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Data-Parallel Programming in a Multithreaded Environment

Research on programming distributed memory multiprocessors has resulted in a well-understood programming model, namely data-parallel programming. However, data-parallel programming in a multithreaded ... Langley Research Center , Mail Stop 132C, Hampton, VA 23681-0001 , USA 1 Computer Science Department, University of Wyoming , Laramie, WY 82071-3682 , USA Research on programming distributed memory

The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

Linda (Linda is a registered trademark of Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.) is a programming language for coordinating the execution and interaction of processes. When combined with a language ... write portable programs for multi­ processor systems. l\"umerous portable parallel programming envi­ ronments exist [ 1, 2 ] including inherently parallel languages such as PCl\" [3], coordination

Programming Models, Languages, and Compilers for Manycore and Heterogeneous Architectures

performance productive solutions but also be applicable to a wide range of hardware systems. Some of the promising and widely used programming solutions include directive-based programming models such as OpenMP ... , vendor-specific programming models such as NVIDIA’s CUDA, OpenCL, and recently emerging programming model, OpenACC. This special issue publishes papers on the evaluations of these models for parallel

The Art of Computer Programming, by D.E. Knuth

algorithms, syntactical algorithms, the theory of languages, and compilers. Unfortunately other projects, including the TeX text processing system, intervened. Knuth also wanted to revise the first three ... Scientific Programming 1058-9244 - Donald Knuth is well known as the author of a three volume encyclopedic reference text on algorithmic computer science [ 1–3 ]. The Art of Computer

Interoperability in Programming Languages

Interoperability of programming languages is the ability for two or more languages to interact as part of the same system. Frequently, this means passing messages and data between potentially very ... languages pose a serious barrier to creating an interoperative system. However, interoperability is important to many existing systems today, as particular programming languages have emerged to target

Persistent Asynchronous Adaptive Specialization for Generic Array Programming

Generic array programming systematically abstracts from structural array properties such as shape and rank. As usual, generic programming comes at the price of lower runtime performance. The idea of ... Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA’00), Minneapolis, USA. ACM (2000) 16. Voss, M., Eigenmann, R.: High-level adaptive program optimization with ADAPT. In

Special section on parallel programming

was to bring together researchers working in the areas of applications, computational models, language design, compilers, system architecture, and programming tools to discuss new developments in ... -Based Parallel Programming Models, WLPP 2017, which was a part of the 12th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, PPAM 2017, held on September 10-13, 2017, in Lublin

Twenty Years of Constraint Programming (CP) Research

is the first obvious intersection, as the first constraint languages were based on logic. The integration of operations research techniques in constraint programming has been extremely successful, as ... flexibility, one of the main features of constraint programming languages. Constraint programming global constraints are in fact, a very powerful modeling tool, but also enable the embedding of sophisticated

How American Sign Language-English Interpreters Who Can Hear Determine Need for a Deaf Interpreter for Court Proceedings

This study investigates how and when hearing interpreters in the United States decide there is a need for a Deaf interpreter in court proceedings. Previous publications have strongly suggested that ... ), and the United Nations in New York (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). During some of these conferences, Deaf interpreters worked between two different signed languages (Danish Sign Language to

On the Performance of the Python Programming Language for Serial and Parallel Scientific Computations

This article addresses the performance of scientific applications that use the Python programming language. First, we investigate several techniques for improving the computational efficiency of ... programming; parallel computing; MPI 1. Background and introduction There is a strong tradition among computational scientists to use compiled languages, in particular Fortran 77 and C, for numerical

A Survey on Visual Programming Languages in Internet of Things

Visual programming has transformed the art of programming in recent years. Several organizations are in race to develop novel ideas to run visual programming in multiple domains with Internet of ... end of 2015 [16]. Despite IoT’s prospect, very few attentions have been given over the development and designing process of programming languages, mainly at Device-to-Device (D2D) relationship [17

Coding by hand or on the computer? Evaluating the effect of assessment mode on performance of students learning programming

Programming courses suffer from low retention rates, believed to be caused by difficulties in learning programming concepts. Another possibility relates to how programming ability is assessed ... through difficulties in expressing, planning and designing problem solutions. Though these difficulties should not be related to issues in understanding features pertaining to specific programming languages

The semantic view of theories and higher-order languages

takes models of theories to be interpretations of formal languages (‘model-theoretic structures’), whereas the strict semantic view takes them to be settheoretic structures. The difference between these ... if we take models to be interpretations of formal languages. More specifically, the concern is that if models are interpretations of formal languages, then “the celebrated claim of the linguistic

Tango: A Spanish-Based Programming Language

The first part of this article deals with the creation of my own Spanish-based programming language, Tango, using Spanish key words (instead of English key words). The second part relates to the ... :// Part of the Programming Languages and Compilers Commons, and the Spanish Linguistics Recommended Citation Article 11 Commons Cover Page Footnote Thank you to Ankur Gupta and Alex Quintanilla

Special issue on inductive logic programming

relational learning, multi-relational data mining, relational reinforcement learning, graph mining, and connections with other learning paradigms. ILP also studies extensions of logic programming languages so ... programming languages so that they can be applied to machine learning although various extensions of such languages were proposed. In kProblog facts and rules are annotated by semiring labels to manipulate

Novel pedagogical tool for simultaneous learning of plane geometry and R programming

Programming a computer is an activity that can be very beneficial to undergraduate students in terms of improving their mental capabilities, collaborative attitudes and levels of engagement in ... programming language is key. The basic operating rules and the rigid syntax are common to all programming languages, but not all of them are equally accessible, especially from the point of view of a totally

Indicating verbs as typologically unique constructions: Reconsidering verb ‘agreement’ in sign languages

these forms, we propose a model of indicating verbs within a Construction Grammar framework that compares them to multimodal constructions in spoken languages. We explain how our model of indicating verbs ... , 49 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PD, GB X close Jordan Fenlon Languages and Intercultural Studies, School of Social Sciences, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, GB X close

Discovering workflow nets using integer linear programming

dimensions. As a consequence, the techniques are unable to find complex, non-local control flow patterns [29]. In [ 34 ] an integer linear programming (ILP) [ 24 ] based process discovery algorithm is ... two forms, i.e. state-based region theory [ 4,13,14 ] using transition systems as an input and languagebased region theory [ 1,2,10,17,18 ] using languages as an input. The main difference between

Can You Hear Me Now?: Interpreters for California Civil Cases

-languages. The following story is true, and her name was redacted to protect her identity. See Two Litigants Complained the L.A. Courts Did Not Give Them Interpreters, L.A. TIMES 1, 3 (Nov. 4, 2014), http ... languages within this population are: Spanish (66.8%), Chinese (8.2%), Vietnamese (4.5%), Tagalog (4.0%), and Korean (3.5%).15 A study of California court interpreters concluded, “[a]llowing proceedings to

Cerebellar Structures and the Programming of Movement Sequences

cerebellum is implicated in the execution of programmed manual movement sequences. Introduction Several definitions of motor programming have been proposed most of which converge on the assumption that ... tapping task to examine motor programming in patients with Parkinson's disease. Patients were required to execute either a single keystroke with the index finger, a sequence of two keystrokes with index and