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Lessons Learned in Promoting Evidence-Based Public Health: Perspectives from Managers in State Public Health Departments

Evidence-based public health (EBPH) practice, also called evidence-informed public health, can improve population health and reduce disease burden in populations. Organizational structures and

Improvement of the reduction in catastrophic health expenditure in China’s public health insurance

context of China’s current public health insurance system. The financial data of all hospitalization cases from a sample hospital in 2013 were gathered and used to determine the pattern of household medical ... China's current public health insurance system to evaluate the financial burden for medical service on Chinese patients, as well as to calculate the possibilities of CHE. Then, by adjusting several

Publisher Correction to: Multiple articles of Journal of Public Health

another journal with the same name, the Publisher has added a subtitle, “From Theory to Practice.” Effective as of January 2018, the new title of this Journal is Journal of Public Health: From Theory to

Personalized health in a public health perspective

Medicine, Paracelsus Medical University , Nuremberg , Germany 2 & Angela Brand 3 Dr. TMA Pai Endowed Chair Public Health Genomics, Manipal University , Manipal , India 4 Public Health Genomics, Department ... prioritizing the individual benefit over the public one. On the other hand, modern public health has been conceptualized as any form of collective action that focuses on the improvement of populations' health

ToxicDocs and the fight against biased public health science worldwide

work that has made it possible. ToxicDocs will be a strong weapon in the fight against biased public health science and corrupt lobbying in the interest of private profit. ToxicDocs and the fight ... against biased public health Christer Hogstedt, M.D., PhD is a specialist in occupational health, former Deputy Director General of the Swedish National Institute of Working Life, and senior researcher at

EudraVigilance Medicines Safety Database: Publicly Accessible Data for Research and Public Health Protection

extensive web access to data on suspected adverse drug reactions and the possibilities for academic research institutions to request a more extensive dataset for the purposes of health research. The main ... accessibility of the ICSR data in line with the pharmacovigilance legislative requirements [ 2–4 ], and thereby at further contributing to public health protection. Since November 2005, the electronic

Master of Public Health Accredited

their tireless work assisting Anjejo in his goals 1 from the Council of Education for Public Health (CEPH) on The program has been accredited for a five-year term, extending to July 1, 2022. Dixon Anjejo ... interactive online format and does not require any oncampus time. “Public Health is the science of prevention using research-based solutions for effective health promotion and disease prevention using

Safety Experience During Real-World Use of Injectable Artesunate in Public Health Facilities in Ghana and Uganda: Outcomes of a Modified Cohort Event Monitoring Study (CEMISA)

University Centre for Health and Population Research , Kampala , Uganda 5 Medicines for Malaria Venture , Geneva , Switzerland 6 Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Ghana ... it has been shown to be well-tolerated in clinical trials. Safety data obtained from public health facilities in Ghana and Uganda support the safety findings from clinical trials and provide

Klimaatverandering en public health

we ervoor dat mensen zich bewust worden van klimaatverandering, zich er zorgen over gaan maken en vervolgens actie gaan ondernemen om er iets aan te doen? In een artikel in Public Health Reviews ... eerstelijnszorgverleners en iedereen werkzaam op het terrein van de public health op om de gezondheidsrisico’s van klimaatverandering als een bedreiging van de volksgezondheid te zien en hun patiënten/cliënten te voorzien

Syria: public health disasters in the era of no world order

one to turn to, not only for medical needs but for day-to-day life essentials. Public health in its most profound form. Secluding the neighbourhood from the sniper’s eyes Internationally, the world ... 27 Jan 2018 Taleb ZB , Bahelah R , Fouad FM et al ( 2015 ) Syria: health in a country undergoing tragic transition . Int J Public Health 60 : 63 - 72 .

The Arsenic Contamination of Drinking and Groundwaters in Bangladesh: Featuring Biogeochemical Aspects and Implications on Public Health

. Appl Geochem 17 : 517 - 568 Smith AH , Lingas EO , Rahman M ( 2000 ) Contamination of drinkingwater by arsenic in Bangladesh: a public health emergency . Bull World Health Organ 78 : 1093 - 1103 ... the health of the people living in these regions. Finally, recommendations to mitigate the situation will be given. Fig. 1 Usage of a pumping well provided by UNICEF Hydrogeology of the Bengal Delta

Cost-effectiveness analysis of pharmaceutical care for hypertensive patients from the perspective of the public health system in Brazil

cardiovascular diseases, which affects the burden of the Public Health System (PHS). Some studies have shown the effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Care (PC) in the care of hypertensive patients. Objective To perform ... ]. Poor blood pressure control has resulted in increased spending for the Brazilian public health system (PHS). An estimated 1.2 million hospitalizations in Brazil are linked to CVDs associated with SAH

ToxicDocs: using the US legal system to confront industries’ systematic counterattacks against public health

for researchers, journalists, and public health advocates. [1] Unlocking the secrets of corporate archives can level the field between polluters and victims of industrial contamination. When, as Rhode ... paint from homes in that state. The testimony of Markowitz and Rosner in these cases revealed not only the public health problem of lead paint, but also the structural problem of industry counterattacks

Prevalence and correlates of home delivery amongst HIV-infected women attending care at a rural public health facility in Coastal Kenya

and correlates of home delivery among HIV-infected women attending care at a rural public health facility in Kilifi, Coastal Kenya. Methods A cross-sectional design using mixed methods was used ... , we describe the prevalence and correlates 2 / 14 of home delivery amongst HIV-infected women aged 18±49 years attending care at a public health facility in this rural setting in Coastal Kenya. Methods

Qualitative Public Health and Health Services Research: By the "Numbers

Over the past five years, top public health and health services research journals have increased publications of public health services and systems research (PHSSR). Given the rapidly evolving nature

Core principles of evolutionary medicine: A Delphi study | Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health | Oxford Academic

identified 32 more individuals based on their active participation in the EvMed community through publications and participation in the International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health ... than it is to miss a signal, which results in sensitive systems. A patterned change in public health and sanitation results in changed patterns of disease prevalence. Misalignment in evolutionary

Criteria for the prioritization of public health interventions for climate-sensitive vector-borne diseases in Quebec

Prioritizing resources for optimal responses to an ever growing list of existing and emerging infectious diseases represents an important challenge to public health. In the context of climate change

Do black lives matter in public health research and training?

Objective To examine whether investments made in public health research align with the health burdens experienced by white and black Americans. Methods In this cross-sectional study of all deaths in ... , Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington , Bloomington, Indiana , United States of America 1 Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Indiana University School of Public Health

Public health relevance of drug–nutrition interactions

The public health relevance of drug–nutrition interactions is currently highly undervalued and overlooked. This is particularly the case for elderly persons where multi-morbidity and consequently ... Groningen (The Netherlands), as part of its Healthy Ageing program, organized a workshop on the public health relevance of drug-nutrient interactions. In this meeting, experts in the field presented results