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Renaissance, reinvention, or rhetoric: mitochondria in reproductive medicine 2017

-the-role-of-scientific-culture-in-modernsociety/) Recalling the milestones from 2017 could focus on any number of topics in reproductive medicine, ranging from gametes to stem cells to the two-headed ... headlines designed for professional and public consumption. Yet another subject dominating the field of reproductive medicine in 2017 was that of the mitochondrion. To this end, JARG features several

Why the way we look at things in reproductive medicine is changing

gene bodies, chromatin territories, physical dynamism leaving in the dust remnants of conventional wisdom overshadowed by epigenetics. Has reproductive medicine adapted to changes in thinking about the ... dwarfs our old gene-mRNA-protein oneness mindset. So where should we aim our curiosity in reproductive medicine if we are truly intent on deepening our understanding in human biology? Are we seeing more

At the dawn of personalized reproductive medicine: opportunities and challenges with incorporating multigene panel testing into fertility care

reproductive medicine, genomic technologies are used for carrier, embryo, and prenatal screening. However, to date, genetic information has not been widely utilized for guiding treatment decisions or identifying ... this new era of personalized reproductive medicine [7]. In this article, Dr. Collins provides a clinician’s perspective on both the opportunities and challenges of multigene panel testing, drawing on the

On strong inferences and irreproducibility in reproductive medicine

much relevance to the discipline of reproductive medicine today as it does for many other research disciplines, medical or otherwise [ 1 ]. Consider the opening paragraph of his message, again being ... reproductive medicine whether here in the USA or abroad, would acknowledge his definition of Bstrong inference^ as the point at which rapid progress in technology and method is coupled to effective inductive

Personalizing reproductive medicine—a biological or technocratic imperative?

when it comes to achievements in reproductive medicine and biology. Of the many truly remarkable discoveries and accomplishments, a short list well worth keeping in mind would have to include gene ... . Taken together, the melding of advances in technology and basic mammalian reproductive biology from the past year alone portends a proximate future of reproductive medicine raising many questions as to

Women’s Reproductive Health in Sociocultural Context

Purpose The special issue on Women’s Reproductive Health in Cultural Context covers multiple dimensions of women’s reproductive health and how it might be shaped by cultural meanings, social and

Stem cells in reproductive medicine: ready for the patient?

STUDY QUESTION Are there effective and clinically validated stem cell-based therapies for reproductive diseases? ... ESHRE special interest group Stem Cells 0 Ghent-Fertility and Stem Cell Team (G-FaST), Department for Reproductive Medicine, Ghent University Hospital , Ghent , Belgium 1 Cell Therapy and Stem Cell

Reproductive medicine 2014: the year in review

genetics areas are coming to realize our contributions to the practice and science behind reproductive medicine. This month alone we feature an up-to-date review on the genetics of Primary Ovarian ... technology that for better or worse bring some sense of satisfaction to the reproductive medicine community on an international scale. With this commitment in mind, we bring you for the second year in a row

Reproductive Selection Bias

Decades after the advent of assisted reproductive technology ("ART") that allows prospective parents to deselect embryos with grave genetic illnesses—a procedure called preimplantation genetic ... . It has been accepted for inclusion in Health Matrix: The J ournal of Law-Medicine by an authorized administrator of Case Western Reserve University School of Law Scholarly Commons - Reproductive

Finasteride as a model for personalized medicine

Reproductive and Urinary Physiology Commons 4 Carol Davila University, Faculty of General Medicine , Bucharest , Romania 5 Octavian C. Tănăsescu Carol Davila University, Faculty of General Medicine , Bucharest ... . Rowland Valparaiso University, Department of Psychology , Valparaiso , USA 2 Ion G. Motofei Carol Davila University, Faculty of General Medicine , Bucharest , Romania 3 Part of the Medical Pharmacology

Meno’s paradox and medicine

will help doctors identify and articulate these difficulties when they arise in other areas of medicine. In Chang’s discussion of temperature, the problem of nomic measurement manifests when researchers ... Meno’s challenge to medicine, especially if the group of patients that have a disease are taken to be the thing that researchers want to investigate. Meno’s challenge will raise its head whenever doctors

Special Issue Devoted to a New Field of Regenerative Medicine: Reproductive Tissue Engineering

. Simon . Bioengineering the uterus: an overview of recent advances and future perspectives in reproductive medicine . Annals of Biomedical Engineering . 2016 . doi:10.1007/s10439- 016 - 1783 -3. 2Chiti , M ... participated in this special issue, which represents an important milestone in the new field of reproductive tissue engineering. C.A. Amorim is Research Associate, FRS—FNRS. 1Campo , H. , I. Cervello , and C

Characterization of reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) fellowship applicants: guiding our mentees toward success

Background Advanced subspecialty training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) entails a competitive application process with many data points considered. It is not known what

A systematic review and meta-analysis of psychological predictors of successful assisted reproductive technologies

Objectives The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to perform an updated investigation of the effects of depression and anxiety on pregnancy outcomes following assisted reproductive ... , 95% CI − 0.007 to 0.356, z = 2.181, p = 0.029). More research is needed to investigate the impact of psychological variables on assisted reproductive technologies outcomes and moderator influences

Reproductive desire among women living with HIV/AIDS in Central Brazil: Prevalence and associated factors

Background The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence and examine the factors associated with reproductive desire among women living with HIV/AIDS (WLWHA) in Central Brazil. Methods A ... desire to become mothers repressed. Concerns about the risk of vertical and horizontal transmission often overshadows the reproductive wishes of WLWHA [ 5 ]. However, since 1996, Brazil has been adopting

Introduction: Philosophy of Sex and Gender in Gender Medicine

. Cristina Amoretti Vol.:(011233456789) 1 Gender Medicine and its Philosophical Relevance In the last few decades, the relevance of the two variables of sex and gender in influencing health and diseases ... , not only those clearly sex- and gender-related, has been increasingly acknowledged. Sex and gender differences, it has been recognised, are not confined to genital organs and reproductive functions, but

Poetry in Medicine

We are all stressed out to read and understand our medical practice which is so vast and seems monotonous. Amidst so much tension, we can still enjoy our profession if we can narrate the sequence in a different style. Poetry is one way of such expression. Poetry is a combination of knowledge and feeling. Just as we have all read Zachary Cope’s Surgery in Verse which correlates the ...

Diseases and Molecular Diagnostics: A Step Closer to Precision Medicine

disorders; Precision medicine - Introduction Our healthcare system is critically and crucially dependent upon diagnostics. Today’s medical decision making is strongly based upon the diagnostics results ... medicine; in 1995, the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) was formed to give it structure. In 1999, the AMP co-founded The Journal of Medical Diagnostics; Informa Healthcare launched Expert Reviews in

How are neonatal and maternal outcomes reported in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in reproductive medicine?

STUDY QUESTION How do randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in reproductive medicine report maternal and neonatal outcomes, specifically singleton live birth? ... Gynaecology, Catharina Medical Centre , Eindhoven , The Netherlands 2 Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam , Meibergdreef 9

General Medicine and Hospital Medicine: The Janus of Internal Medicine

Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA 1 Division of General Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor, MI , USA - I to important trends in the evolution of academic general n ... this issue of JGIM, Miller and colleagues draw attention internal medicine.1 By examining the membership of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM), they provide a snapshot not only of the