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Evaluation of cryopreservation techniques for goat embryos

cryoprotecteurs et de 3 techniques d’extraction de ces cryoprotecteurs. Cette étude de la congélation de l’embryon caprin a pour objet de comparer, d’une part, 3 cryoprotecteurs et, d’autre part, 3 procédures ... directly into liquid nitrogen (-196°C) for storage. After variable periods of storage in liquid nitrogen for 2 to 16 months, depending on research programming, the straws were thawed rapidly by immersion in

Special section on parallel programming

parallelization techniques. Blöcker and Hoffmann [ 2 ] propose a fully deterministic process calculus for parallel and distributed programming implemented in Haskell as a domain-specific language. Batko and Kuta ... -Based Parallel Programming Models, WLPP 2017, which was a part of the 12th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, PPAM 2017, held on September 10-13, 2017, in Lublin

Twenty Years of Constraint Programming (CP) Research

is the first obvious intersection, as the first constraint languages were based on logic. The integration of operations research techniques in constraint programming has been extremely successful, as ... , LLC, part of Springer Nature 2018 Around twenty years ago, the research community working on constraint satisfaction, optimization and contraint programming was moving the first steps toward a more

Persistent Asynchronous Adaptive Specialization for Generic Array Programming

Generic array programming systematically abstracts from structural array properties such as shape and rank. As usual, generic programming comes at the price of lower runtime performance. The idea of ... adaptive specialization by a series of experiments. Generic programming; Array programming; Dynamic compilation; Multi-core computing; Single Assignment C; Persistence 1 Introduction Software engineering

Preface for the special issue on Ontologies and Logic Programming for Query Answering

intelligence and web of knowledge communities in order to encourage the emergence of new solutions for reasoning with lightweight ontologies. The workshop focused on languages and techniques that allow for

Backtracking-based dynamic programming for resolving transmit ambiguities in WSN localization

tractability of the underlying graph-theoretical problem and employs dynamic programming and backtracking. We show that the proposed algorithm is able to reduce the run time by up to 88.3% compared with a ... -optimal integer linear programming formulation. Wireless sensor networks; Localization; Transmit ambiguities 1 Introduction The unique identification of wireless sensors or agents is generally regarded

Programming discrete distributions with chemical reaction networks

are not well understood. Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs) with mass action kinetics are a well studied formalism for modelling biochemical systems, more recently also used as a formal programming ... fluctuations intrinsic in molecular interactions play a predominant role in the time evolution of the system. As a consequence, ‘‘programming’’ a CRN to provide a particular probabilistic response for a subset

Discovering workflow nets using integer linear programming

challenging process mining task. State-of-the-art process discovery algorithms only discover local control flow patterns and are unable to discover complex, non-local patterns. Region theory based techniques ... dimensions. As a consequence, the techniques are unable to find complex, non-local control flow patterns [29]. In [ 34 ] an integer linear programming (ILP) [ 24 ] based process discovery algorithm is

Special issue on inductive logic programming

Institute of Informatics , Tokyo , Japan - This special issue focuses on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP). ILP is a subfield of machine learning which uses logic programming as a uniform representation ... relational learning, multi-relational data mining, relational reinforcement learning, graph mining, and connections with other learning paradigms. ILP also studies extensions of logic programming languages so

Application of Genome Editing Techniques in Immunology

in detail. In this review, we present novel genetic engineering methods, mainly TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9 systems, that can be used for such purposes. These unique techniques may contribute to creating ... (MacLeod et al. 2017) . Nonetheless, the procedure of “programming” MN to recognize the given sequence requires specialized knowledge and technology, and makes this approach extremely laborious. Due to the

A survey on smart automated computer-aided process planning (ACAPP) techniques

-aided process planning (CAPP) techniques. Computer-aided process planning refers to key technology that connects the computer-aided design (CAD) and the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) processes ... automated, fast, and accurate. Moreover, automatic feature recognition (AFR) techniques are considered one of the most important tasks to create an ACAPP system. This article presents a comprehensive survey

Editorial: special issue on astrodynamics tools and techniques

Space Journal devoted to Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques. Astrodynamics is a key enabler for space mission design and its tools and techniques are at the core of any spacecraft development and ... operations. This special issue of the CEAS Space Journal has been prepared from papers originally coming from the 6th ICATT (International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques) and they were

Computational thinking development through creative programming in higher education

levels, computational thinking can be developed and assessed through solving ill-defined problems. This paper introduces computational thinking in the context of Higher Education creative programming ... classroom. Programming should be considered as a pedagogical strategy, and not only as a technical tool or as a set of coding techniques to be learnt. While some uses of technologies engage the learner in a

A review of Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Network applications in pile foundations

to traditional methods in modeling the complex behavior of materials. This ability has made AI a popular and particularly amenable option in geotechnical engineering applications. Genetic Programming ... examples of AI techniques. This paper provides a review of GP and ANN applications in estimation of the pile foundations bearing capacity. Pile foundation; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Artificial Neural

Do Projects really end late? On the shortcomings of the classical scheduling techniques

frequently cited among the most significant causes of delays. Unfortunately, hardly any attention has been paid to the fact that the classical scheduling techniques: Gantt chart, Critical Path Method (CPM ... , because of their relative simplicity, these techniques are still almost the only ones taught nowadays in most introductory courses to scheduling in many engineering and management degrees. However, by

A taxonomy of task-based parallel programming technologies for high-performance computing

Task-based programming models for shared memory—such as Cilk Plus and OpenMP 3—are well established and documented. However, with the increase in parallel, many-core, and heterogeneous systems, a ... Pierre Lemarinier Stefano Markidis Herbert Jordan Thomas Fahringer Kostas Katrinis Erwin Laure Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos B Roman Iakymchuk Kiril Dichev Philipp Gschwandtner Task-based programming

SQL Injection: The Longest Running Sequel in Programming History

an attacker can exploit the SQL injection vulnerability When the SQL injection attack first appeared How the attack has changed over the years Current techniques to defend adequately against the attack ... countermeasures are relatively simple compared to countermeasures for other threats like malware and viruses. The focus on security-minded programming can help prevent a successful SQL injection attack and avoid

Ultrasound: novel techniques

recently introduced revolutionary novel techniques for ultrasound which provide highly competitive performance in two major clinical arenas. The first is contrastenhanced ultrasound (CEUS), performed

A fuzzy compromise programming model based on the modified S-curve membership functions for supplier selection

Among various decision techniques, multi-objective programming model is a proper approach to solve the supplier selection problem. Notice that the multi-objective programming problem often consists ... MCDM techniques such as the Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL); (2) the mathematical programming (MP) techniques. Such as the data envelopment analysis (DEA), linear programming

Data retrieval from building information models based on visual programming

textual query languages are too complex to be employed by typical end users in the construction industry such as architects and engineers. Results To overcome this issue, two Visual Programming Languages ... Relational Algebra to allow handling of relations - a highly required feature of BIM QLs. Conclusions: The paper concludes with a discussion of the strengths and limitations of visual programming languages in