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Tripple-I method empowers professional vocational education students in mobilizing their assets: John Dierx

life style is common amongst adolescents of preparatory vocational education (PVE) in the Netherlands. Obesity is detrimental to health and obese adolescents are likely to become obese adults. Hence

Hungarian vocational education teachers’ views on their pedagogical knowledge and the information sources suitable for their professional development

Csíkos Zsuzsa Kovács Orsolya Kereszty Background: Vocational education teachers are key participants in the renewal of the Hungarian vocational educational system. Their professional development (as ... potential advantages and obstacles vocational education teachers face in their attempt to work more efficiently. Vocational education teachers; Teachers' views; Professional development Background The

Innovation in the government-run Continuing Vocational Education and Training programme for unemployed in Catalonia (Spain): Challenges and opportunities

/value: This study contributes to fill a gap in the scientific literature, because innovation in the area of continuing vocational and education training and even in lifelong learning is scarce. Another ... adjusting education and training to the requirements of the labor market and improving students' employability and helping them develop or design their personal projects and professional trajectory. The

Departmental leadership for learning in vocational and professional education

Background To maintain relevance, institutes for vocational and professional education (VPE) need to be responsive to changes in society and industry. This requires leaders and educators in VPE to ... . Institutes might also focus on enacting leadership for learning at the faculty and institute level. Keywords: Vocational education and training, Professional education, Leadership for learning, Instructor

Recommendations for confronting vocational education dropout: a literature review

Despite the importance of the subject of the early school leaving, there are few researches about success and dropout pathways in Vocational Education and Training, while there are many studies ... either formal or informal education programs (Prawatr ungruang, 2002 ). Other recommendations highlight the need to create assessment tools related to the professional objectives of vocational programs

A framework for designing and developing multimedia-based performance assessment in vocational education

an earlier empirical pilot study, we described a new type of assessment for Dutch vocational education, called multimedia-based performance assessment (MBPA) (self-revealing reference 2014). This CBT ... framework unites assessment development and multimedia development theory, focus solely on vocational education, - and answers the call for a framework from the scientific community. The first step in

Vocational Aptitude Test

Test for measuring vocational aptitude has been formulated and validated. There are three main constructs involved in vocational aptitude test, which are individual characteristics, activities that ... the test is valid either by content or construct. Furthermore, the reliability test with Alpha Cronbach found the alpha coefficient (α) = 0.82. Finally, it can be concluded that vocational aptitude test

Vocational Aptitude Test

Test for measuring vocational aptitude has been formulated and validated. There are three main constructs involved in vocational aptitude test, which are individual characteristics, activities that ... the test is valid either by content or construct. Furthermore, the reliability test with Alpha Cronbach found the alpha coefficient (α) = 0.82. Finally, it can be concluded that vocational aptitude test

Constructing critical thinking in health professional education

Department of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia Introduction Calls for enabling 'critical thinking' are ubiquitous in health professional education. However, there is little agreement in the ... that the quest for universal definitions has failed to capture. In this study, we sought to map the multiple conceptions of critical thinking in circulation in health professional education to understand

Classifying vocational training markets

classification of vocational education markets, which is of broad use in research and labour market policy. The method may be applied to solve a broad variety of similar research problems in regional science. ... training Germany has a three-tier post-school education system, which consists of dual vocational training (or apprenticeship training), full-time vocational schools and academic education (Franz and

Professional education for digital economy: trends and prospects

close to the approaches that use for creative industry’s personnel. Consequently, the whole professional education system will be forced to meet new expectations. The project FutureSkills is social ... national professional education system, carry out upgrading of pedagogical staff qualification. To illustrate actual problems and trends of the national professional education system it’s worth to describe

Maintaining Competence in the Initial Occupation: Activities among Vocational Teachers

Contemporary work-life changes rapidly, and vocational education and training (VET) teachers need to keep up-to-date with changing knowledge demands and technological developments. This article ... recognition of prior learning, and professional development among teachers in vocational and adult education. Akkerman , S. F. , & Bakker , A. ( 2011 ). Boundary crossing and boundary objects . Review of

18REST: a short RIASEC-interest measure for large-scale educational and vocational assessment

assessment in education and on the labor market, supplementing information on school achievement and social-emotional skills. This research was carried out in Brazil, initially with two independent samples ... attention for the construct of “interests” as a key individual differences variable for the understanding of educational and vocational outcomes (Nye, Su, Rounds, and Drasgow, 2012; Rounds and Su, 2014

Assessing coaches’ professional knowledge

Professional competency of sport and exercise coaches has been conceptualised differently depending on the theoretical and methodical approach taken. To date, no model of professional coaching ... competency is acquired primarily through formal education or developed predominantly through hands-on coaching experience. To investigate such issues, it is essential to define and identify professional

The effects of vocational education on adult skills, employment and wages: What can we learn from PIAAC?

We have shown that vocational education does not perform as well as academic education both in labour market outcomes and in the level of basic skills, including literacy and numeracy. This is

An exploration of assessment approaches in a vocational and education training courses in Australia

Background There is a compelling case for strengthening the strategies for assessment of competencies adopted in vocational and education training programs in Australia. A review of assessment in ... trialling three assessment strategies: diagnostic, scenario and simulated assessment in a project that investigated the teaching and learning of numeracy in Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses

Analysis of the Contribution to Professional Knowledge of the Job Training Within the Student Perspective in the 3+1 Education Model - The Example of Honaz Vocational School

A well-educated and qualified workforce is one of the most important outputs in vocational and technical education. Vocational schools constitute the last circle in Turkey for the preparing students ... the student lives. Gender of the student and academic achievement do not have significant effects on the professional contribution. Job Training; Vocational Training; 3+1 Education Model - is

The History Books Tell It? Collective Bargaining in Higher Education in the 1940s

This article presents a history of unionization and collective bargaining in higher education during and just after World War II, decades before the establishment of statutory frameworks for labor ... -27uibot.pdf. 31 Nevada System of Higher Education, Professional Employee Collective Bargaining Regulations, Codification of Board Policy Statements, Chapter 4 available at

The Determinants of Participation in Vocational Training in Albania

explain theoretical reasons and determinants that cause it. Using Labour Force Survey data it’s aimed an empirical model to evaluate the determinants of employees’ participation in vocational training in ... to participation in vocational training. Education A broad range of researches come to a similar conclusion that employee’s education level increases the training probability substantially

Vocational qualification as safety-net? Education-to-work transitions of higher education dropouts in Germany

dropouts enter the labour market with pre-tertiary vocational training certificates. We therefore examine if higher education dropouts benefit from these vocational qualifications obtained outside higher ... transitions (finding a job) from the occupational status of the first job. Results: Our results suggest that higher education dropouts without pre-tertiary vocational qualifications have more difficulties