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Room-temperature superconductivity and quantum physics

, Italy 1 D. V. Vechten Office of Naval Research , Arlington, VA , USA 2 B. Gorshunov Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) , Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region , Russia 3 G. Melkonyan GMLab ... most complex topics in physics and achieving the goal of room-temperature superconductivity has been one of the most challenging pursuits of modern physics. Many dedicated scientists have spent

Surgery and quantum physics

, we aimed to gain a quantum physics-based understanding of life, and how life differs from dead matter. Let us briefly summarize the recent journey and see where we have reached. Space, time, motion

Surgery and quantum physics

2). Diving into the quantum world Quantum mechanics deals with the structure, elements, and functions of our microcosmos, i. e., with atoms. Quantum physics is all about probabilities where the

Fantastic plastic makes the quantum leap

temperature. This provides a new, simple route to experimentally study many-body quantum physics and opens the door for device applications. ... FANTASTIC PLASTIC MAKES THE QUANTUM LEAP A Bose-Einstein condensate is an intriguing state of matter where extensive collective coherence leads to macroscopic quantum phenomena. It has now been

Physics in daily life: seeing under water

the application of the framework to systems with additional symmetry. Important examples are the study of quantum cosmology and the near-singularity regime in black hole physics, where due to symmetry ... divergences. For finite value of the e the extra loop created by the quantum constraint can entangle the weave of links and nodes in the given spin network around the intersection (first three diagrams on the

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2003

) share the 2003 Nobel prize in physics for their "pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluidity:' Their names are added to the illustrious list of Nobellaureates in the field ... oflow temperature physics. Superconductivity/fluidity has always been the most glamorous topic in condensed matter physics. The milestones characterizing the field start with the discovery of

Miazma: physics edutainment through a computer game

Accelerator Center of Atomki. Géza Lévai is scientific adviser at MTA Atomki . His field of interest is symmetry-related studies in quantum mechanics and theoretical nuclear physics. Presently he is the deputy ... MIAZMA: PHYSICS EDUTAINMENT THROUGH A COMPUTER GAME The beginning of the 21st century is characterised by several contradictions and challenges. One of them is that scientific and technological

Physics funding at the German Research Foundation

PHYSICS FUNDING l Karin Zach - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Bonn - DOI: 10.1051/epn/2013603 The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) is the central German ... substantially. • Optics,Quantum Optics,Atoms,Molecules and Plasmas m FIG. 2: DFG funding Clusters of Excellence will enable German university • Particles, Nuclei and Fields to the different fields locations to

Quantum character varieties and braided module categories

We compute quantum character varieties of arbitrary closed surfaces with boundaries and marked points. These are categorical invariants \(\int _S{\mathcal {A}}\) of a surface S, determined by the ... homomorphisms called quantum moment maps. We then show that the quantum character variety of a decorated surface is obtained from that of the corresponding punctured surface as a quantum Hamiltonian reduction

Nonextensive statistical mechanics : implications to quantum information

quantum many-body physics. In the Box, a corresponding parallel list with properties of many-body systems is given because there has been an interplay between the two research efforts and their ... description is for digital sources. There are also continuous sources (e.g. light) which describe analog systems. All this changes dramatically when quantum physics is the underpinning structure. To appreciate

Weak neutral currents discovery: a giant step for particle physics

A GIANT STEP FOR PARTICLE PHYSICS Antonino Pullia Jean-Pierre Vialle Subatomic particles interact with different kinds of forces (strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitational). In case of the ... evidence for such 'Weak neutral currents' was first published in 1973 the high energy physics community was incredulous. - Iimportant made at CERN, was the onset of a new era Standard Model (SM), the first

Sustainable energy: how quantum chemistry can help

F. De Angelis, S. Fantacci, R. Gebauer, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Sustainable energy: How quantum chemistry can help Computer simulations of electronic and structural properties can ... interdisciplinary nature of the issues calls for strong collaboration among experts from diverse fields of science: basic physics to biology, chemistry, materials science and engineering. Amongst these fields

6D fractional quantum Hall effect

Abstract We present a 6D generalization of the fractional quantum Hall effect involving membranes coupled to a three-form potential in the presence of a large background four-form flux. The low ... Astronomy, Uppsala University 3 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania , USA We present a 6D generalization of the fractional quantum Hall e ect involving membranes coupled to a

STM as an operative tool: physics and chemistry with single atoms and molecules

causes switching from conducting to nonconducting behaviour [ 5 ]. Physics with artificial structures: Measuring electron lifetimes inside a quantum corral Adparticles arranged in a closed geometry act ... : Spectroscopic dl/dV maps measured with the triangle of Fig.3 displaying the local density of states at energies where the wavelength of the electrons are in resonance with the triangular quantum corral. times

Quantum tomography for collider physics: illustrations with lepton-pair production

Quantum tomography is a method to experimentally extract all that is observable about a quantum mechanical system. We introduce quantum tomography to collider physics with the illustration of the ... physics is conventionally set up in a framework of unobservable and model-dependent scattering amplitudes. In quantum tomography these unobservable features are skipped to deal directly with observables

Conjecture on the butterfly velocity across a quantum phase transition

Abstract We study an anisotropic holographic bottom-up model displaying a quantum phase transition (QPT) between a topologically trivial insulator and a non-trivial Weyl semimetal phase. We analyze ... Theoretical Physics, Institute for Theoretical and Computational Physics We study an anisotropic holographic bottom-up model displaying a quantum phase transition (QPT) between a topologically trivial

Lyrics about Physics

l yrics about physics - Ihalf way through, we were so sponsibility of an academy member, t was a cold bright winter day. details and sank into feelings, amazThe walk was quite long. Over ing ones ... scientific conferences,he was not allowed to go back MUseUM lYrics aBoUt PHYsics to England and was forced to establish a scientific laboratory in Moscow. After months of negotiations between the Soviet

Classical and quantum aspects of Yang-Baxter Wess-Zumino models

surprising connection between classical and quantum physics: the classical integrability condition is necessary to prevent new couplings being generated by renormalisation. We show these theories admit an ... 8PP , U.K 1 Campus Groenenborger , 2020 Antwerpen , Belgium 2 Pleinlaan 2 , B-1050 Brussels , Belgium 3 Physics Department , Universiteit Antwerpen 4 Department of Physics, Swansea University 5

“Shut up and calculate”: the available discursive positions in quantum physics courses

raised about what could be done to increase diversity in recruitment. Using a discursive perspective, in this study of three introductory quantum physics courses at two Swedish universities, we instead ask ... to have high expectations for the quantum physics course and generally express that they appreciate the course more than other courses. Nevertheless, our analysis shows that the ways of being a ''good

Experimental progress in positronium laser physics

, UK The eld of experimental positronium physics has advanced signi cantly in the last few decades, with new areas of research driven by the development of techniques for trapping and manipulating ... of antimatter was rst revealed in the form of anti-electrons (positrons), predicted to exist by the relativistic quantum theory of Dirac [2{5]. These particles were soon observed experimentally in