Economic Evaluations

Appropriate discounting rules in economic evaluations have received considerable attention in the literature and in national guidelines for economic evaluations. Rightfully so, as discounting can be ... discounting practice in economic evaluations carried out between 1992 and 1998 did not always comply with national guidelines [ 67 ]. Ninety percent of the reviewed studies used the same discount rate for

“Christian But Not Religious”: Being Church as Christian Hardcore Punk | Sociology of Religion | Oxford Academic

behalf of the Association for the Sociology of Religion. All rights reserved. For permissions , please 1 University of Mississippi , P.O. Box 1848, Lamar Room 510 , University , MS 38677 , USA Studies ... way of doing church within a religious organizational field (see also Marti and Ganiel 2014) . This means that emerging Christians are adapting familiar Christian beliefs, practices, and discourse to

Burning Man Values Examined: Gratitude as a Culturally-Driven and Value-Based Organizational Mainstay

. Burning Man is presented as an exemplar of gratitude implementation by crafting the expression of gratitude into an elevated organizational phenomenon (including a cultural principal of unconditional ... and justice . Ethics , 109 , 119 - 153 . Forehand , G. A. , and Gilmer , B. V. H. ( 1964 ). Environmental variation in studies of organizational behavior . Psychological Bulletin , 62 ( 361 - 382

Sustaining safety across organizational boundaries: a qualitative study exploring how interorganizational complexity is managed on a petroleum-producing installation

analysed by means of thematic analysis. Long-term organizational relations, management’s role in the field and worker involvement appear to facilitate high-quality work relations which, along with similar ... : issues arising from economic pressures among organizations; issues associated with problems concerning organizing and coordinating operational activity across organizational interfaces; issues associated

Measuring and Disseminating Organizational Leadership Through Impact

Our service learning experience as teaching assistants for Professor Brett Crawford’s Foundations of Organizational Leadership course (TLI112) included collaborating with community partners such as ... Organizational Leadership Through Impact Sarah Baumer, College of Pharmacy, and Alfredo Karduss, Purdue Polytechnic Institute Introduction Our goals were both clear and bold for our teaching assistantships

Intention to quit and the role of dark personality and perceived organizational support: A moderation and mediation model

1 . American journal of sociology . 2001 Jan; 106 ( 4 ): 960 ± 1012 . 5. Koys DJ . The effects of employee satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior, and turnover on organizational ... ]. This has serious implications for organizational success and has been found to be associated with decreased productivity [ 2 ], profitability [ 3 ], future revenue growth [ 4 ] and decreased

Sociology and Science: The Making of a Social Scientific Method

empiricism in sociology, this article uses content and hierarchical clustering analyses on the textual representations of journal articles from 1950 to 2010 to open dialogue on the epistemological issues of ... Capitalism, tr. Talcott Parsons, London: Allen and Unwin; New York: Scribner, 1930; From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology; The Theory of Social and Economic Organization, tr. A. M. Henderson and Talcott Parsons

The Economic Contribution of Stewardship Contracting: Two Case Studies from the Mount Hood National Forest

We conducted an economic analysis of two case study stewardship contracts on the Mount Hood National Forest in western Oregon. Stewardship contracting has been embraced by some federal managers to ... Economic contributions from the twsotudies. The Hjerpe and Kim (2008) analcreated another $1.42 in supporting ecoc-ase studies are within the range of puybs-is occurred in Arizona, where harvested nomic

Mapping Espoused Organizational Values

This paper develops an inventory and conceptual map of espoused organizational values. We suggest that espoused values are fundamentally different to other value forms as they are collective value ... . First, we review the literature on organizational values with a specific emphasis on espoused values and summarize the principal empirical studies that have contributed to our understanding. From there

The underlying geometry of organizational dynamics: similarity-based social space and labor flow network communities

In this article, we use Swedish longitudinal register data to study the effect that similarity in organizational properties has on the interaction between organizations. We map out the social space ... sociologist interested in modeling social organizing. In particular, he studies the statistical properties arising from organizational dynamics, and their microscopic origins from individuallevel interactions

Dual Relationships Between Transformational Leadership Perceptions and Organizational Commitment: A Preliminary Research

Business environment has always been addressed by various scientific studies via many subjects, theories, and paradigms. While some of these have been very popular in the literature, some have not ... scientific research and various studies have been made to understand the nature and importance of this subject. A general view is that organizational commitment is a very good indicator of workers’ attitude

Guest Editor’s Introduction: French Sociology, French Sociologies

for American academics. This is particularly true of sociology and social theory, where scholars such as Durkheim, Bourdieu or Latour have had a decisive influence on past and present research (Ollion ... and Abbott 2016). Yet, partly because of the language barrier, French sociology somewhat takes time to travel to the other side of the Atlantic. But it is not just a matter of translation or, for what

The emergence of the global fintech market: economic and technological determinants

We investigate the economic and technological determinants inducing entrepreneurs to establish ventures with the purpose of reinventing financial technology (fintech). We find that countries witness ... University of Lille Nord de France , LSMRC, 1 place Déliot-BP381, 59020 Lille Cédex , France 2 Faculty of Business Studies and Economics, University of Bremen , Wilhelm-Herbst-Str. 5, 28359 Bremen , Germany

Institutions, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in Europe

economic growth have largely been investigated in isolation. In this paper, we bring together institutions, entrepreneurship, and economic growth using a parsimonious growth model in a 3SLS specification. In ... that formal (constitutions, laws, and regulations) and informal rules (norms, habits, social practices) play a key role in economic development. Recent studies on economic growth show that institutions

Healthcare at the Crossroads: The Need to Shape an Organizational Culture of Humanistic Teaching and Practice

BackgroundChanges in the organization of medical practice have impeded humanistic practice and resulted in widespread physician burnout and dissatisfaction.ObjectiveTo identify organizational factors ... , resulting in significant changes in organizational and practice environments. Economic forces and commercial interests now drive the healthcare industry to focus on clinical productivity, efficiency