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Does the regional deprivation impact the spatial accessibility to dental care services?

The aim of the present study was to assess the regional deprivation and individual factors that influence how far a person will travel to access dental care. Using data from the Korea Health Panel

Evolving Trends in Forensic Science

science. Understanding what is happening in the forensic sciences is very complicated because of the wide variations that exist in different jurisdictions. There are federal laboratories, state or regional ... 6:2 Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy 147 EVOLVING TRENDS IN FORENSIC SCIENCE MargaretA. Berger] 0 Trustee Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School; Member, National Academy of Sciences Committee on

Correction to: Demography, Migration and the Economy at a Regional Level: Recent Evidence from Catalonia

/s12061-012-9083-2 Correction to: Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy (ASAP) The article Demography, Migration and the Economy at a Regional Level

Gender Dimensions in Geo-spatial Security Research: Disciplinary Confrontations

Several EU policy papers have called for an improved dialogue between security policymakers, social science researchers and science and technology researchers working on security (Pullinger, 2006 ... included in mainstream research on security for the purpose of providing policy-making advice. The epistemological reference of spatial analysis is modern science (Tarnas 1991) , fully embodied by natural

Rethinking Space, Rethinking Rights: Literature, Law, Science

Does the radius of the "interdisciplinary" extend so far as to encompass literature, law, and science? Do these three fields meet in any meaningful ways, in ways that bear on all three, clarifying ... Imagination, in THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE, AND ITS BURDENS 105-22 (1986). meaning of spatial adjudication, both as it informs claims to rights in legal and ethical discourse and as it informs conflicts between

Regional Reports

interact with researchers in a variety of environmental/natural science fields, including collection based research on biodiversity and conservation genetics, regional and global environmental issues, and

Regional Reports

and additional works at: - REGIONAL REPORTS REGION I-NORTHEAST John Odenkirk of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) reports that ... over the past 15 years), the nearly 3,000 large tank and vat specimens (most of these stemming from the UNC Institute of Marine Science collection acquired in 1996), thousands of lots of NC Division of

The Development of the Spatial Information Clearinghouse in Support of Humanitarian Demining

The James Madison University’s Geographic Science Team’s humanitarian demining project focuses on the development of a web-based Spatial Information Clearinghouse, which provides information on ... for a spatial data clearinghouse for humanitarian demining, and 5) Designed and rested a prototype spa­ tial information clearinghouse on the World Wide Web. The Department of Geographic Science and

World Karst Science Reviews

Spatial and temporal hydrochemical variations of the spring-fed travertine-depositing stream in the Huanglong ravine , Sichuan, SW china. Wang H., Liu Z., Zhang J., Sun H., An D., Fu R., Wang X., 247-259 2

The Health Science Career Path Model and the National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education

Libraries , USA Recommended Citation Nancy Langley Raynor Journal of Health Occupations Education Spring 2000, Volume 14, Number 1 THE HEALTH SCIENCE CAREER PATH MODEL and THE NATIONAL CONSORTIUM ON ... HEALTH SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Nancy Langley Raynor In today’s global economy, more education is required by the health care industry than ever before. In future decades, even more demand will

Science Competencies in Health Occupations Education

Vocational Education, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, funded a project for North Carolina State University’s Health Occupations Teacher Education faculty to study the relationship of science ... Libraries , USA Recommended Citation - Journal of Health Occupations Education Spring, 1989, Vol. 4, No. 1 SCIENCE COMPETENCIES IN HEALTH OCCUPATIONS EDUCATION Judith A. Davis’ the relationship between

Science is not my thing”: Exploring deaf non-science majors’ science identities

Students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing are underrepresented in science majors, yet we know little about why. Students from other underrepresented groups in science—women and people of color—tend ... Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities “Science is not my thing”: Exploring Deaf Non-Science Majors' Science Identities Cara L. Gormally 0 Amber Marchut 1 0 Gallaudet

Virtual Research Environment for Regional Climatic Processes Analysis: Ontological Approach to Spatial Data Systematization

climate data of several international organizations. This environment provides systematization of spatial data and related climate information and allows a user getting analysis results using geoinformation

Synergies in critical reflective practice and science: Science as reflection and reflection as science

defined science as “an intellectual activity carried out by humans to understand the structure and functions of the world in which they live” (Gottlieb 1997). While science and critical reflective practice