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Representing and encoding plant architecture: A review

. , Room P.M. , Practical aspects of plant research , in: Michalewicz M.T. (Ed.) Plants to ecosystems - Advances in Computational Life Sciences, 2nd International Symposium on Computer Challenges in Life ... CIRAD, Programme de modélisation des plantes , BP. 5035, 34032 Montpellier Cedex 1 , France - A plant is made up of components of various types and shapes. The geometrical and topological organisation

Plant diversity drives global patterns of insect invasions

-native plant species richness being the strongest predictor of insect invasions. We find that at large spatial scales, plant diversity directly explains variation in non-native insect species richness ... species richness among world regions, while geographic factors such as land area, climate and insularity largely affect insect invasions indirectly via their effects on local plant richness

The influence of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in plant tolerance to abiotic stress: a survival strategy

chemical substances such as glycine betaine, proline, and nutrients has helped in sustaining plant growth and productive ability. In this review, we tried to understand the part played by bioinoculants in ... Niche Area, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, North-West University , Private Bag X2046, Mmabatho 2735 , South Africa Action is needed to face the global threat arising from inconsistent

Following laser induced changes of plant phenylpropanoids by Raman microscopy

. However, most biological materials absorb in the VIS range and fluorescence masking the signal or even sample degradation might be hindering. Here, we show that on lignified plant cell walls even very short ... , disease resistance2, defense3, wound healing4, mechanical stability5,6 and waterproofing for water transport7,8. In the plant cell wall, 4-vinylphenols called monolignols polymerize into lignin and are

Introduction of a web portal for an Individual Health Management and observational health data sciences

Introduction of a web portal for an Individual Health Management and observational health data sciences Dieter Melchart,1,2 Axel Eustachi,1 Stephan Gronwald,3 Erich Wühr,3 Kristina Wifling,1 Beatrice ... application, plant and natural remedies, massages, acupressure of the clients/patients; the other way round, the providers allocate their notes of medical data such as findings, diagnoses, interventions, and

Plant breeding and diversity: A troubled relationship?

Plant breeding collects, induces and rearranges genetic diversity followed by selection. Breeding may contribute to diversity in farmers’ fields or significantly reduce it. History has numerous ... modernization bottlenecks. Between these major decreasing processes, diversity has picked up through different evolutionary processes, and plant breeding affected by policies. Major negative effects of plant

Plant domestication decreases both constitutive and induced chemical defences by direct selection against defensive traits

Studies reporting domestication effects on plant defences have focused on constitutive, but not on induced defences. However, theory predicts a trade-off between constitutive (CD) and induced ... Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106, 18054–18061 (2009). ADSArticlePubMedPubMed Central Google Scholar2. Labandeira, C. The origin of herbivory on land: Initial patterns of plant tissue

Check-list of vascular plant communities on ironstone ranges of south-eastern Brazil: dataset for conservation

since, for 143 sites, less than 10 records/site were found. This dataset will assist with the indication of dozens of plant species whose threat criteria must be urgently assessed to subsidise public ... ) with natural anomalous metal contents, outstanding plant communities can be found, called metallophytes, which are able to tolerate metal toxicity (Baker et al. 2010). Due to these characteristics and

BRC4Env, a network of Biological Resource Centres for research in environmental and agricultural sciences

biological resources maintained by its BRCs and collections and to facilitate their use by a large research community, from agriculture research to life sciences and environmental sciences. Its added value ... (entomopathogenic bacteria, freshwater microalgae…), terrestrial arthropods, nematodes (plant parasitic, entomopathogenic, animal parasitic...), and small mammals. The BRCs and collections of BRC4Env are involved in

Discovery of nano-sized gold particles in natural plant tissues

characteristics of nano-sized metal particles in two representative plant species, Erigeron canadensis and Boehmeria nivea, in the Guangdong Province, China. The stems of the plants were sliced and placed on Ni–C ... , Guangzhou 510275 , China 1 School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University , Guangzhou 510275 , China Biological effects of nanoparticles have attracted widespread attention. However, the

The art of co-production of knowledge in environmental sciences and management: lessons from international practice

This review paper addresses the challenging question of “how to” design and implement co-production of knowledge in climate science and other environmental and agricultural sciences. Based on a ... , Environment, and Spatial Sciences (GESS), Michigan State University , East Lansing, MI 48824 , USA 1 School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona , Tucson, AZ , USA 2 Ida Nadia S. Djenontin This

Growth Responses and Photosynthetic Indices of Bamboo Plant (Indocalamus latifolius) under Heavy Metal Stress

HMs stress. A greenhouse-based experiment was conducted at Nanjing Forestry University, where the bamboo plant was treated with three HMs (Cu, Pb, and Zn) at four different concentrations (0, 500, 1000 ... Chloroplasts in the Agarophyte Gracilaria domingensis (Rhodophyta, Gracilariales),” American Journal of Plant Sciences, vol. 03, no. 08, pp. 1077–1084, 2012. View at Publisher · View at Google ScholarR. Chandra

Cooperativity in Plant Plasma Membrane Intrinsic Proteins (PIPs): Mechanism of Increased Water Transport in Maize PIP1 Channels in Hetero-tetramers

Plant aquaporins (AQPs) play vital roles in several physiological processes. Plasma membrane intrinsic proteins (PIPs) belong to the subfamily of plant AQPs. They are further subdivided into two ... into two closely related subgroups PIP1s and PIP2s. While PIP2 members are efficient water channels, PIP1s from some plant species have been shown to be functionally inactive. Aquaporins form tetramers

Anaerobic bacteria in wastewater treatment plant

bacteria released into air from sewage and sludge at workplaces from a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Methods Samples of both sewage and sludge were collected at six sampling points and bioaerosol ... sewage sludge origin and as such may be responsible for adverse health outcomes in exposed workers. Wastewater treatment plant; Anaerobic bacteria; Exposure assessment; PCR; Size distribution

Schiff bases containing a furoxan moiety as potential nitric oxide donors in plant tissues

generation of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide in plant tissues was investigated for the first time by fluorescence microscopy and the released NO identified as nitrite with Griess reagent. There is a ... Biological Sciences , Bucharest , Romania , 3 Research Dept. , Teso Spec S.R.L., Fundulea, Calarasi , Romania , 4 aPetruPonio Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romanian Academy , Aleea Grigore Ghica Voda

Comparative Biology of Cycad Pollen, Seed and Tissue - A Plant Conservation Perspective

Cycads are the most endangered of plant groups based on IUCN Red List assessments; all are in Appendix I or II of CITES, about 40% are within biodiversity ‘hotspots,’ and the call for action to ... Journal of Plant Sciences 81 : 401 - 408 . Chamberlain , C. J. 1935 . Gymnosperms: Structure and Evolution . University of Chicago Press, Chicago (reprinted 1965 ). Chavez , V. M. , R.E. Litz , P.A. Moon

Mini-biography for Mr. Xitao Cai: the pioneer botanist of the plant kingdom

Agricultural and Forestry Botany was merged and re-named as Kunming Station of the Institute of Plant Taxonomy, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Mr. Cai was appointed as the director of Kunming Station. With the ... Phytochemistry and Sustainable Use of Plant Resources of Kunming Institute of Botany). Later on, Kunming Station was upgraded as an independent institute, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Seed plant features, distribution patterns, diversity hotspots, and conservation gaps in Xinjiang, China

The flora in Xinjiang is unique. Decisions about biodiversity conservation and management based on seed plant diversity hotspots and conservation gaps in Xinjiang are essential to maintain this ... distribution dataset of seed plants, we measured seed plant diversity using species richness and phylogenetic diversity indices. Five percent of Xinjiang's total land area with the highest biodiversity was used

Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona

progress of science and technology. Several years earlier, in 1717, and as a consequence of the Catalonia's stance against k ing Philip V at the beginning of the 18 - tH e r oYal ac adeMY oF scieNces a Nd ... arts o F Barcel oNa b p. 27: Façade of the r oyal academy of sciences and arts at the r ambles, Barcelona . FiG. 1: overview of Barcelona with the Fabra observatory Tcal role of the University of

Phenolic Plant Extracts Induce Sirt1 Activity and Increase Antioxidant Levels in the Rabbit’s Heart and Liver

improvement in the blood lipid and glycaemic profile in respect to CN. VB was the most effective, but all three plant extracts induced a significant reduction in oxidant parameters as well as an increase in ... . Davinelli,1 A. Di Costanzo,1 G. Scapagnini,1 N. Ferrara,4 and D. Casamassima3 1Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy 2Department of Medicine and Surgery