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Pyrenoid functions revealed by proteomics in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

metabolism and storage occur in plastoglobuli. Functions of each of these compartments have been elucidated by proteomics; i.e. the use of mass spectrometry and bioinformatics to carry out large scale ... , photographed and then dried. 35S-labelled proteins were revealed by phosphorimaging. 5 / 20 Mass spectrometry Proteomics grade endoproteinases (Lys-C and Trypsin Gold) and ProteaseMax surfactant were purchased

Identification of blood biomarkers in glioblastoma by SWATH mass spectrometry and quantitative targeted absolute proteomics

targeted absolute proteomics analysis. As a result, we identified eight biomarker candidates for GBM (leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein (LRG1), complement component C9 (C9), C-reactive protein (CRP), alpha-1 ... fragment ion data sets [ 19 ]. SWATH-MS analysis offers several advantages, including high reproducibility and reliability of quantitative information, in discovery proteomics [ 20,21 ]. However, it has

Salivary proteomics of healthy dogs: An in depth catalog

Wolfhound (1), Jack Russell Terrier (1), Mixed breed dog (1), Newfoundland (1), and Scottish Deerhound (1) (Fig 1). To try to investigate the potential effect of genetic lineage on the salivary proteomics ... protein data from the dog saliva was measured via protein spectral counts from the MS-based proteomics data. Normalized spectral counts were assigned to each 5 / 16 identified protein using the

Proteomics analysis identified peroxiredoxin 2 involved in early-phase left ventricular impairment in hamsters with cardiomyopathy

myocardial proteins involved in early-phase cardiac impairment, using proteomics analysis. Using the two-dimensional fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) combined with MALDI-TOF/TOF tandem ... hamsters that might be involved in compensatory cardiac hypertrophy or cardiac dysfunction [ 9 ]. The field of proteomics provides a systematic approach for quantitative and qualitative mapping of the

QCloud: A cloud-based quality control system for mass spectrometry-based proteomics laboratories

The increasing number of biomedical and translational applications in mass spectrometry-based proteomics poses new analytical challenges and raises the need for automated quality control systems

Tetrazine ligation for chemical proteomics

Determining small molecule—target protein interaction is essential for the chemical proteomics. One of the most important keys to explore biological system in chemical proteomics field is finding

Secretome analysis of Trypanosoma cruzi by proteomics studies

, de Souza W , Almeida IC , et al. Subcellular proteomics of Trypanosoma cruzi reservosomes . Proteomics . 2009 Apr; 9 ( 7 ): 1782 ± 94 . 1002/pmic.200800730 PMID: 19288526 20. Bayer

Proteomics of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm matrix in a rat model of orthopedic implant-associated infection

Immun . 2011 ; 79 : 3476 ± 3491 . 10.1128/IAI.00179-11 PMID: 21646455 23. Wang W , Jeffery CJ . An analysis of surface proteomics results reveals novel candidates for intracellular ... , Krut O . Proteomics-based identification of anchorless cell wall proteins as vaccine candidates against Staphylococcus aureus . Infect Immun . 2009 ; 77 : 2719 ± 2729 . https://doi. org/10.1128/IAI.00617

Quantitative membrane proteomics reveals a role for tetraspanin enriched microdomains during entry of human cytomegalovirus

]. Functional genomics approaches such as computational network analysis, global transcriptomics, proteomics of host cell-associated and secreted proteins as well as metabolomics are increasingly being used to ... against 1009 cellular proteins, the focal-adhesion associated proteins Hic-5, paxillin and α-actinin were identified as targets of host protein manipulation by HCMV [ 11 ]. In addition, proteomics were

Proteomics in asthma: the clinicians were right after all, were not they?

asthma (defined solely by chest tightness). The authors threw in sophisticated proteomics of induced-sputum supernatant, using reversephase HPLC/tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). The normalized data were ... proteomics-driven groups of subjects as defined by PCA and PLS-DA. Not unexpectedly, there were significant differences between patients with asthma and controls revealing differential expression of 23 amongst

Correction to: Proteomics analysis of the germinating seeds of Cariniana legalis (Mart.) Kuntze (Meliaceae): an endangered species of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest

In the original publication of this article, the title is incorrect. The correct title should be: Proteomics analysis of the germinating seeds of Cariniana legalis (Mart.) Kuntze (Lecythidaceae): an

Bayesian inference for biomarker discovery in proteomics: an analytic solution

This paper addresses the question of biomarker discovery in proteomics. Given clinical data regarding a list of proteins for a set of individuals, the tackled problem is to extract a short subset of ... ; Proteomics; Biomarker 1 Introduction It is now generally recognized that protein expression analysis is crucial in explaining the changes that occur as a part of disease pathogenesis [1, 2]. In this context

A proteomics approach to identify targets of the ubiquitin-like molecule Urm1 in Drosophila melanogaster

. cerevisiae by Goehring and co-workers [ 17 ], but the list of targets was significantly extended by a proteomics-based approach used by Van der Veen et al, pinpointing 21 novel targets in mammalian cells ... multicellular organism and in different developmental contexts. By utilizing a combination of Drosophila genetics, proteomics and bioinformatics, we here report the identification of 79 Urm1-associated proteins

A novel feature ranking method for prediction of cancer stages using proteomics data

feature ranking approach called FRMT. FRMT is based on the Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution method (TOPSIS) which select the most discriminative proteins from proteomics ... . TCPA: a resource for cancer functional proteomics data. Nature methods. 2013; 10(11):1046±7. Brown G, Pocock A, Zhao M-J, LujaÂn M. Conditional likelihood maximisation: a unifying framework for

Urinary Proteomics in Predicting Heart Transplantation Outcomes (uPROPHET)—Rationale and database description

Objectives Urinary Proteomics in Predicting Heart Transplantation Outcomes (uPROPHET; NCT03152422) aims: (i) to construct new multidimensional urinary proteomic (UP) classifiers that after heart ... ], renal impairment [8±10], acute coronary syndromes [ 11 ], and even 5-year adverse cardiovascular and cardiac outcomes [ 12 ]. The urinary PROteomics in Predicting HEart Transplantation outcomes

Potential urine proteomics biomarkers for primary nephrotic syndrome

study, we suggest that urine proteomics could be a non-invasive and clinically available tool to discriminate MCD from MN and FSGS. ... nephropathy; Nephrotic syndrome; Urine proteomics - Background Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is a nonspecific kidney disorder that can affect individuals of any age, and accounts for about 15% of cases of end-stage

Targeted proteomics reveals promising biomarkers of disease activity and organ involvement in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis

Targeted proteomics, which involves quantitative analysis of targeted proteins using selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mass spectrometry, has emerged as a new methodology for discovery of clinical

Quantitative proteomics in A30P*A53T α-synuclein transgenic mice reveals upregulation of Sel1l

model is a useful model for analyzing the pathological cascade from aggregated α-synuclein to motor disturbance. Proteomics is a powerful methodology to investigate how protein expression is affected in

Microwave & magnetic proteomics of macrophages from patients with HIV-associated cognitive impairment

quantitative proteomics study exploring the changes in protein abundance of macrophages isolated from patients with HACI. Further studies are warranted to determine if these proteins may be target candidates for ... , University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2 Department of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 3 RCMI Translational Proteomics

The prediction of late-onset preeclampsia: Results from a longitudinal proteomics study

abundance of 1,125 proteins was measured using an aptamers-based proteomics technique. Protein abundance in normal pregnancies was modeled using linear mixed-effects models to estimate mean abundance as a ... its reagents that allowed the abundance of 1,125 proteins to be profiled [138±140]. Proteomics profiling services were provided by Somalogic, Inc. (Boulder, CO, USA) in December 2014. The serum samples