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A Brief History of the Opioid Epidemic and Strategies for Pain Medicine

treatments; Opioid epidemic; Overdose INTRODUCTION As of October 16, 2017, the US Government declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency. The medical community, and particularly pain medicine ... relates to pain and forecast in detail the ramifications for the practice of pain medicine as an independent and increasingly vital specialty. Compliance with Ethics Guidelines This article is based on

The Anatomical Foundations of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine

relevant to procedures in regional anesthesia and pain medicine. The editor and the authors of the book are recognized experts in the specialty and have helped advance the specialty of regional anesthesia

Pain and chronic pain epidemiology

Vienna , Kinderspitalgasse 15/1, 1090 Wien , Austria Undoubtedly, pain is one of the most common symptoms in health care settings, leading to loss of function and decline in quality of life that puts ... enormous pressure on the affected individuals; however, pain, especially chronic, presents not only a problem for individuals, but also for the whole community, and is therefore a major public health concern

Pain measurement in research and practice

Medicine. Relieving pain in America: a blueprint for transforming prevention, care, education, and research . Washington, DC: National Academies Press; 2011 . 2. US Burden of Disease Collaborators. The state ... Institute, Inc. , Indianapolis, IN , USA - P health conditions in clinical practice as well as the general ain is among the most prevalent, persistent, and costly population.1 Moreover, musculoskeletal pain

The Complementary Health Approaches for Pain Survey (CHAPS): Validity testing and characteristics of a rural population with pain

Objectives Little is known about patterns and correlates of Complementary Health Approaches (CHAs) in chronic pain populations, particularly in rural, underserved communities. This article details ... 2014: 12.4 and 16.1 per 100,000)[ 11, 12 ]. A 2010 Pain Report from The Institute of Medicine stresses the importance of increased research regarding the translation of effective treatments for chronic

Tapentadol Extended Release in the Treatment of Severe Chronic Low Back Pain and Osteoarthritis Pain

Tapentadol is a novel pain reliever with apparently synergistic dual mechanisms of action, capable of addressing both nociceptive and neuropathic components of chronic pain. As an effective analgesic ... tolerability, tapentadol may be appropriate for patients suffering from severe chronic pain associated with low back pain (LBP) or osteoarthritis (OA). Efficacy studies of tapentadol in populations of patients

Meno’s paradox and medicine

will help doctors identify and articulate these difficulties when they arise in other areas of medicine. In Chang’s discussion of temperature, the problem of nomic measurement manifests when researchers ... muscle pain (myalgia), fever, skin changes and respiratory symptoms (Bulpitt et al. 1990, p. 918) . It was identified following an outbreak of the syndrome that was associated with the consumption of a

Making Integrated Multimodal Pain Care a Reality: A Path Forward

Medicine (IOM) asserted pain is a major public health problem, with 100 million Americans affected at a cost of $635 billion.4 Following the recommendations of this report, the Department of Health and Human ... , 2017 . 4. Institute of Medicine. Relieving pain in America: A blueprint for transforming pain prevention, care, education and research . Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press, 2011 . 5

A Comprehensive Review of Tourette Syndrome and Complementary Alternative Medicine

phonic tics over a period of at least 1 year with the onset before 18 years of age. The purpose of this article is to review the use of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) in children and adults with ... is lacking and requires further research to clarify optimal use. This article is part of the Topical Collection on Tourette's Syndrome Tourette syndrome (TS); Tic; Complementary alternative medicine

Pain Agreements and Healthcare Utilization in a Veterans Affairs Primary Care Population: A Retrospective Chart Review

IntroductionThe prevalence of chronic pain is enormous. In America, the management of chronic pain and opioids remains a critical focus. Guidelines recommend pain agreements as part of the management ... author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. 1. Institute of medicine report from the committee on advancing pain research, care, and

Validation of the Orebro musculoskeletal pain screening questionnaire in patients with chronic neck pain

chiropractic medicine at Balgrist University Hospital. All patients had chronic neck pain for at least 90  days before enrolling for the study [ 16 ] and were able to speak, read and write German. Patients ... 4 Jaap Swanenburg 0 3 0 Interdisciplinary Spinal Research ISR, Department of Chiropractic Medicine, Balgrist University Hospital , Forchstrasse 340, 8008 Zurich , Switzerland 1 Department of

Health literacy, pain intensity and pain perception in patients with chronic pain

Background Chronic pain poses a large burden for the healthcare system and the individuals concerned. The impact of health literacy (HL) on health status and health outcomes is receiving more and ... of HL with chronic pain intensity and pain perception. After piloting, data were collected in three outpatient departments (Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Headache Outpatient Clinic

Head movements and postures as pain behavior

Pain assessment can benefit from observation of pain behaviors, such as guarding or facial expression, and observational pain scales are widely used in clinical practice with nonverbal patients ... , Germany, 3 Medical Psychology , University Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy , Ulm , Germany 1 Editor: Pei-Ning Wang, Taipei Veterans General Hospital , TAIWAN Pain assessment can benefit

Pain catastrophizing, neuroticism, fear of pain, and anxiety: Defining the genetic and environmental factors in a sample of female twins

The objective of the present study was to establish the heritability of pain catastrophizing and its subdomains of helplessness, magnification, and rumination and to further explore the genetic and ... , Meichenbaum D , Genest M. Pain and Behavioral Medicine : A Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective . New York: Guilford; 1983 . 8. Sullivan MJL . Toward a biopsychomotor conceptualisation of pain . Clin J Pain . 2008

Structured patient handoff on an internal medicine ward: A cluster randomized control trial

Background The effect of a multi-faceted handoff strategy in a high volume internal medicine inpatient setting on process and patient outcomes has not been clearly established. We set out to ... , Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia , Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada , 3 Department of Medicine, University of Toronto , Toronto, Ontario , Canada , 4 Division of Family Practice

Validity and reliability of Arabic version of the ID Pain screening questionnaire in the assessment of neuropathic pain

Diagnosis of neuropathic pain (NP) can be challenging. The ID Pain (ID-P) questionnaire, a screening tool for NP, has been used widely both in the original version and translated forms. The aim of ... Sciences, University of Leicester , Leicester , United Kingdom , 4 Disaster Management Unit, King Saud University Medical City , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia 1 Editor: Rayaz A. Malik, Weill Cornell Medicine- Qatar

Hepatitis B Treatment with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

present are: fatigue, fever, joint pain, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and etc. Patients with fulminant hepatitis have symptoms like: ascites, insomnia, hepatic encephalopathy ... , coagulopathy and etc. Acute symptoms appear 2-3 month after the exposure to the HBV and may last up to 6 months. The chronic symptoms may appear in episodes with persistent fatigue, abdominal pain and pain in

Dynamic multi-segmental postural control in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain compared to pain-free controls: A cross-sectional study

Reduced postural control is thought to contribute to the development and persistence of chronic non-specific low back pain (CNLBP). It is therefore frequently assessed in affected patients and ... Memphis , UNITED STATES 2 Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Division of Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet , Huddinge , Sweden 3 Department of Chiropractic Medicine, University of

Non-evidence-Based Medicine: The Gastroenterologist’s Role and Responsibility

Medicine, Celiac Disease Center, Columbia University Medical Center , 180 Fort Washington Avenue, Suite 936, New York, NY 10032 , USA 2 Benjamin Lebwohl When I completed my training as a gastroenterologist ... of effectiveness for the agent in question. It became apparent that I would need to develop a strategy, akin to the approach to the patient with abdominal pain or rectal bleeding: I would need to