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Requirement or exclusion of inverted repeat sequences with cruciform-forming potential in <Emphasis Type=

Inverted repeat (IR) sequences are DNA sequences that read the same from 5′ to 3′ in each strand. Some IRs can form cruciforms under the stress of negative supercoiling, and these IRs are widely ... . Results Genome‑wide screening of IR sequences with cruciformforming potential and characteristics of their distributions We focused on the IRs with a repeat unit length greater than or equal to 5 bp, a

p73, like its p53 homolog, shows preference for inverted repeats forming cruciforms

factor, p73 achieves these functions by binding to consensus DNA sequences and p73 shares at least partial target DNA binding sequence specificity with p53. Transcriptional activation by p73 has been ... structures [ 37 ]. All p53 target sequences that are efficiently bound by p73 have an inverted repeat located on the edge of the target sequence and most bases in the cruciform are ideal Watson-Crick pairs

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. Eleven adult worms (five males, six females) were expelled after treatment with pyrantel pamoate and identified as A. ceylanicum based on morphological characteristics and DNA sequences of the ... revealed that A. ceylanicum is likely the second most prevalent hookworm species infecting humans in Asia, especially in the Southeastern Asia region [ 3–9 ]. Due to the potential for patent enteric

The ‘gifted’ actinomycete <Emphasis Type=

biosynthetic gene clusters with the potential to produce new specialised metabolites. This review focusses on this new clade of Streptomyces strains, summarises the literature and presents new information on ... biosynthetic potential as revealed by genome sequencing. S. leeuwenhoekii strain C34T The ansamycins are type I polyketide macrolides often with potent anti-bacterial activity and include the clinically used

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income (maysir)24 Maysir is a broader term and encompasses gambling, including but not limited to games of chance. The reason why Shariah law prohibits maysir type of income is that it is a randomly ... back to you at a higher price and musharaka (forming a partnership), which is a more complicated way of co-owning of a product. In this latter case, at the beginning the bank owns the majority of the

Top-philic <Emphasis Type=

cant constraints on many popular new physics models. In some cases exclusion limits at the LHC reached multi-TeV mass scales, examples of which include the lower bound on a particular type of Z0 at ... gradually tapering o beyond the rst 10 fb 1 or so, the continuing absence of signi cant deviations in current data suggests we may be on a slow march toward any potential discoveries. Therefore, the time may

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their viability. The most common approach when one tries to accomplish this task is to first propose an f (R) expression at the level of the Lagrangian, with the requirement that it satisfies some priors ... ) and following a given potential, which is completely equivalent to the given f (R) model. In all the previous cases, anyway, there are some flaws, or limitations: in one way or another, we need to make

Effect of <Emphasis Type=

. 1980) . Senna obtusifolia is an aggressive invader of rangelands and can completely outcompete palatable grass species and eradicate the growth of pasture species, leading to the exclusion of livestock ... capable of excluding all native species and forming dense mono-specific stands and consequently causing significant ecological changes (Mackey et al. 1997; Tye et al. 2003) . However, edaphic and

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of some of the vector states, with special emphasis on the single production of heavy gluons. Finally in Sect. 8 we summarise the overall picture. 2 The composite model defined The model is defined ... strong exclusion bound from t t¯ searches at small mass and large gG coupling. In the left panel of Fig. 3, given the fact that t t¯ searches set the strongest limits and the analysis of Ref. [39] only

Safety of <Emphasis Type=

framework. One component of the safety assessment includes an evaluation of each introduced trait, including its source organism, for potential adverse pathogenic, toxic and allergenic effects. Several ... properties, and has a history of safe use in agriculture and in food and feed crops. This information supports, in part, the safety assessment of potential traits, such as IPD072Aa, that are derived from this

Loopholes in <Emphasis Type=

exclusion limits by investigating dilepton, dijet and, to a smaller extent, top-antitop nal states. In this work we explore possible loopholes in these Z0 searches, by studying supersymmetric as well as ... supersymmetry breaking and dynamical generation of the term by getting a non-vanishing vacuum expectation value at the minimum of the scalar potential [1{5]. Such singlet superelds also appear under

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, groups were adjusted for age by exclusion of the youngest 15% of healthy controls and the oldest 15% of patients [ 55 ]. Age adjustment was performed for analysis of antisaccade measures and PANSS ... heterozygotes among male schizophrenic patients suggested a protective effect for heterozygosis. The current data also concur with the notion that an inverted U-shaped relationship in dopamine signaling at the

Technical Aspects of Telepathology with Emphasis on Future Development

Analytical Cellular Pathology 0921-8912 Technical aspects of telepathology with emphasis on future development P. Schwarzmann 0 B. Binder 0 R. Klose 0 0 Institute of Physical Electronics, University ... data base or in a Web-based server data bank. From this server, images may be retrieved via networks of any type and from any location to be displayed to an audience somewhere. This technology makes

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Milliampere-second mSv Millisievert Qref Quality reference VGR Visual Grading Regression Purpose To estimate potential dose reduction in abdominal CT by visually comparing images reconstructed with filtered ... loads (mean CTDIvol 1.9, 3.4 and 6.2 mGy). Six image criteria were assessed independently by five radiologists. Potential dose reduction was estimated with Visual Grading Regression (VGR). Results

Effect of <Emphasis Type=

multiple traits (Deshmukh et al. 2010) . No major gain in yield potential has been reported with the new plant type (NPT) breeding lines developed by IRRI due to poor grain filling and low biomass ... heading date and yield potential in rice . Nat Genet 40 ( 6 ): 761 - 767 Yamagishi T , Peng S , Cassman KG , Ishii R ( 1996 ) Studies on grain filling characteristics in “New Plant Type” rice lines

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, Jiangsu , People's Republic of China Background: The long non-coding RNA H19 plays a crucial role in solid tumor initiation and progression. However, the potential role of H19 and its clinical significance ... relapse time. Loss-of-function experiments showed that H19 exhibited anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects in leukemic cell HL60. Furthermore, H19 expression was positively correlated with potential

Dynamic <Emphasis Type=

become members of new social networks thereby creating new nodes and forming new groups (clusters) having certain properties. In this paper we join the concept of evolving graph structure with the dynamic ... whether ui3 is a pendant vertex of Hi or not, the trees Ti−1 and Ti−1 are disjoint, and it follows that Hi is the base of an i -branch of the type described in Definition 3.2(b1). Case 2 Next, assume that

Identification of G-quadruplex forming sequences in three manatee papillomaviruses

forming cutaneous lesions (TmPV1) and two forming genital lesions (TmPV3 and TmPV4). We identified DNA sequences with the potential to form G-quadruplex structures (G4) across the three genomes. G4 were ... are within the paper and its Supporting Information Files. locations only on PVs forming genital lesions. On all TmPVs, G4 sequences were located in the non-coding region near putative E2 binding sites

Effects of <Emphasis Type=

Fraxinus excelsior, Populus nigra, Tilia cordata, Ulmus laevis and Ulmus minor and resistance (R) of Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Robinia pseudoacacia to this potential biocontrol agent. Results from seedling ... isolate and the potential risk associated using this pathogen as biological control agent. Materials and methods The stem inoculation experiment was conducted from May 2013 to October 2014 on three-year

Review of <Emphasis Type=

making or forming process. Education is taken to be the fundamental agent of formation, and it needs ‘reconstructing’ because it is making us in ways that are inadequate. What is inadequate about the ways ... presents this as a process of pruning; contrary to the idea that the I expands to encompass a self in a larger social world, here the universal experience and infinite potential of the I must be pruned back