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Clinical protein science developments for patient monitoring in hospital central laboratories

Biological and Medical Mass Spectrometry, Lund University , BMC D13, 22100 Lund , Sweden 1 Clinical Protein Science & Imaging, Biomedi‐ cal Center, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Lund University , BMC ... common routine tests in clinical chemistry laboratories are; CBC (complete blood count), electrolytes, hormones, coagulation parameters, disease specific protein biomarkers and plasma biomarker proteins

Reciprocal Perspective for Improved Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction

All protein-protein interaction (PPI) predictors require the determination of an operational decision threshold when differentiating positive PPIs from negatives. Historically, a single global ... -many binding. Protein Science 22, 258–273 (2013). ArticlePubMed Google Scholar33. Higurashi, M., Ishida, T. & Kinoshita, K. Identification of transient hub proteins and the possible structural basis for

Editing the human genome: where ART and science intersect

embryogenesis . Nature . 2017 ; 550 : 67 - 73 . 9. Liang P , Xu Y , Zhang X , Ding C , Huang R , Zhang Z , et al. CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing in human tripronuclear zygotes . Protein Cell . 2015 ; 6 : 363 ... US . 2016 ; 33 : 581 - 8 . 11. Tang L , Zeng Y , Du H , Gong M , Peng J , Zhang B , et al. CRISPR/ Cas9-mediated gene editing in human zygotes using Cas9 protein . Mol Gen Genomics . 2017 ; 292 : 525

Protein Folding: Search for Basic Physical Models

How a unique three-dimensional structure is rapidly formed from the linear sequence of a polypeptide is one of the important questions in contemporary science. Apart from biological context of in ... science. Apart from biological context of in vivo protein folding (which has been studied only for a few proteins), the roles of the fundamental physical forces in the in vitro folding remain largely

Is Science Education Relevant?

Jentsch, Holger Kantz (eds.) Springer 2005. Relevant? Science education in Europe at all levels is facing significant challenges. Firstly; it is often argued that all citizens must be sci­ entifically ... literate in order to participate competently in a mod­ ern knowledge-based societywhere science and technology have major impact on everybody’s fife. On a dailybasis, we all face de­ bates in media and in

Harnessing citizen science through mobile phone technology to screen for immunohistochemical biomarkers in bladder cancer

, S. et al. Predicting protein structures with a multiplayer online game. Nature 466, 756–760 (2010). ArticlePubMedPubMed Central Google Scholar6. Kawrykow, A. et al. Phylo: a citizen science approach ... first assessed the accuracy of the crowdsourced data. Then, when the crowdsourced scores were found to be accurate, we used these scores to look for associations between protein staining and clinical

Editorial: Relaunching Cultural Science

Cultural Science Journal is delighted to announce our successful migration to the Ubiquity Press platform. We are now ready to publish submissions received during 2018, which will comprise Volume 10 ... 10 of the journal. We begin with several papers on the theme of ‘open knowledge’ and will add new papers on all topics as they are accepted. Each volume of the relaunched Cultural Science Journal will

Citizen Science Book Resources

Linda Silka briefly reviews The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science, edited by Darlene Cavalier and Eric B. Kennedy; Citizen Science for All: A Guide for Citizen Science Practitioners; Citizen ... useful he interest in citizen science is taking off, and the ideas for citizen science initiatives. In this piece, I offer a few suggestions about books likely to be of particular interest to policymakers

Targeting protein-protein interactions for therapeutic discovery via FRET-based high-throughput screening in living cells

We have developed a structure-based high-throughput screening (HTS) method, using time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) that is sensitive to protein-protein interactions in ... interactions in living cells. The membrane protein complex between the cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca-ATPase (SERCA2a) and phospholamban (PLB), its Ca-dependent regulator, is a validated therapeutic target

Help to shape policy with your science

Decision-makers need input from researchers on issues involving science and society. ... A protest in Brussels ahead of the European Union’s vote to ban neonicotinoid pesticides in April 2018.Credit: Isopix/REX/ShutterstockMegan Evans got a crash course in science policy in 2011. As a

Protein Engineering Strategies to Expand CRISPR-Cas9 Applications

optimization of gene therapy, metabolic flux, and synthetic gene networks. The clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat- (CRISPR-) associated protein 9 is an RNA-guided site-specific DNA-binding ... , no. 10, pp. 3002–3007, 2015. View at Publisher · View at Google Scholar · View at ScopusN. H. Shah and T. W. Muir, “Inteins: nature’s gift to protein chemists,” Chemical Science, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 446

Data Science: the impact of statistics

most important discipline to analyze and quantify uncertainty. We give an overview over different proposed structures of Data Science and address the impact of statistics on such steps as data ... . : Uncovering distinct protein-network topologies in heterogeneous cell populations . BMC Syst. Biol . 9 ( 1 ), 24 ( 2015 ) 50. Wu , J.: Statistics = data science? ~jeffwu

The small heat shock protein HSPB1 protects mice from sepsis

In vitro studies have implicated the small heat shock protein HSPB1 in a range of physiological functions. However, its in vivo relevance is unclear as the phenotype of unstressed HSPB1−/− mice is ... prominent and well characterized member of this family is HSPB1 (also known as mouse HSP25; human HSP27), which is present in a range of different tissues but at widely varied protein levels4,5,6. Levels of

Astrobiology as Hybrid Science: Introduction to the Thematic Issue

phenotypic effects, but also requires evidence of a DNA sequence that specifies RNA/protein synthesis. To sum up, the relationship of culture in science is not just one of societal impact. There are ... Institute , Troy, NY , USA 1 Cognitive Science Program, Indiana University , Bloomington, IN , USA 2 & Linnda R. Caporael - In all societies, people have constructed myths about the origins of the universe

Science, Policy and the Developing Frontiers of International Law

SCIENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN a most important, if not the most important, agent of legal change. The hydraulic engineering achievements of ancient Egypt and China not only determined the laws of land ... structure of society. Where would the law of the sea be without the development of ships and the science of navigation? In a lighter view too we can imagine chariots creating traffic problems (and laws) on

World Bank pours hundreds of millions into African science

Zambia, Mozambique and Rwanda. The third round, announced on 31 August, pushes the World Bank’s total investment past $500 million, making the project one of the biggest-ever science-supporting programmes ... -expected tax revenue and the cost of back-to-back elections last year. Next year’s budget could be even smaller, officials say.Previous funding schemes have petered out: Uganda’s Millennium Science

Twenty years of network science

establishment of network science as a multidisciplinary field. Read the paper: Collective dynamics of ‘small-world’ networks Before Watts and Strogatz published their paper, the archetypical network-generation ... immediacy and the simplicity of the small-world and preferential-attachment models still underpin our understanding of network topology. Indeed, the relevance of these models to different areas of science

Trump’s science-adviser pick hedges on climate change

Kelvin Droegemeier, seen here at the University of Oklahoma, is US President Donald Trump's nominee for science adviser.Credit: Travis Caperton, Univ. OklahomaKelvin Droegemeier — President Donald ... Trump’s nominee for science adviser — revealed little about his stance on climate change during his nomination hearing before a Senate committee on 23 August. But some experts attribute his elusiveness to

Science and the Miracles of Exodus

beacon on its summit. Were the Exodus miracles really miracles? In this article I have suggested how science can explain some of the miracles in the Exodus story. In my book The Miracles ofExo­ dus I ... “efficient cause” in many of the Exodus miracles was a natural agent (a porous rock, a strong wind, a volcano, etc.) and that science can discover this natural agent and givethe mechanism of the miracle