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Legal regulations of restrictions of air pollution made by non-road mobile machinery—the case study for Europe: a review

phenomenon on the health and life of inhabitants of contaminated areas. Some elaborations of prognostic models, descriptions of pollution sources, the manner of their restriction, and the analysis of causal ... combustion engine has the effect on the general level of anthropogenic pollutions. These drives are subject of different regulations limiting their emission for service conditions and applications. One of the

High total volatile organic compounds pollution in a hospital dental department

quality (IAQ) evaluations were conducted in six locations: pediatric dentistry, craniofacial orthodontic dentistry, periodontal dentistry, and general practice dentistry, instrument washing room, and ... Research and Education, Cheng-Hsin General Hospital , Taipei, Taiwan , Republic of China 2 M.

Historical ecology of a biological invasion: the interplay of eutrophication and pollution determines time lags in establishment and detection

the occurrence of only very young A. transversa during the introduction phase. Therefore, in contrast to previous findings where pollution preferentially affected native species (Piola and Johnston ... which hypoxic events and other disturbances unrelated to metal pollution, including changes in the Po River flow rate and temporary reductions in eutrophication pressure (OcchipintiAmbrogi et al. 2005

POLSOIL: research on soil pollution in China

, Nankai University , Nankai , China 2 Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Pollution Remediation, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Beijing , China Responsible editor: Philippe ... to its strong binding capacity. Sources for soil pollution include dry and wet precipitation from the atmosphere, discharge of wastewaters, sewage irrigation, use of pesticides and fertilizers, sludge

Socioeconomic and urban-rural differentials in exposure to air pollution and mortality burden in England

deprivation because of underlying mortality rates. Measures that cause a general reduction in background concentrations of air pollution may modestly help narrow socioeconomic differences in health. ... synthesis emphasizes the public health importance of policy measures to reduce air pollution in general in order to narrow socioeconomic differences in air pollution health burdens. There are however also a

Absolute lung size and the sex difference in breathlessness in the general population

Background Breathlessness is associated with major adverse health outcomes and is twice as common in women as men in the general population. We evaluated whether this is related to their lower ... twice as common in women as men in the general population. We evaluated whether this is related to their Cross-sectional analysis of the population-based Swedish CardioPulmonarybioImage Study (SCAPIS

Computational Modeling of Pollution Transmission in Rivers

Modeling of river pollution contributes to better management of water quality and this will lead to the improvement of human health. The advection dispersion equation (ADE) is the government equation ... equation (ADE). This equation is a partial differential equation, named Convection Equation in general (Aleksander and Morton 1995; Chau 2010; Portela and Neves 1994). Computer simulation of pollution

Climate and air pollution impacts on habitat suitability of Austrian forest ecosystems

long-term monitoring program of air pollution effects of the Austrian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Owners of the land gave permission to conduct monitoring. Our ... Pollution [ 45 ] (Table 1). These sites were located to represent the variation in the more widespread forest ecosystems in Austria and hold long-term measurements of climate parameters, stand properties

InMAP: A model for air pollution interventions

Mechanistic air pollution modeling is essential in air quality management, yet the extensive expertise and computational resources required to run most models prevent their use in many situations ... results would be useful. Here, we present InMAP (Intervention Model for Air Pollution), which offers an alternative to comprehensive air quality models for estimating the air pollution health impacts of

Regulatory effects on particulate pollution in the early hours of Chinese New Year, 2015

Human activities are a key driver of air pollution, so it is hardly surprising that celebrations affect air quality. The use of fireworks contributes to high particulate concentrations in many parts ... suggesting some success with their regulation of pollution from fireworks. There was a general increase in pollution in this city on New Year’s Day (p = 0.02), but the early morning changes are small, on

Micro- and Nanoplastic Pollution of Freshwater and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Plastic waste is a widespread and persistent global challenge with negative impacts on the environment, economy, human health and aesthetics. Plastic pollution has been a focus of environmental ... control measures and strategies to mitigate the discharge of these particles to the sea. Plastic pollution; Microplastic; Freshwater; Wastewater; Nanoplastic; Emerging contaminants - Plastic waste is

Nitrate pollution in the Warta River (Poland) between 1958 and 2016: trends and causes

permissible limit was also established in Poland ( Rozporządzenie MZ 2015 ). To protect water from nitrate pollution across Europe, limitations have been implemented regarding the application of nitrogen to ... fertilizers in agricultural areas (Harter et al. 2002; Dragon 2013) . These fertilizers are nonpoint sources of pollution. The major point sources of nitrate pollution are septic tanks. These tanks are mainly

Local Arctic air pollution: Sources and impacts

pressures on the fragile Arctic environment already affected by mid-latitude air pollution. Aircraft data were collected, for the first time, downwind of shipping and petroleum extraction facilities in the ... quality (ozone). Further quantification of local Arctic emission impacts is needed. Air pollution; Arctic; Climate; Human health INTRODUCTION Air pollution in the Arctic can have adverse effects on

Does environmental policy affect scaling laws between population and pollution? Evidence from American metropolitan areas

Modern cities are engines of production, innovation, and growth. However, urbanization also increases both local and global pollution from household consumption and firms’ production. Do emissions ... economic growth affected by environmental regulation? This paper examines the link between urbanization, economic growth and pollution using data from Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United

A Random Forest approach to predict the spatial distribution of sediment pollution in an estuarine system

, exploitation of resources, and pollution [ 1 ]. The long-term presence of numerous classes of pollutants in estuary sediments have prompted concerns about the toxic effects of these contaminants on humans and ... permitted average daily flow). We calculated the weights using the following general calculation: normalized inverse distance among all WWTP multiplied by the normalized discharge volume among all WWTP

Forewing structure of the solitary bee Osmia bicornis developing on heavy metal pollution gradient

Wild bees in natural conditions can develop under various environmental stressors. Heavy metal pollution of the environment is one of the most widely studied stressors in insects, yet its effect is ... unsubstantiated. We decided to use a single measure of pollution for each site, which describes the site in a more general and overall fashion, rather than analyzing separate models for each metal or choosing one

ESBL-producing Escherichia coli in Swedish gulls—A case of environmental pollution from humans?

connected and the occurrence of ESBL-producing E. coli in Swedish gulls is likely a case of environmental pollution. ... birds. ESBL-producing E. coli in wildlife has been proposed to be a spill-over form of environmental pollution from human influenced settings and exposure to ESBL-producing E. coli from livestock through

Point/Nonpoint Source Pollution Reduction Trading: An Interpretive Survey

related reviews exist. K. Segerson, Incentive Policies for Control of Agricultural Water Pollution, in Agriculture and Water Quality 39-62 (J. Braden & S. Lovejoy eds., 1990) provides a more general

Air pollution, epigenetics, and asthma

Exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) has been implicated in asthma development, persistence, and exacerbation. This exposure is highly significant as large segments of the global ... TRAP exposure areas. Recent findings shed new light on the epigenetic mechanisms by which exposure to traffic pollution may contribute to the development and persistence of asthma. In order to delineate

Attaching Domestic Assets to Remedy High Seas Pollution: Rule B and Marine Debris

, discarded nets from fishing vessels, disintegrating fiberglass vessel hulls, or from land in the form of discarded consumer packaging, as much of this Symposium has demonstrated, pollution is a problem. It is