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History of Psychotherapy

: Making babies: The new biology and the "old" morality. Public In­ terest No. 26, pp. 18-56, 1972. HISTORY OF PSYCHOTHERAPY John R. Cavanagh, M.D. Dr. Cavanagh sets the stage with a preliminary

Learning from psychotherapy for postgraduate supervision

This paper explores some of the ways in which our insights into the pedagogy of postgraduate supervision may benefit from understanding some of the attributes of psychotherapy. It proposes that

Problems in Play Psychotherapy

ms in Play Psychotherapy Vera Oenty M.B.P.S. Recommended Citation - e Linacre Proble Play Psychotherapy Article 11 Follow this and additional works at:

Psychotherapy with the Orthodox Jew

practitioners in general and Freudian and neo-Freudian psychotherapy,in particularon the part of the "haredim," remains unabated. It is hard to imagine any members of this group becoming one of Dr. Strean's

Psychotherapy and the Problems of Values

suggest that the neglect of values in therapy has been due largely to Freud. His great influence on the develop­ ment of psychotherapy and his lack of attention to his own value system seem to be the major

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy: A Pastoral Viewpoint

Linacre Psychotherapy: A Pastoral Follow this and additional works at: PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHOTHERAPY A PASTO RAL VIEWPOINT Rev. Ja mes T. McHugh " Hello, Father ... o n the priest for specific ad vice or counsel. In o ther cases. it has been the first step towaro psychoana lysis and psychotherapy, for wh ich the person was ultimate­ ly referred to a professional

Analyzing Psychotherapy: A Social Role Perspective

advances in developing effective helping technologies," which will also lead to "a greater utilization of sociological knowledge" (p.vii). He outlines the relevance of role theory to psychotherapy in Chapter ... could serve to alienate the audience he most wishes to convince. His book highlights two significant and unavoidable obstacles to developing a broad-based theoretical framework for psychotherapy. First

Munchhausen's Pigtail or Psychotherapy and "Reality"

challenges the assumption that treatment necessarily entails a search for truth—an answer to the "why" question. According to the author, the mission of psychotherapy (and indeed of science in general), is

Ethics and the Spiritual Dimensions in Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy with its probing limited such as prohibitions of causes and reali ty is seen by against adultery, theft, or murder. many to be the route which must In psychotherapy the entire be taken. emphasis is

Group Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Homosexuality

experience provided by a therapeutic program, and in my exper­ ience group psychotherapy is more consistently an effective approach. ll has long been recognize~ t~at the envt.ronment ·tn which an tndJVJdual

Psychotherapy in General Practices and in Medical Clinics

Hospital, C .:·cago. Linacre Psychotherapy in General Practice and i-n Medical Clinics John T. Dulin, S.J., Ph.D. -· trated or confused or irritated because has developed in the direction of this is not

Psychotherapy in General Practices and in Medical Clinics

Hospital, C .:·cago. Linacre Psychotherapy in General Practice and i-n Medical Clinics John T. Dulin, S.J., Ph.D. -· trated or confused or irritated because has developed in the direction of this is not

A Review of Qualitative Research in Counseling and Psychotherapy

In reviewing Qualitative Research in Counseling and Psychotherapy (McLeod, 2011), I encountered with this text a backdrop of a grand tour question, "How well has the author contextualized qualitative ... - Q A Psychotherapy Nozomu Ozaki Follow this and additional works at: Thi s Book Review is brought to you for free and open

From Pastoral Care and Counselling to Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy: A Growing Web

authority. This image of the web articulated by Doehring captures the growth of the pastoral care and counselling program to spiritual care and psychotherapy at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. This web began in

Review of "The Ethical Treatment of Depression: Autonomy through Psychotherapy"

Moral Case for Psychotherapy,” argues that because CBT is more effective than ADM at promoting autonomy, health care professionals have a moral responsibility to provide CBT to patients who suffer from

Researching Psychotherapy, the Importance of the Client's View: A Methodological Challenge

This paper argues that research approaches which are aimed at developing our understanding of psychotherapy which fail to address the client's interpretation of events will only provide a limited ... Psychotherapy, the Im Client's View: A M ethodological C portance hallenge of the Qualitative Report Neil Scott Gordon the Social Statistics Commons Follow this and additional works at; http

The Mystery of Goodness and the Positive Moral Consequences of Psychotherapy

. Section One contains two chapters discussing the absence of "goodness" as an overt issue in psychotherapy and deploring a lack of emphasis on the five interpersonal virtues (the moral attributes above

ANCOVA Study of Psychotherapy Treatment of Internet Pornography Addiction in Heterosexual Men

Recommended Citation - Article 3 ANCOVA STUDY OF PSYCHOTHERAPY TREATMENT OF INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTION IN HETEROSEXUAL MEN By Saudia Twine The Internet, pornography, and compulsivity have become a ... aforementioned. ACT is a type of psychotherapy that falls under the CBT umbrella, because it focuses on processes and targets inner experiences (thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations), utilizes behavior