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Platelet-rich plasma therapy and reproductive medicine

, with a brief history of its applications in research and clinical therapies. Despite its widespread uses in medicine, the mechanisms through which PRP exerts its regenerative effects are only postulated ... microcirculation in some way.^ As the authors hypothesized, these observations had profound implications for short- and long-term preservation of organs. In regenerative medicine research, multipotent mesenchymal

Renaissance, reinvention, or rhetoric: mitochondria in reproductive medicine 2017

-the-role-of-scientific-culture-in-modernsociety/) Recalling the milestones from 2017 could focus on any number of topics in reproductive medicine, ranging from gametes to stem cells to the two-headed ... headlines designed for professional and public consumption. Yet another subject dominating the field of reproductive medicine in 2017 was that of the mitochondrion. To this end, JARG features several

Why the way we look at things in reproductive medicine is changing

gene bodies, chromatin territories, physical dynamism leaving in the dust remnants of conventional wisdom overshadowed by epigenetics. Has reproductive medicine adapted to changes in thinking about the ... dwarfs our old gene-mRNA-protein oneness mindset. So where should we aim our curiosity in reproductive medicine if we are truly intent on deepening our understanding in human biology? Are we seeing more

On strong inferences and irreproducibility in reproductive medicine

much relevance to the discipline of reproductive medicine today as it does for many other research disciplines, medical or otherwise [ 1 ]. Consider the opening paragraph of his message, again being ... reproductive medicine whether here in the USA or abroad, would acknowledge his definition of Bstrong inference^ as the point at which rapid progress in technology and method is coupled to effective inductive

At the dawn of personalized reproductive medicine: opportunities and challenges with incorporating multigene panel testing into fertility care

reproductive medicine, genomic technologies are used for carrier, embryo, and prenatal screening. However, to date, genetic information has not been widely utilized for guiding treatment decisions or identifying ... this new era of personalized reproductive medicine [7]. In this article, Dr. Collins provides a clinician’s perspective on both the opportunities and challenges of multigene panel testing, drawing on the

Personalizing reproductive medicine—a biological or technocratic imperative?

- The year 2016 was an extraordinary one when it comes to achievements in reproductive medicine and biology. Of the many truly remarkable discoveries and accomplishments, a short list well worth keeping ... makeover in reproductive medicine, JARG recognizes the continuing role it serves as educators of our followers regarding the impact of leading edge scientific breakthroughs on patient care in the treatment

Biomarkers in reproductive medicine: the quest for new answers

, Valencia , Spain 3 MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh , Edinburgh , UK 4 School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne , Parkville, VIC , Australia - Personalized medicine in ... assisted reproductive technologies (ART) is still in its infancy. Precision medicine, based on objective molecular tools added, to clinical medicine is well-accepted and developed in oncology and other

Effectiveness and safety as outcome measures in reproductive medicine

The aim of reproductive medicine is to help couples with an unfulfilled child wish to have a child by offering them the best treatment option. The choice of treatment reflects effectiveness and ... Reproductive Medicine, Division of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen , Aberdeen , UK 1 Robinson Research Institute, School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health, University of Adelaide , Adelaide

The effects of progesterone priming on reproductive performance of GnRH-PGF2$\alpha$-treated anestrous goats

of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , PO Box 3030 , Jordan University of Science and Technology , Irbid 22110 , Jordan 1 Department of Animal Production, Faculty of ... -PGF2α treatment on reproductive performance of anestrous goats. Thirtysix Mountain Black goats were randomly assigned in a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement and were administered intravaginally on day -12

Stem cells in reproductive medicine: ready for the patient?

STUDY QUESTION Are there effective and clinically validated stem cell-based therapies for reproductive diseases? ... ESHRE special interest group Stem Cells 0 Ghent-Fertility and Stem Cell Team (G-FaST), Department for Reproductive Medicine, Ghent University Hospital , Ghent , Belgium 1 Cell Therapy and Stem Cell

Reproductive medicine 2014: the year in review

genetics areas are coming to realize our contributions to the practice and science behind reproductive medicine. This month alone we feature an up-to-date review on the genetics of Primary Ovarian ... technology that for better or worse bring some sense of satisfaction to the reproductive medicine community on an international scale. With this commitment in mind, we bring you for the second year in a row

Urine mercury levels correlate with DNA methylation of imprinting gene H19 in the sperm of reproductive-aged men

from Reproductive Medicine Clinic of Maternal and Child Care Service Center and the Urologic Surgery Clinic of Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences during April 2015 and March 2016. Demographic information ... . Conclusions Mercury non-occupational environmental exposure in reproductive-aged men was associated with altered DNA methylation outcomes at imprinting gene H19 in sperm, implicating the susceptibility of the

On the confluence of reproductive and regenerative medicines

disparate technological advances would become so intertwined as to build a nexus between regenerative and reproductive medicine? Beginning with the harnessing and application of so-called gene editing to ... point in reproductive medicine that may forever change the way ARTs are publicly perceived and professionally practiced, beyond its origins in the treatment of infertility [ 1 ]. Peering into the

Preimplantation genetic screening—23 years to navigate and translate into the clinical arena. We need a new roadmap! | MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine | Oxford Academic

mosaicism in the human embryo. Fascinating biology, but in the context of PGS, the question is how do we use this information in clinical practice (Munne´ et al., 2016) ? Reproductive medicine is a unique ... testing of new technologies. In fact, many have written extensively as to why reproductive medicine may differ from other disciplines in potentially requiring a different paradigm for introducing new

Genomic characteristics of miscarriage copy number variants | MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine | Oxford Academic

of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Illinois at Chicago , Chicago, IL , USA 1 BC Genome Science Centre , Vancouver, BC , Canada 2 Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, BC Child and ... and presentation) (Tables I and II) and in immune-response and reproductive processes (Table I; Supplementary Table SIV). Forty-two per cent (39/93) of the genes in the rare CNVs and 19% (67/354) of all

Breaking the final barrier in reproductive animal cloning: macaque monkeys cloned

fibroblasts [ 1 ], achieving a major milestone in reproductive animal cloning and launching a new era for basic and biomedical research. The cloning of animals by SCNT can be traced back to over half a ... reproductive cloning of macaque monkeys using somatic cell nuclei breaks a technical barrier and ushers in a new era of using non-human primates as experimental models. Because primate colonies normally require

Women’s Reproductive Health in Sociocultural Context

Purpose The special issue on Women’s Reproductive Health in Cultural Context covers multiple dimensions of women’s reproductive health and how it might be shaped by cultural meanings, social and

Time-series analysis for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in the United States

importance to swine producers. One example of such initiatives is Dr. Morrison’s Swine Health Monitoring Project, a nation-wide monitoring program for swine diseases including the porcine reproductive and ... Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, The Ohio State University , Columbus , Ohio, United States of America, 2 Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota , St. Paul

Core principles of evolutionary medicine: A Delphi study | Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health | Oxford Academic

did not achieve 80% consensus regarding their importance to evolutionary medicine, and one (natural selection) was above this threshold but a similar core principle (Reproductive success) was at a ... , USA 1 Center for Evolution and Medicine, Arizona State University , Tempe, AZ 85287 , USA K E Y W O R D S : core principles; evolutionary medicine; education; Delphi study; core concepts - A B S T R