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Room-temperature superconductivity and quantum physics

, Italy 1 D. V. Vechten Office of Naval Research , Arlington, VA , USA 2 B. Gorshunov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) , Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region , Russia 3 G. Melkonyan GMLab ... most complex topics in physics and achieving the goal of room-temperature superconductivity has been one of the most challenging pursuits of modern physics. Many dedicated scientists have spent

Surgery and quantum physics

, we aimed to gain a quantum physics-based understanding of life, and how life differs from dead matter. Let us briefly summarize the recent journey and see where we have reached. Space, time, motion

Surgery and quantum physics

2). Diving into the quantum world Quantum mechanics deals with the structure, elements, and functions of our microcosmos, i. e., with atoms. Quantum physics is all about probabilities where the

Quantum tomography for collider physics: illustrations with lepton-pair production

Quantum tomography is a method to experimentally extract all that is observable about a quantum mechanical system. We introduce quantum tomography to collider physics with the illustration of the ... physics is conventionally set up in a framework of unobservable and model-dependent scattering amplitudes. In quantum tomography these unobservable features are skipped to deal directly with observables

Experimental progress in positronium laser physics

, UK The eld of experimental positronium physics has advanced signi cantly in the last few decades, with new areas of research driven by the development of techniques for trapping and manipulating ... of antimatter was rst revealed in the form of anti-electrons (positrons), predicted to exist by the relativistic quantum theory of Dirac [2{5]. These particles were soon observed experimentally in

Dynamics of entanglement in expanding quantum fields

1 Introduction for quantum computation and quantum communication devices [2]. Entanglement in quantum eld theory was investigated initially mainly with a view on black hole physics [3{5] and more ... entanglement, Phys. Rev. D 95 (2017) 114008 [arXiv:1702.03489] [INSPIRE]. [52] J.C. Martens, J.P. Ralston and J.D.T. Takaki, Quantum tomography for collider physics: Illustrations with lepton pair production

Does boundary quantum mechanics imply quantum mechanics in the bulk?

Center for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics 2 Department of Physics and Astronomy, Lehman College, City University of New York , USA Perturbative bulk reconstruction in AdS/CFT starts by representing ... Quantum Gravity - eld . We further propose that the di culty with de ning (0) as a linear operator can be re-interpreted as a breakdown of associativity. Presumably (0) can only be corrected to become an

“Shut up and calculate”: the available discursive positions in quantum physics courses

raised about what could be done to increase diversity in recruitment. Using a discursive perspective, in this study of three introductory quantum physics courses at two Swedish universities, we instead ask ... to have high expectations for the quantum physics course and generally express that they appreciate the course more than other courses. Nevertheless, our analysis shows that the ways of being a ''good

Three waves for quantum gravity

Using effective field theoretical methods, we show that besides the already observed gravitational waves, quantum gravity predicts two further massive classical fields leading to two new massive ... interesting consequences for different branches of physics, from particle physics and astrophysics to cosmology. To identify these new fields, we calculate the leading quantum gravitational corrections to the

ADHM and the 4d quantum Hall effect

Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Yang-Mills instantons are solitonic particles in d = 4 + 1 dimensional gauge theories. We construct and analyse the quantum Hall states that arise when these particles are ... paper is to build a four-dimensional quantum Hall state out of Yang This work has its motivation in condensed matter physics, but rapidly converges towards a set of ideas and techniques that are more

Material and Optical Properties of Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dots Fabricated from Lemon Juice via Hydrothermal Reaction

The water-soluble fluorescent carbon quantum dots (CQDs) are synthesized by utilizing lemon juice as carbon resource via a simple hydrothermal reaction. The obtained CQDs are with an average size of ... labeling, quantum dot LED (QLED), environmental protection, and other related fields [ 6–9 ]. The research on CQDs has been growing fast in condensed matter physics, material science, electronics, and

Reduction of quantum systems and the local Gauss law

symmetries of a quantum system. We use this interpretation to establish a link between Rieffel induction and the implementation of a local Gauss law in lattice gauge theories similar to the method discussed by ... theories similar to the method discussed by Kijowski and Rudolph (J Math Phys 43:1796-1808, 2002; J Math Phys 46:032303, 2004). Mathematics Subject Classification 22E70 · 46N50 · 81R15 Quantum symmetry

Finding Maximum Cliques on the D-Wave Quantum Annealer

This paper assesses the performance of the D-Wave 2X (DW) quantum annealer for finding a maximum clique in a graph, one of the most fundamental and important NP-hard problems. Because the size of the ... ) problem, which is one of the two input types (together with the Ising model) acceptable by the machine, and compare several quantum implementations to current classical algorithms such as simulated

Erratum to: Holographic software for quantum networks

Alex Wozniakowski 0 0 Departments of Mathematics and Physics, Harvard University , Cambridge, MA 02138 , USA

Towards apparent convergence in asymptotically safe quantum gravity

in terms of apparent convergence. 1 Introduction A consistent formulation of quantum gravity (QG) is an open problem, with many contenders being investigated in great detail. In the past two decades ... systematic vertex expansion in quantum gravity initiated in [ 1,2 ], see also [ 26,33 ], has been pushed to the graviton three-point function, for the first time including a dynamical graviton-scattering

Exact RG flow equations and quantum gravity

HJE Exact RG ow equations and quantum gravity S.P. de Alwis 0 1 0 Boulder , CO 80309 U.S.A 1 Physics Department, University of Colorado , USA We discuss the di erent forms of the functional RG ... study Weinberg's asymptotic safety program for de ning quantum gravity, and argue that the former is better suited for this purpose. Using the heat kernel expansion and proper time regularization we nd

Holographic software for quantum networks

We introduce a pictorial approach to quantum information, called holographic software. Our software captures both algebraic and topological aspects of quantum networks. It yields a bi-directional ... representation of quantum computers . Talk at International Conference on Group Theoretic Methods in Physics. ArXiv:9807.006 , 1998 28 Gottesman D , Chuang I L . Demonstrating the viability of universal quantum

Geophysical field disturbances and quantum mechanics

Quantum processes impact into physics of geophysical field disturbances is discussed here in examples of phenomena such as an earthquake with processes preceding and accompanying it, volcanoes ... in the context of classical physics. We attempt to involve the recent achievements of quantum physics namely the quantum entanglement between elementary particles implicated in considered phenomena. 1

Quantum vacuum energy in general relativity

The paper deals with the scale discrepancy between the observed vacuum energy in cosmology and the theoretical quantum vacuum energy (cosmological constant problem). Here, we demonstrate that ... equation and an analogy to particle physics leads to the first physical justification of the so-called fine-tuning problem. This fine-tuning could be automatically satisfied with the variable cosmological

Quantum SU(2|1) supersymmetric Calogero-Moser spinning systems

AbstractSU(2|1) supersymmetric multi-particle quantum mechanics with additional semi-dynamical spin degrees of freedom is considered. In particular, we provide an \( \mathcal{N}=4 ... , Germany 1 141980 Dubna , Moscow region , Russia 2 Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics , JINR SU(2|1) supersymmetric multi-particle quantum mechanics with additional semi-dynamical spin degrees of