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Quantum tomography for collider physics: illustrations with lepton-pair production

Quantum tomography is a method to experimentally extract all that is observable about a quantum mechanical system. We introduce quantum tomography to collider physics with the illustration of the ... collider physics with the illustration of the angular distribution of lepton pairs. The tomographic method bypasses much of the field-theoretic formalism to concentrate on what can be observed with

Tagging new physics with charm

We propose a new variable, the charm fraction, for collider searches for new physics. We analyze this variable in the context of searches for simplified supersymmetry models with squarks, the gluino ... propose a new variable, the charm fraction, for collider searches for new physics. We analyze this variable in the context of searches for simpli ed supersymmetry models with squarks, the gluino, and the

Statistical physics of balance theory

-Gibbs statistical physics, we propose a model to quantitatively capture the dynamics of the four types of triadic relationships in a network. Central to our model are the triads’ incidence rates and the ... , Ghent University , Ghent , Belgium , 2 Department of General Economics, Ghent University , Ghent , Belgium , 3 Laboratory for Symbolic Cognitive Development, RIKEN Brain Science Institute , Wakoshi

Immigrant Physics

history in general, and the history of physics in particular, it is our duty to condemn in the strongest possible terms the vicious, bigoted, and counterproductive anti-immigration measures currently being ... scientific collaboration is and has been the movement of people, who bring with them new ideas and approaches that combine in useful ways with those of their adopted lands. This issue of Physics in

Where Is the Physics Frontier?

frontier can be. Weisel notes ‘‘the judgment by the general physics community that plasma physics was nowhere near the frontier of research.’’ Plasma physics, indeed, seemed to have all the hallmarks of a ... life were therefore etched into the American psyche. Physics provides ample evidence that Turner’s Frontier Thesis can be a useful way to think about American science. The frontier holds unimagined

Physics-based modeling approaches of resistive switching devices for memory and in-memory computing applications

, kinetic Monte Carlo models, and physics-based analytical models will be reviewed. The adaptation of modeling schemes to various RRAM concepts, such as filamentary switching and interface switching, will be ... ]. Alternatively, oxygen exchange occurs between TiO2 and TaOx, where the latter serves as the barrier oxide controlling HRS/LRS resistance values [ 25,26 ]. Figure 2b illustrates the general principles of

High- \(p_T\) dilepton tails and flavor physics

flavor structure follows minimal flavor violation. Even if the mass scale of new physics is well beyond the kinematical reach for on-shell production, the signal in the high-\(p_T\) dilepton tail might ... present a general parameterization of new physics effects in p p → + − and perform a recast of the recent ATLAS search at 13 TeV with 36.1 fb−1 of data [ 11 ] to derive present and future-projected limits

Constraining neutrino masses, the cosmological constant and BSM physics from the weak gravity conjecture

m ν 4 , as observed experimentally. Interestingly, this is the first argument implying a non-vanishing Λ4 only on the basis of particle physics, with no cosmological input. Conversely, the observed Λ4 ... Parameters, Superstring Vacua 0 Utrecht University , Leuvenland 4, 3584 CE Utrecht , The Netherlands 1 Nu allee 12 , 53115, Bonn , Germany 2 Institute for Theoretical Physics and Center for Extreme Matter and

Anarchy and neutrino physics

matrices The complex seesaw ensembles Consequences of the complex seesaw ensembles The case N = 2 The case N = 3: SM neutrino physics Large N comparison The neutrino sector of the Standard Model (SM) is ... physics. The low-energy neutrino mass matrix pdf is known to factorize into a singular value pdf and a group variable pdf for all seesaw mechanisms. The singular value pdf corresponds to the pdf for the

On flavourful Easter eggs for New Physics hunger and lepton flavour universality violation

Within the standard approach of effective field theory of weak interactions for \(\varDelta B = 1\) transitions, we look for possibly unexpected subtle New Physics effects, here dubbed “flavourful ... , assuming CP-conserving effects, but allowing in general for violation of lepton flavour universality. We show how optimistic/conservative hadronic estimates can impact quantitatively the size of New Physics

General relativity from causality

massless spin 2, namely general relativity, other theories that utilize higher derivative interactions do in fact exist. These theories are distinct from general relativity, as they permit any number of ... , acausality. This is radically di erent to the special case of general relativity with a single species of minimally coupled spin 2, which leads to subluminal propagation from sources satisfying the null energy

Local bulk physics from intersecting modular Hamiltonians

Research Center for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics 2 Department of Physics and Astronomy, Lehman College, City University of New York , USA We show that bulk quantities localized on a minimal surface ... dimensional analysis xes (0) up to an overall constant. But in general locality is not enough to x the function. Even with this freedom we get quite a lot of information. For example, given the two-point

Topological Phases Emerging from Spin-Orbital Physics

, Heisenbergstrasse 1, 70569 Stuttgart , Germany 1 Dipartimento di Fisica “E. R. Caianiello”, Universita ́ di Salerno , 84084 Fisciano (SA) , Italy 2 Andrzej M. Oles ́ 3 Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics ... reasons why the FM regime is well designed to search for topological aspects of the present model. 2 Spin-Orbital Physics and Charge Dilution We consider a 1D ring made of d4 transition metal ions in the

Probing new physics in \(B \rightarrow D \ell ^+ \ell ^-\) decays by using angular asymmetries

We present a fully general, model-independent study of a few rare semileptonic B decays that get dominant contributions from W-annihilation and W-exchange diagrams, in particular \(B^0 \rightarrow ... . We consider the most general Lagrangian for the decay, and define three angular asymmetries in the Gottfried-Jackson frame, which are sensitive to new physics. We show how these angular asymmetries can

Weakly supervised classification in high energy physics

weakly supervised classification in which class proportions are the only input into the machine learning algorithm. Using one of the most challenging binary classification tasks in high energy physics ... , 94025 , U.S.A 1 1 Cyclotron Rd , Berkeley, CA, 94720 , U.S.A 2 Stanford , CA, 94305 , U.S.A 3 Physics Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 4 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford

General mixture item response models with different item response structures: Exposition with an application to Likert scales

This article proposes a general mixture item response theory (IRT) framework that allows for classes of persons to differ with respect to the type of processes underlying the item responses. Through ... willingness to respond. The mixture model is studied using simulation studies and is applied to an empirical example. Item response theory; General mixture item response models; Mixture modeling; IRTree models

PANDORA, a new facility for interdisciplinary in-plasma physics

performing interdisciplinary research in the fields of Nuclear Astrophysics, Astrophysics, Plasma Physics and Applications in Material Science and Archaeometry: the plasmas become the environment for measuring ... -95124 Catania , Italy 1 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania , I-95123 Catania , Italy 2 INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud , I-95123 Catania , Italy 3 INFN-Bologna , I-40126 Bologna

Best Practices in Physics-Based Fault Rupture Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Installations

Inspired by the first workshop on Best Practices in Physics-Based Fault Rupture Models for Seismic Hazard Assessment of Nuclear Installations (BestPSHANI) conducted by the International Atomic Energy ... hazard in terms of nuclear safety in low seismicity areas, as well as proposals for physics-based hazard assessment for critical structures near large earthquakes. Collectively, the papers of this volume

B physics beyond the Standard Model at one loop: complete renormalization group evolution below the electroweak scale

General analyses of B-physics processes beyond the Standard Model require accounting for operator mixing in the renormalization-group evolution from the matching scale down to the typical scale of B ... one-loop anomalous dimensions in QCD and QED. These results are an important step towards the automation of general New Physics analyses. E ective Field Theories; Heavy Quark Physics; Beyond Standard

Constraining new resonant physics with top spin polarisation information

sensitivity. Following the general modelling and analysis strategies pursued by the experiments, we analyse the semi-leptonic and the di-lepton channels and show that including polarisation information can lead ... , Germany 1 SUPA, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow , Glasgow G12 8QQ , UK We provide a comprehensive analysis of the power of including top quark-polarisation information to