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Consumers, Seller-Advisors, and the Psychology of Trust

results of an original psychology experiment, this Article offers empirical evidence of how consumers’ decision making is influenced by the trust they place in seller-advisors. Finally, it explores how ... Psychology for helpful oral and written comments with respect to the contents of this Article. We also thank Constantine Christakis and Taylor Westfall for their excellent research assistance. When University

Traditions, Paradigms and Basic Concepts in Islamic Psychology

The conceptual tools of psychology aim to explain the complexity of phenomena that psychotherapists observe in their patients and within themselves, as well as to predict the outcome of therapy ... Sheffield , Sheffield , UK 1 Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi , Karachi , Pakistan 2 & Rasjid Skinner 3 Ihsaan (Islamic Psychological Therapy Service) , Bradford , UK The conceptual

Information overload in the information age: a review of the literature from business administration, business psychology, and related disciplines with a bibliometric approach and framework development

education (Shrivastav and Hiltz 2013), general management (Jackson and Farzaneh 2012), and business-related psychotherapy (Case et al. 2005). But an actual review of information overload in today’s ... research focusing on information overload from other perspectives (e.g., psychology, health care, and mass communication) is not addressed adequately. As Webster and Watson (2002) noted, review articles are

Mindfulness-Based Intervention in School Psychology

of Wisconsin- Milwaukee , Milwaukee, WI , USA 1 Department of Educational Psychology, University of Utah , Salt Lake City, UT , USA 2 Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University , 236 Audubon ... Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 , USA - Interest in mindfulness and mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) continues to grow in both psychology and education. Although there is some dispute over the defining

#Psychology: a bibliometric analysis of psychological literature in the online media

level of research fields of Psychology. The more accumulated the level of analysis, the higher the correlations. These findings are fairly robust over time and comparable to findings from research areas ... weighted social media coverage, shows that journals related to psychology are quite frequent with 5 journals among the top 20. Medical journals are also frequent (6), and we find general journals and

Taylor’s Soft Perennialism: Psychology or New Age Spiritual Vision?

perennialism notion is not valid in the context of psychology, or of any scientific endeavor. Taylor's claims that his metaphysical schema is at least partly evidence-based appears to stem from an overly ... rise to cross-cultural mystical experiences with common characteristics. It may therefore be unreasonable to exclude essentialism from transpersonal psychology (and psychology in general). In these terms

"Are you gonna publish that?" Peer-reviewed publication outcomes of doctoral dissertations in psychology

literature. However, the extent and nature of dissertation publication remains largely unknown within psychology. The present study investigated the peer-reviewed publication outcomes of psychology ... frequency and quality of dissertation publication in psychology. There is an abundance of literature relevant to this topic, including student or faculty perspectives (e.g., [11±13]) and studies of general

Keeping the Account Open: On Metaphysical Mistrust in Transpersonal Psychology (A Response to Hartelius, 2017)

given rise to cross-cultural mystical experiences with common characteristics. This suggests that essentialism could be included in transpersonal psychology (and psychology in general). I suggest that ... from transpersonal psychology (and psychology in general). In these terms, perennialism does not necessarily lie outside science and psychology, and soft perennialism should not be seen as a New Age

Physicians’ professional performance: an occupational health psychology perspective

Introduction Physician work engagement is considered to benefit physicians’ professional performance in clinical teaching practice. Following an occupational health psychology perspective, this PhD ... to benefit professional performance in patient care and residency training. This PhD report presents an occupational health psychology perspective on physician well-being and professional performance

Six-year positive effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on mindfulness, coping and well-being in medical and psychology students; Results from a randomized controlled trial

and psychology students participated in a randomized controlled trial. 144 received a 15-hour mindfulness course over seven weeks in the second or third semester with booster sessions twice yearly ... , Tromsø , Norway , 3 Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences, The Arctic University of Norway , Tromsø , Norway , 4 Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, Institute of Basic Medical

Humanistic Psychology, Same-Sex Attraction, and Safe Spaces

In this paper, we explore the concept of a genuinely “safe space,” what it might mean, and how such a concept is usually understood in both the discipline of psychology and the larger culture ... ; //scholarsarchive; byu; edu/irp - Article 5 Humanistic Psychology, Same-Sex Attraction, and S Spaces: A Latter-day Saint Inquiry into the Meani Love Edwin E. Gantt Brigham Young University Jeffrey L. Thayne

Zombie Perennialism: An Intelligent Design for Psychology? A Further Response to Taylor's Soft Perennialism

In a recent paper Taylor has suggested that perennialist models are or should be resurgent within transpersonal psychology. However, perennialist models such as those of Wilber and Taylor are ... , 533 - 543 . Koltko-Rivera , M. E. ( 2004 ). The psychology of worldviews . Review of General Psychology , 8 ( 1 ), 3. 1089 - 2680 .8. 1 . 3

The views of the general public on prioritising vaccination programmes against childhood diseases: A qualitative study

appropriate and whether societal preferences for childhood vaccinations should be used to help inform childhood immunisation policy. Objective To gauge the general public’s preferences for prioritising certain ... analysed using an inductive thematic framework approach. Setting Population Adult members of the general public were recruited using the Bristol and South Gloucestershire open electoral registers, using

Evolutionary psychology: theoretical foundations for the study of organizations

This article provides an introduction to evolutionary psychology and its relevance to organizational design theory and practice. Evolutionary psychology assumes that human nature reflect adaptations ... humans faced. In this article, I present a concise review of the theoretical foundations of evolutionary psychology and convey how evolutionary psychology hypotheses about organizational design, culture

Learning the psychology of the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon through on-line practice

Psychology undergraduates can benefit from direct experiences with laboratory procedures of psychological phenomena. However, they are not always available for students within a distance education ... an Introductory Psychology level, the main features of scientific psychological inquiries. Going back to our general question, we could re-frame it as whether the availability through the Internet of

PredPsych: A toolbox for predictive machine learning-based approach in experimental psychology research

Recent years have seen an increased interest in machine learning-based predictive methods for analyzing quantitative behavioral data in experimental psychology. While these methods can achieve ... Neuroscience Unit, Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia , via Melen, 83, Genova 1615 , Italy 1 Department of Psychology, University of Torino , Via Po, 14, 10123 Torino , Italy 2 Andrea Cavallo Recent

The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

, however, are of little value unless Linda programs execute efficiently. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that Linda programs are efficient making Linda an effective general purpose tool for ... interaction of processes). In Linda, coordination takes place through six oper­ ations that manipulate an associative, virtual shared memory. This coordination mechanism is both simple and general making it

Participant Nonnaiveté and the reproducibility of cognitive psychology

Many argue that there is a reproducibility crisis in psychology. We investigated nine well-known effects from the cognitive psychology literature—three each from the domains of perception/action ... therefore did not conduct this analysis. General discussion Overall, these results present good news for the field of psychology. In contrast to findings in other parts of the field (Chandler et al., 2015

Bayesian inference for psychology. Part II: Example applications with JASP

. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General , 144 , e1 - e15 . McClave , J. T. , & Dietrich , F. H. . ( 1991 ). Statistics. San Francisco: Dellen Publishing. McCullagh , P. , & Nelder , J. A. ( 1989 ... becomes available for inspection. JASP comes with default priors on the parameters that can be changed whenever this is deemed desirable. This article summarizes the general philosophy behind the JASP

Australian general practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and practices towards breastfeeding

The aim of this study was to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of established general practitioners (GPs) in relation to breastfeeding. 10 GPs in the Australian Nepean Blue Mountains ... encouragement. General practitioners (GPs) are in ideal position to support and encourage breastfeeding. However, in order to be able to provide support and encouragement, GPs need to have positive attitudes