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Foreword to the special issue on recent advances on pattern recognition and artificial intelligence

with pattern recognition techniques, to build learning models that solve complicated problems in different fields. As we know, pattern recognition has its roots in artificial intelligence, engineering ... and statistics. It concerns with the problems of identification and recognition of patterns and regularities in data. Pattern recognition is often considered as a branch of machine learning, and in some

The Pandora multi-algorithm approach to automated pattern recognition of cosmic-ray muon and neutrino events in the MicroBooNE detector

The development and operation of liquid-argon time-projection chambers for neutrino physics has created a need for new approaches to pattern recognition in order to fully exploit the imaging ... aid the design and implementation of pattern-recognition algorithms. It promotes the use of a multi-algorithm approach to pattern recognition, in which individual algorithms each address a specific task

Correction to: Pattern recognition and pharmacokinetic methods on DCE-MRI data for tumor hypoxia mapping in sarcoma

The article Pattern recognition and pharmacokinetic methods on DCE-MRI data for tumor hypoxia mapping in sarcoma, written by M. Venianaki, O. Salvetti, E. de Bree, T. Maris, A. Karantanas, E

A novel grey–fuzzy–Markov and pattern recognition model for industrial accident forecasting

pattern recognition (GFMAPR) model has four stages: fuzzification, smoothening, defuzzification and whitenisation. The results of application of the developed novel model signify that forecasting could be ... ; Pattern recognition; Accidents - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria Department of

RIG-I: a multifunctional protein beyond a pattern recognition receptor

It was widely known that retinoic acid inducible gene I (RIG-I) functions as a cytosolic pattern recognition receptor that initiates innate antiviral immunity by detecting exogenous viral RNAs ... recognition receptor. immunity; cancer - RIG-I is a highly important cytosolic pattern recognition receptor (PRR) involved in sensing RNA virus infection and inducing interferon (IFN) production. This gene

Foreword to the special issue on pattern recognition and image analysis

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto , Porto , Portugal The papers included in this special issue provide a snapshot of image analysis and pattern recognition research today. They are the very best ... of the Seventh Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IbPRIA 2015), held on 17-19 June, 2015, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The IbPRIA is an international conference co

Extracting time-frequency feature of single-channel vastus medialis EMG signals for knee exercise pattern recognition

analysis in EMG feature extraction for pattern recognition. However, its application to typical knee exercises when using only a single EMG channel is limited. In this study, three types of knee exercises ... -domain features, MAV, RMS, iEMG and ZC, have means significantly different. Thus, those are used for the analysis of time features in relation to knee exercise pattern recognition. Secondly, Mean Frequency

West Nile Virus and Pattern Recognition Receptors

encephalitis. There is no antiviral or vaccine approved so far to prevent WNV disease, therefore research to understand immune pathology is very important. Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRR) are proteins that ... of my training, I will gain understanding of the research conducted in infectious disease area and will also learn several important techniques. Inflammation; Recognition

Plant pattern-recognition receptors controlling innate immunity

recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) and effectors encoded by pathogens. PAMPs can be detected by surface-localized pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs) that are receptor kinases (RKs ... 78 , 31 - 43 . Boller , T. , and Felix , G. ( 2009 ). A renaissance of elicitors: perception of microbe-associated molecular patterns and danger signals by pattern-recognition receptors . Annu Rev

Recognizing the pattern of binary Hermitian matrices by quantum kNN and SVM methods

The article contains a description of two quantum circuits for pattern recognition. The first approach is realized with use of k nearest neighbors algorithm and the second with support vector machine ... some numeric experiments were conducted to examine the capacity of presented solutions in pattern recognition. Quantum circuits; Pattern recognition; Supervised machine learning; Hamming distance 1

Suppression of inflammatory and infection responses in lung macrophages by eucalyptus oil and its constituent 1,8-cineole: Role of pattern recognition receptors TREM-1 and NLRP3, the MAP kinase regulator MKP-1, and NFκB

diminished inflammatory response. Among the pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) involved in LPS signaling, the TREM pathway surface receptor (TREM-1) was significantly downregulated. Importantly, the pre ... transcriptional and post-translational modifications In response to inflammation and infection stimuli, macrophages express different pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), including surface receptors such as toll

Pattern recognition of seismogenic nodes using Kohonen self-organizing map: example in west and south west of Alborz region in Iran

Pattern recognition of seismic and morphostructural nodes plays an important role in seismic hazard assessment. This is a known fact in seismology that tectonic nodes are prone areas to large ... . First, the main faults and tectonic lineaments have been identified based on MZ (land zoning method) method. After that, by using pattern recognition, we generalized past recorded events to future in

Time-Shared Twin Memristor Crossbar Reducing the Number of Arrays by Half for Pattern Recognition

In this paper, we propose a new time-shared twin memristor crossbar for pattern-recognition applications. By sharing two memristor arrays at different time, the number of memristor arrays can be ... though the noise level of each image is varied from −10 to +10 dB. Time-shared twin memristor crossbar; Twin memristor crossbar; Pattern recognition - Background Memristor crossbars have been studied

MpBsmi: A new algorithm for the recognition of continuous biological sequence pattern based on index structure

. The existing algorithms of sequence pattern discovery, like MSPM and FBSB, suffice their low efficiency and accuracy. In order to deal with this issue, this paper presents a new algorithm for biological ... . Algorithms 2. Fast pattern recognition algorithm Distinguish (BS,minsup). As can be seen from Algorithm 2, line ( 1 ) initializes support count, line ( 2 ) scans position table ST(BS), the non-empty SP(BS

An improved CS-LSSVM algorithm-based fault pattern recognition of ship power equipments

vector machine (LSSVM) to deal with the problem of fault pattern identification in the case of small sample data. Meanwhile, in order to avoid involving a local extremum and poor convergence precision ... safety of ship power equipments accordingly. Ship power equipments include diesel, gearbox, air compressor, pump, etc. The fault pattern recognition for these equipments falls into a multi-classification

The Characteristics of Binary Spike-Time-Dependent Plasticity in HfO2-Based RRAM and Applications for Pattern Recognition

. Based on the STDP protocol, a novel unsupervised online pattern recognition system including RRAM synapses and CMOS neurons is developed. Our simulations show that the system can efficiently compete the ... indicates the feasibility of using the RRAM-based binary STDP protocol in neuromorphic computing systems to obtain good performance. RRAM; ALD; STDP; Unsupervised online learning; Pattern recognition

Pattern Recognition on Read Positioning in Next Generation Sequencing

falciparum (19.39%), Arabidopsis thaliana (36.03%), Homo sapiens (40.91%) and Streptomyces coelicolor (72.00%). Using machine learning techniques, we recognize the pattern that the NGS read start is positioned ... and Bayesian network are relatively fast to run and allow simple graphical output [ 13,14,15 ]. Feature extraction for pattern recognition New features were extracted from the sequence data for

Bombyx mori and Aedes aegypti form multi-functional immune complexes that integrate pattern recognition, melanization, coagulants, and hemocyte recruitment

promotes hemocyte recruitment through cytokine activation. Pattern recognition proteins included C-type Lectins in B. mori, while A. aegypti contained a protein homologous to Plasmodium-resistant LRIM1 from ... the typical 30 kD Lp family [ 31, 32 ]. The chymotrypsin inhibitor was renamed according to Zou et al. [33]. production, coagulation, pattern recognition, and enzymatic activity (Table 1). PO

Pattern Recognition in Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis

Pattern recognition is a key element in pharmacodynamic analyses as a first step to identify drug action and selection of a pharmacodynamic model. The essence of this process is going from data to ... . Pattern recognition in pharmacodynamic analyses contrasts with pharmacokinetic analyses with respect to time course. Thus, the time course of drug in plasma usually differs markedly from the time course of