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Network Pollution Games

The problem of pollution control has been mainly studied in the environmental economics literature where the methodology of game theory is applied for the pollution control. To the best of our ... pollution. 3 Model and Applications We first describe the general model of a Pollution Game (PG) and then explain how our two suggested applications fit into it. We are given an area of pollution sources

Theme: General Pediatrics

:117-26) pollution (Environ Int. Air pollution is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), and cardiovascular changes in childhood may contribute to the development and progression of ... cardiovascular system. Two plasma biomarkers (plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine) of SAM activity and heart rate were measured in preschool children living in Guiyu, China. Air pollution data, over the 4-months

LaSVM-based big data learning system for dynamic prediction of air pollution in Tehran

Due to critical impacts of air pollution, prediction and monitoring of air quality in urban areas are important tasks. However, because of the dynamic nature and high spatio-temporal variability ... pollution data and weather conditions. Conventional methods such as the support vector machine (SVM) or artificial neural networks (ANN) show some deficiencies when huge amount of streaming data have to be

A Mixed-Methods Study to Examine the Role of Psychosocial Stress and Air Pollution on Hypertension in Mexican-Origin Hispanics

, One Baylor Plaza, Suite 422A, Houston, TX 77030 , USA Purpose Independent and combined effects of air pollution and psychosocial stressors on hypertension, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease ... the 12month period preceding enrollment using inverse distance interpolation. We applied logistic regression models to examine relationships between exposures to psychosocial stressors and air pollution

Assessment of the pollution and ecological risk of lead and cadmium in soils

samples from differently used land (grassland, arable land, forest, wasteland) revealed a very high variation in the metal content in the soils. The pollution of soils with cadmium and lead is moderate ... of soils with cadmium and lead is moderate. Generally, a point source of lead and cadmium pollution was noted in the study area. The highest content of cadmium and lead was found in the northwestern

Association of traffic air pollution and rhinitis quality of life in Peruvian children with asthma

Background Air pollution exposure may contribute to rhinoconjunctivitis morbidity in children with underlying airways disease. Prior studies have not assessed rhinoconjunctivitis-related quality of ... . Association between air pollution and daily consultations with general practitioners for allergic rhinitis in London, United Kingdom . Am J Epidemiol 2001 Apr 1 ; 153 ( 7 ): 704 ± 714 . PMID: 11282799 45

Pollution indices as useful tools for the comprehensive evaluation of the degree of soil contamination–A review

The paper provides a complex, critical assessment of heavy metal soil pollution using different indices. Pollution indices are widely considered a useful tool for the comprehensive evaluation of the ... attempted to further split indices based on their purpose and method of calculation. The strengths and weaknesses of each index were assessed; in addition, a comprehensive method for pollution index choice is

Determination of Traffic Induced Noise Pollution and its Impact on City Dwellers in the Chittagong City Area

Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh, is one of the nosiest cities of the country. Extreme noise is very inimical for human health and environment. Noise pollution implies a discomfort and ... Chittagong city dwellers For measuring the impact of noise pollution on the people of Chittagong city dwellers we have been collected 100 members of the general public surveyed during the study. Among them 65

Interactions of climate, socio-economics, and global mercury pollution in the North Water

Despite the remoteness of the North Water, Northwest Greenland, the local Inughuit population is affected by global anthropogenic pollution and climate change. Using a cross-disciplinary approach ... historical and anthropological perspectives, this article elucidates how the traditional diet is compromised by Hg pollution originating from lower latitudes. In a new approach we here show how the Inughuits

Why local air pollution is more than daily peaks: modelling policies in a city in order to avoid premature deaths

We use a predator–prey representation of an urban system to analyse how policy interventions can prevent the adverse effects of air pollution on people’s health. The number of residents is treated as ... and clean air. The immediate and future effects of air pollution on individual well-being and general health status indicate why pollution control is of eminent importance for any urban planner. A wide

Groundwater nitrate pollution and climate change: learnings from a water balance-based analysis of several aquifers in a western Mediterranean region (Catalonia)

that climate change will represent a decrease of water availability, we qualitatively discuss the modifications that will result from the future climatic scenarios and their impact on nitrate pollution ... their impact on nitrate pollution according to the geological setting of the selected aquifers. Climate effects in groundwater quality are described according to hydrological, environmental, socio

The distribution of income is worse than you think: Including pollution impacts into measures of income inequality

This paper calculates the distribution of an adjusted measure of income that deducts damages due to exposure to air pollution from reported market income in the United States from 2011 to 2014. The ... . By 2014, we estimate that the Gini for adjusted income fell to 0.646, while the market income Gini did not appreciably change. The inclusion of air pollution damage acts like a regressive tax: with air

Exposure to air pollution and self-reported effects on Chinese students: A case study of 13 megacities

Air pollution causes severe physical and psychological health complications. Considering China’s continuously-deteriorating air quality, this study aimed to assess the self-reported effects of air

The role of perceived air pollution and health risk perception in health symptoms and disease: a population-based study combined with modelled levels of PM10

degrees of urbanity showed that the model has good fit for three regions (CFI = 0.994; RMSEA = 0.033; AIC = 120.4) (regardless of the level of general pollution). However, the regression coefficients vary ... University , Tartu , Estonia 3 Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University , Umeå , Sweden Purpose Adverse health impact of air pollution on health may not only be associated with the

Challenges and opportunities for managing aquatic mercury pollution in altered landscapes

perturbations at the local scale, perturbations that include watershed loadings, deforestation, reservoir and wetland creation, rice production, urbanization, mining and industrial point source pollution, and ... systems and sequestration of Hg in deep soil and sediment pools. The remediation of Hg pollution from historical mining and other industries is shifting towards in situ technologies that could be less

What does the general public understand about prevention and treatment of dementia? A systematic review of population-based surveys

reduction and appropriate treatment for dementia rely on a contemporary understanding of these factors among the general public. Optimism about potential treatments can encourage early diagnosis, which allows ... contemporary thinking and explored whether there have been improvements in literacy over time. We endeavoured to understand whether the general public understand dementia as a preventable and treatable condition

The Interplay of Climate Change and Air Pollution on Health

Purpose of Review Air pollution significantly affects health, causing up to 7 million premature deaths annually with an even larger number of hospitalizations and days of sick leave. Climate change ... is to evaluate the recent evidence on the impacts of climate change on air pollution and air pollutionrelated health impacts and identify knowledge gaps for future research. Recent Findings Several

Circling the Drain: Regulating Nutrient Pollution from Agricultural Sources

drinking water for huge populations in the United States. Part II examines the problem of nutrient pollution and explains the harmful effects it has on human health. Part III provides an overview of the ... the nation’s polluted waterways in general, the CWA sought to reduce water pollution by specifically focusing “its regulatory firepower on pollution from point sources.”102 As a result, the CWA “made it

The past and prognosis of mining cessation impact on river sediment pollution

Technology , Mickiewicza St. 30, 30-059 Krakow , Poland 1 Responsible editor: Patrick Byrne Purpose Remediation of mine sites is often aimed at reduction of river pollution after cessation of mining activity ... predict changes of channel sediment pollution in rivers affected by mine sites after their rehabilitation, planned after mining cessation. Materials and methods This study utilizes data on sediment

Burden of disease attributed to ambient air pollution in Thailand: A GIS-based approach

management which impacts on the health of the population. Mortality attributed to ambient air pollution is one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We estimated the spatial pattern of mortality burden ... health and ranking the different factors that contribute to the specific outcome to quantify the burden of disease attributable to ambient air pollution [ 21 ]. The general framework and its components