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Surgery and quantum physics

, and histopathology of the human myth: being. Physics represents a special form with which to tell the myth of being. Other forms of telling the myth of human being include logic, history, biology

The audiovisual structure of onomatopoeias: An intrusion of real-world physics in lexical creation

imitation stand the mimetic words, a more general class used to express actions where sound is not essential [ 5 ]. It has been suggested that these words, found in Japanese, are related to the interaction

Physics Training and Talent Search

experimental physics course will be structured to help you propose and design an experiment. Selection Process: 50 students at each level will be selected from all over India. Selection will be based on the

The Charm of Theoretical Physics (1958–1993)

Personal recollections on theoretical particle physics in the years when the Standard Theory was formed. In the background, the remarkable development of Italian theoretical physics in the second ... I was not discouraged by that. Who were you teachers? And how did you organize your studies? My plan was to study mathematics rst. The o cial schedule of courses implied to study \General Physics

Quantum tomography for collider physics: illustrations with lepton-pair production

Quantum tomography is a method to experimentally extract all that is observable about a quantum mechanical system. We introduce quantum tomography to collider physics with the illustration of the ... collider physics with the illustration of the angular distribution of lepton pairs. The tomographic method bypasses much of the field-theoretic formalism to concentrate on what can be observed with

Thermal quarkonium physics in the pseudoscalar channel

Silo 1 , CH-1020 Renens , Switzerland 5 Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba 6 Key Laboratory of Quark & Lepton Physics (MOE) and Institute of Particle Physics 7 Fakult ̈at fu ̈r

Learning from Higgs physics at future Higgs factories

sensitivity to new physics models at the electron-positron colliders. In particular, we study two categories of new physics models, Standard Model (SM) with a real scalar singlet extension, and Two Higgs Double ... cients. Such model-independent approaches are very useful in evaluating the performance of measurements and providing general constraints on new physics models. However, they have certain disadvantages

Immigrant Physics

history in general, and the history of physics in particular, it is our duty to condemn in the strongest possible terms the vicious, bigoted, and counterproductive anti-immigration measures currently being ... scientific collaboration is and has been the movement of people, who bring with them new ideas and approaches that combine in useful ways with those of their adopted lands. This issue of Physics in

Tagging new physics with charm

We propose a new variable, the charm fraction, for collider searches for new physics. We analyze this variable in the context of searches for simplified supersymmetry models with squarks, the gluino ... propose a new variable, the charm fraction, for collider searches for new physics. We analyze this variable in the context of searches for simpli ed supersymmetry models with squarks, the gluino, and the

Erratum to: “Time Dependence of the Luminescence from a Polymer Membrane Swollen in Water: Concentration and Isotopic Effects” [Physics of Wave Phenomena 25(4), 259 (2017)]

Russia 1 Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences , ul. Vavilova 38, Moscow, 119991 Russia 2 Membrane Swollen in Water: Concentration and Isotopic Effects” by N. F. Bunkin, G.A ... Academy of Sciences , Leninskiy pr. 53, Moscow, 119991 Russia 6 Bauman MSTU Center of Applied Physics , Vtoraya Baumanskaya ul. 5, Moscow, 105005 Russia 7 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines , CMP-EMSE

Statistical physics of balance theory

-Gibbs statistical physics, we propose a model to quantitatively capture the dynamics of the four types of triadic relationships in a network. Central to our model are the triads’ incidence rates and the ... , Ghent University , Ghent , Belgium , 2 Department of General Economics, Ghent University , Ghent , Belgium , 3 Laboratory for Symbolic Cognitive Development, RIKEN Brain Science Institute , Wakoshi

Students’ Changing Attitudes and Aspirations Towards Physics During Secondary School

Many countries desire more students to study science subjects, although relatively few students decide to study non-compulsory physics at upper-secondary school and at university. To gain insight ... and at university. To gain insight into students' intentions to study non-compulsory physics, a longitudinal sample (covering 2258 students across 88 secondary schools in England) was surveyed in year 8

Why more physics can help achieving better mathematics

function ϕ. The solution to the resulting integral equation in an appropriate solution space we call weak solution. Note that the weak solution in general has a lower regularity than both classical and ... discontinuities in some derivatives of the solution and is able to handle more general data. Moreover, there are many (especially nonlinear) problems that do not admit classical solutions but weak solutions. A more

B-physics anomalies: a guide to combined explanations

combined description of these phenomena. By means of an Effective Field Theory (EFT) approach, based on the hypothesis of New Physics coupled predominantly to the third generation of left-handed quarks and ... Model, Eur. Phys. J. C 77 (2017) 8 [arXiv:1611.04930] [INSPIRE]. [25] M. Bordone, G. Isidori and S. Tri nopoulos, Semileptonic B-physics anomalies: A general EFT analysis within U(2)n [arXiv:1702.07238

Where Is the Physics Frontier?

frontier can be. Weisel notes ‘‘the judgment by the general physics community that plasma physics was nowhere near the frontier of research.’’ Plasma physics, indeed, seemed to have all the hallmarks of a ... life were therefore etched into the American psyche. Physics provides ample evidence that Turner’s Frontier Thesis can be a useful way to think about American science. The frontier holds unimagined

Supersymmetric gauge theory with space-time-dependent couplings | Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics | Oxford Academic

Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (WPI), The University of Tokyo , Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa 277-8583 , Japan 1 Departamento de Física, Universidad de Murcia, Campus de Espinardo , 30100 Murcia , Spain 2 ... Center for Gravitational Physics, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University , Kyoto 606-8502 , Japan

CP violation in leptonic rare \(B^0_s\) decays as a probe of new physics

The decay \(B^0_s\rightarrow \mu ^+\mu ^-\) is a key probe for the search of physics beyond the Standard Model. While the current measurements of the corresponding branching ratio agree with the ... presence of physics beyond the SM, we may in general encounter new sources of CP violation, generating nonvanishing CP asymmetries and affecting also the observable Aμμs . In analyses of rare B(s) decays

Digging deeper for new physics in the LHC data

In this paper, we describe a novel, model-independent technique of “rectangular aggregations” for mining the LHC data for hints of new physics. A typical (CMS) search now has hundreds of signal ... with new physics 1 Introduction The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has recently achieved major milestones. At the ICHEP 2016 [1] and Moriond 2017 [ 2, 3 ] conferences, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Statistical Physics

a masters degree in Physics/Mathematics/Engineering are encouraged to apply. Topics: There will be six courses dealing with, Basic principles and general theorems, Probability theory and applications ... Institution to be sent to the Course Coordinator: Dr. Pruthul Desai The Course is aimed at college teachers of statistical physics at BSc/MSc level. It will cover basic principles and techniques, in a

Anarchy and neutrino physics

matrices The complex seesaw ensembles Consequences of the complex seesaw ensembles The case N = 2 The case N = 3: SM neutrino physics Large N comparison The neutrino sector of the Standard Model (SM) is ... physics. The low-energy neutrino mass matrix pdf is known to factorize into a singular value pdf and a group variable pdf for all seesaw mechanisms. The singular value pdf corresponds to the pdf for the