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Physics in daily life: seeing under water

. Another important open issue in LQG is the semiclassical limit: how to recover from the fundamental polymer-like excitations of LQG the smooth physics of general relativity and the standard model at low ... the application of the framework to systems with additional symmetry. Important examples are the study of quantum cosmology and the near-singularity regime in black hole physics, where due to symmetry

Miazma: physics edutainment through a computer game

company, Pricially regrettable in Hungary, a country where physics vate Moon Studios, that had extensive experience in and natural sciences in general, have always been highly developing computer-based ... MIAZMA: PHYSICS EDUTAINMENT THROUGH A COMPUTER GAME The beginning of the 21st century is characterised by several contradictions and challenges. One of them is that scientific and technological

Physics funding at the German Research Foundation

PHYSICS FUNDING l Karin Zach - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Bonn - DOI: 10.1051/epn/2013603 The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) is the central German ... Initiative. This initiative aims to promote top-level research and to improve the quality of German universities and research institutions in general, thus making Germany a more attractive research location

Gravitational Physics: the birth of a new era

General theory of Relativity. Notwithstanding, General Relativity is not adequate to explain the earliest stages of cosmic existence, and cannot provide an explanation for the Big Bang itself. Modern early ... A. Connes, J. Mathematical Physics GRAVITATIONAL PHYSICS: THE BIRTH OF A NEW ERA 0 [19] M. Sakellariadou, in Mathematical Structures of the Universe, edited by the Copernicus Center for

Heun Functions and Some of Their Applications in Physics

Most of the theoretical physics known today is described by using a small number of differential equations. For linear systems, different forms of the hypergeometric or the confluent hypergeometric ... correct ballpark. Here this equation will be introduced and examples for its use, especially in general relativity literature, will be given. 1. Introduction Most of the theoretical physics known today is

Be ready: the International Year of Physics is taking off!

part of hum an culture. Its main target is the general public, and particularly young people. This will be exemplified in the 'kick-off meeting of the International Year of Physics, “Physics for Tom ... Physics” (IYP) (see: and At that point, one should recall that only the UN General Assembly has the power to declare

Nuclear, atomic and molecular physics and sustainable development: an issue within CEPAMOQ

Director General (965) The ICTP TRIL Programme: Training and Research in Italian Laboratories G.Furlan, The ICTP TRIL Programme, Trieste, Italy he International Centre For Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in ... about nuclear, atomic and molecular physics and sustainable development is sur­ prising, all the more given that the former suffers from a negative perception associated with the military use of nuclear

Lyrics about Physics

l yrics about physics - Ihalf way through, we were so sponsibility of an academy member, t was a cold bright winter day. details and sank into feelings, amazThe walk was quite long. Over ing ones ... scientific conferences,he was not allowed to go back MUseUM lYrics aBoUt PHYsics to England and was forced to establish a scientific laboratory in Moscow. After months of negotiations between the Soviet

Experimental progress in positronium laser physics

resolved [81]. In addition to testing QED and general symmetry theories, Ps experiments may also help to resolve some of the most important unanswered questions in physics, such as the apparent lack of ... , UK The eld of experimental positronium physics has advanced signi cantly in the last few decades, with new areas of research driven by the development of techniques for trapping and manipulating

Statistical Physics of the Inflaton Decaying in an Inhomogeneous Random Environment

distribution of the inflaton is derived. A solution of the Fokker-Planck equation in the form of a Gibbs state with a time-dependent temperature is obtained. In Section 5 a general linear system is discussed. In ... write yet equations for the metric which result from Lagrangian (1). The power spectrum of inflaton perturbations depends on the metric [3, 4, 21–23]. In general, the equations for the metric are

Room-temperature superconductivity and quantum physics

, Italy 1 D. V. Vechten Office of Naval Research , Arlington, VA , USA 2 B. Gorshunov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) , Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region , Russia 3 G. Melkonyan GMLab ... most complex topics in physics and achieving the goal of room-temperature superconductivity has been one of the most challenging pursuits of modern physics. Many dedicated scientists have spent

Surgery and quantum physics

, and histopathology of the human myth: being. Physics represents a special form with which to tell the myth of being. Other forms of telling the myth of human being include logic, history, biology

ECHOPHYSICS, the first European Centre for the History of Physics in Poellau (Austria)

physics F. Hess, can be admired. is section general notion of radiation. e also includes detailed information exhibition “Radiation and Man- on the exploration and discovery of kind” reopens in Poellau ... . Dr. Heinz KRENN, Institute for Experimental Physics at the Graz Karl-Franzens-University 2 Emeritus Prof. Dr. Hartmut KAHLERT, former Rector of the Graz University of Technology 3 Dr. Peter Maria

Surgery and quantum physics

present issue of European Surgery including well-orchestrated contributions related to oncologic, general, minimally invasive, transplant surgery, and surgical research topics. May the data, methods

Immigrant Physics

history in general, and the history of physics in particular, it is our duty to condemn in the strongest possible terms the vicious, bigoted, and counterproductive anti-immigration measures currently being ... Phys. Perspect. Phys. Perspect. To study the history of physics is to study migrations. Physics has historically thrived on robust international exchange and collaboration. Today, it depends on it

Physics in daily life: The Plenary Speaker

costs. It is so easy to good shopping. make everybody happy! Our favourite author of “Physics in faces so the Editors will attempt to fill herself here, of course! daily life”, Jo Hermans, also Science

Physics in daily life: Moving around efficiently

upcoming World Year of Physics 200S.This "Physics in daily life ..."column is aimed at doing just that. Since it will span a wide variety of phenomena, most of which are outside the research expertise of the ... author, he welcomes comments, additions or corrections, especially from readers who happen to be more familiar with the topic. - ... Erratum: This figure, omitted from the first Physics in daily life

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2003

) share the 2003 Nobel prize in physics for their "pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluidity:' Their names are added to the illustrious list of Nobellaureates in the field ... oflow temperature physics. Superconductivity/fluidity has always been the most glamorous topic in condensed matter physics. The milestones characterizing the field start with the discovery of

The Charm of Theoretical Physics (1958–1993)

Personal recollections on theoretical particle physics in the years when the Standard Theory was formed. In the background, the remarkable development of Italian theoretical physics in the second ... I was not discouraged by that. Who were you teachers? And how did you organize your studies? My plan was to study mathematics rst. The o cial schedule of courses implied to study \General Physics

B-meson anomalies and Higgs physics in flavored \(U(1)'\) model

Science (IBS) , Daejeon 34051 , Korea 1 Department of Physics, Chung-Ang University , Seoul 06974 , Korea 2 Department of Physics, Chongqing University , Chongqing 401331 , China 3 School of Physics, Korea ... the addition of right-handed (RH) neutrinos or physics beyond the SM and, moreover, the flavor structures of quarks and leptons are not understood yet. As there is no flavor changing neutral current at