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Policy sciences and democracy: a reexamination

, which promised 'contributions reflecting all aspects of the policy sciences in all forms-think pieces, case studies, ideological essays, tirades, and historical surveys' (1970: 2). Yet, how can such ... policy sciences conceived by Harold D. Lasswell. To reexamine here the relationship between policy sciences and democracy (cf. Dryzek and Torgerson 1993), we need to focus on key elements of that framework

Small RNAs: regulators of plant development and climate resilience

Sciences, ICAR-Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture , Hyderabad, Telangana 500 059 , India 1 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Oklahoma State University - Stillwater Oklahoma ... production in general, and it is in this context, that enhancing climate resilience gains crucial importance. Plant adaptation to both biotic and abiotic stresses, are multifaceted. Regulation of gene

Biocultural Stewardship as an Idea in Urban Contexts: Language, Academic Disciplinarity, Positionality, Environmental/Sustainability Sciences, and Healing

lenses. Language barriers and exclusion of culture that stem from the Western need for scientific validity, and predominance of this framing within environmental sciences, surface as a main limitation to ... DISCIPLINARITY, SCIENCES, AND HEALING Kate Flick, MS AS AN IDEA IN POSITIONALITY, URBAN CONTEXTS: LANGUAGE, ENVIRONMENTAL/SUSTAINABILITY Abstract Individual, cultural, and Place-based positionality are

DNA methylation dynamics during early plant life

transposable element sequences during the early stages of plant development. Specifically, transposable elements and their relics show invariably high methylation at CG sites but increasing methylation at CHG ... , Université de Strasbourg , Strasbourg , France 2 Present address: Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences , Functional Genomics, Lausanne , Switzerland 3 Institut de Biologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS

Comparing and contrasting threat assessments of plant species at the global and sub-global level

Evidence-based assessments of extinction risk are established tools used to inform the conservation of plant species, and form the basis of key targets within the framework of the Global Strategy for ... land plants, determine the key geographic and taxonomic gaps with respect to our understanding of plant extinction risk, and evaluate the impact of different sources and methodologies on the utility of

Plant diversity patterns and conservation status of eastern Himalayan forests in Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India

.] and Gymnosperms: 10 spp.) and 5.90% cryptogams (Pteridophytes: 27 spp.). The family Fabaceae contributed the greatest species diversity with a total of 27 plant species (Papilionaceae: 10 spp ... fluctuating and continuous modification takes place depending upon the temperature, moisture, sunlight and available nutrients (Heady 1958) . Tropical forests constitute the most diverse plant communities on

Correction to: Phytophagy of omnivorous predator Macrolophus pygmaeus affects performance of herbivores through induced plant defences

904, 1098 XH Amsterdam , The Netherlands In the discussion section Paragraph six should read as: In the current experiments, five pairs of M. pygmaeus were released on the 4th leaf of each plant, and

Professor Da-Wen Sun Elected as a Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences

and Consumer Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences , 159 c Nowoursynowska, 02-776 Warsaw , Poland - Professor Da-Wen Sun, UCD Professor of Food and Biosystems Engineering from UCD School of ... Biosystems and Food Engineering, has been elected as a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish: Polska Akademia Nauk, PAN). The election is the highest lifetime honours bestowed by the Polish

Phosphorus transformations in plant-based and bio-waste materials induced by pyrolysis

biochars (pyrolysis at 480–500 °C) of four ligno-cellulosic, plant-based residues and five relatively P-rich livestock and water-treatment by-products, to acquire information on changes in potential P ... for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Rostock , Justus-von-Liebig Weg 6, 18059 Rostock , Germany Strategies are needed to increase the sustainability of phosphorus (P) fertiliser

Plant-expressed pyocins for control of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

aeruginosa, are especially dangerous and the medical and economic burden they impose underscore the critical need for finding new antimicrobials. Recent studies have demonstrated that plant-expressed ... Nomads UAB, GelezÏinio vilko 29A, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2 Vilnius University, Institute of Biotechnology , Saulėtekio al. 7, Vilnius , Lithuania , 3 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences , A

Synthetic data for open and reproducible methodological research in social sciences and official statistics

data in a safe environment or with remote access, methodological research suffers from the availability of adequate data sources. In economic and social sciences, an additional drawback results from the ... , we present a synthetic but realistic dataset based on social science data, that fosters evaluating and developing estimators in social sciences. The focus is on supporting comparable and reproducible

Differential influence of four invasive plant species on soil physicochemical properties in a pot experiment

collected from fallows located outside (fallow soil) and within river valley (valley soil) under native plant communities. Aboveground plant biomass, cover, and soil physicochemical properties such as ... Botany, Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, Jagiellonian University , Kopernika 27, 31-501 Kraków , Poland Purpose This study compared the effects of four invasive plants, namely Impatiens

Probiotic strain Stenotrophomonas acidaminiphila BJ1 degrades and reduces chlorothalonil toxicity to soil enzymes, microbial communities and plant roots

microbes and plant roots under greenhouse conditions. ... Muhammad Saleem 1 Caixia Wang 0 0 College of Plant Health and Medicine, Qingdao Agricultural University , Qingdao 266109, Shandong , China 1 Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky

Brandt iH026a plant growth regulator

iH026a is a formulation containing a biochemical class of plant growth regulator that modulates glycoconjugation through the plant lectin cycle. While lectins are common to vascular plants, we ... expertise in plant sciences, Govindjee has been connected with agricultural concerns including chemical companies that have benefited in a scholarly manner from keeping up to date on advances in

New name for Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology [Medical Sciences]: Current Medical Science

Huazhong University of Science and Technology [Medical Sciences] will be officially renamed Current Medical 1 Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a prestigious medical school ... Sciences] is sponsored by Tongji central part of China. Starting in 1979, it is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on medical sciences. In China, it is one of the five periodicals that are firstly included

Development of a Formal Lexicon for the Social Sciences

A formal lexicon would be useful in conducting theoretical work in the social sciences. Such a lexicon is described here. The author and his collaborator hope to adapt results from the field of ... Sciences Robert Wolfson received his onder­ graduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago, including the Ph.D. in economics. He has taught at Vanderbilt, Michigan State, and Washington (St

Correction to: Analysis of toxic Veratrum alkaloids in plant samples from an accidental poisoning case

Kashiwa-no-ha, Kashiwa City, Chiba 277-0882 , Japan 2 Gifu Prefectural Research Institute for Health and Environmental Sciences , 1-1 Naka-Fudogaoka, Kagamigahara City, Gifu 504-0838 , Japan 3 Gifu ... , for pulverizing and homogenizing the plant samples, we described “at 3000 rpm for 10 min” twice. These were not correct, and should be “at 3000 rpm for 10 s”. The maximum operation time of the Multi

Beyond funding: Acknowledgement patterns in biomedical, natural and social sciences

comparisons. Our analysis shows that technical support is more frequently acknowledged by scholars in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. Earth and Space, Professional Fields, and Social Sciences are more ... Humanities Research Council of Canada: Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS 2 EÂcole de bibliotheÂconomie et des sciences de l'information, Universite de MontreÂal Montreal , Quebec , Canada , 2 INGENIO (CSIC-UPV

Plant organ cultures as masked mycotoxin biofactories: Deciphering the fate of zearalenone in micropropagated durum wheat roots and leaves

absorption of zearalenone by uninfected plant organs was noticed, and its biotransformation into a large spectrum of phase I and phase II metabolites has been depicted. Therefore, wheat organ tissue cultures

Data-Intensive Modelling and Simulation in Life Sciences and Socio-economical and Physical Sciences

, while WG3 and WG4 are thematic umbrellas for data-intensive MS in Life Sciences and for Socio-economical and Physical Sciences. This DSE special issue collects contributions originating from the