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A strong structural correlation between short inverted repeat sequences and the polyadenylation signal in yeast and nucleosome exclusion by these inverted repeats

DNA sequences that read the same from 5′ to 3′ in either strand are called inverted repeat sequences or simply IRs. They are found throughout a wide variety of genomes, from prokaryotes to eukaryotes ... exclusion of inverted repeat sequences with cruciform-forming potential in Escherichia coli revealed by genome-wide analyses. Curr Genet 64:945–958.

Correction to: Requirement or exclusion of inverted repeat sequences with cruciform-forming potential in Escherichia coli revealed by genome-wide analyses

be found online at Correction to: Current Genetics (2018) 64:945–958 The article ‘Requirement or exclusion

Origin-Dependent Inverted-Repeat Amplification: A Replication-Based Model for Generating Palindromic Amplicons

retention of distal sequences. The SUL1 Amplicon: A Yeast Model for Human Inverted Triplications Subjecting wild-type yeast to long-term growth in medium that is limiting for sulfur selects for cells that ... form would influence the probability of forming a closed fork at that particular position. The 320-bp inverted Alu sequences that were placed centromere proximal to the SFA1 and CUP1 genes on the left

The programming of sequences of saccades

exclusion criteria for saccades were adopted. All saccades were accepted as being a legitimate response to the target sequences. A number of measures were extracted from each saccade. Saccade latency was ... potential role that visual transients and new target onsets may have played in the saccade latency reductions were report as prior information about the target sequences increases. 16 participants were

Bovine leukemia virus long terminal repeat variability: identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms in regulatory sequences

Limited data are available on the incidence of variations in nucleotide sequences of long terminal repeat (LTR) regions of Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV). Consequently, the possible impact of SNPs on ... both 5′ and 3′ ends by long terminal repeat (LTR) sequences [4, 5]. Each LTR is composed of three regions called U3, R and U5. U3 plays a crucial role in the induction of BLV transcription, since its

Reduction of die roll height in duplex gears through a sheet-bulk metal forming method

In the existing shearing processes for fabricating parts such as duplex gears, die roll is difficult to avoid. Accordingly, a method based on sheet-bulk metal forming for fabricating a duplex gear ... divided into three stages according to the forming features: upsetting and shearing stage, lateral extrusion stage, and local filling stage. The die roll appeared in the shearing stage, which could be

p73, like its p53 homolog, shows preference for inverted repeats forming cruciforms

factor, p73 achieves these functions by binding to consensus DNA sequences and p73 shares at least partial target DNA binding sequence specificity with p53. Transcriptional activation by p73 has been ... structures [ 37 ]. All p53 target sequences that are efficiently bound by p73 have an inverted repeat located on the edge of the target sequence and most bases in the cruciform are ideal Watson-Crick pairs

The Resurrection of the Single Scheme Exclusion to Rico's Pattern Requirement

activities. The U.S. Supreme Court case H.J. Inc. v. Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. in which the Court rejected the Eighth Circuit's requirement of multiple schemes. The U.S. Court of Appeal for the Eighth ... continuity of activity” (emphasis added)); United States v. Stofsky, 409 F. Supp. 609, 614 (S.D.N.Y. 1973) (construing the word “pattern” to “include[e] a requirement that the racketeering acts must have been

Challenging New York Grand Jury Composition: The Barrier of the "Systematic and Intentional Exclusion" Requirement

COMPOSITION: THE BARRIER OF THE "SYSTEMATIC AND INTENTIONAL EXCLUSION" REQUIREMENT I. Introduction Commentators have criticized the grand jury system, of New York and other states,' as "an alter ego of the ... absence of counsel for witnesses, the possibility of self-incrimination, and information leaks. munity." He found that the selection procedure resulted in "the virtually total exclusion of non-whites and

air Representation vs. Systematic Exclusion

The Supreme Court in Duran u. Missouri, 99 S.Ct. 664 (1979) overturned a Missouri defendant's first degree murder conviction in holding that a "systematic exclusion of women [which] results in jury ... petitioner must show the underrepresentation was due to the systematic exclusion of the distinctive group from the jury selection process. The petitioner fulfilled the third requirement by showing that the

Function over Form: Bringing the Fixation Requirement into the Modern Era

determining the “metes and bounds” of creative expression. Recent case law analyzing the transitory works exclusion in particular demonstrates that this component of the fixation requirement has become an ... of his art would likely fail to satisfy the fixation requirement because of the transitory works exclusion. While he can fix his works by proxy, the works themselves—no matter how important to the art

Forming Consecrated Life Today

poor. This will be the first part of my talk. Each of these axes merits ample development. I am simply going to offer you some reflections on points of emphasis that seem to me important today, being ... very conscious that I am dependent on the situation of the Daughters of Charity in France and in the context of this country. In other situations, other contexts, other points of emphasis can be chosen

Overlapping Sequences

Starting with two or more generic sequences, there are several ways in which they may be arranged in relation to each other, sometimes forming a word.

Systematics of Xanthorrhoeaceae Sensu Lato, with an Emphasis on Bulbine

sister to them both. For additional species of Bulbine and Jodrellia (both Asphodeloideae), we also collected rps16 intron and ITS nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences to better assess their relationships ... an adaptive radiation in the genus Agave. Using chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences we estimate the age of the Agavaceae family and the genus Agave to be 12-26 millions of years ago (MYA) and 10 MYA

OGER++: hybrid multi-type entity recognition

entity types are targeted assigned a type. In the closely related task of concept recognition (CR, often also referred to as entity linking, normalisation, or grounding), entities are additionally ... the dictionary is converted to a sequence of tokens through the same preprocessing steps that are used for the documents (see Fig. 1 for an example), thus assuring that all potential matchings will be

Dietary total antioxidant capacity (TAC) among candidates for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery: Emphasis to possible beneficial role of TAC on serum vitamin D

with increased oxidative stress and free radicals; so, the current study was aimed to evaluate the potential association of TAC with cardiovascular risk factors among patients candidate for CABG. Methods ... ], heart failure [20] myocardial infarction [21] stroke [22]. However, as mentioned above, studying the potential antioxidant capacity of diet in the pre-CABG patients could be considered as a useful

Occurrence of tissue cyst forming coccidia in Magellanic penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) rescued on the coast of Brazil

using tissues from 54 penguins that were also surveyed in 2015, but no isolates were obtained. DNA from tissue samples of 330 individuals was PCR amplified and sequenced to detect tissue cyst forming ... Code 001. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Introduction Tissue cyst forming coccidian is a group of

Genome Wide Screening of CAG Trinucleotide Repeat Lengths in Breast Cancer

Trinucleotide repeat sequences are widely present in the human genome. The expansion of CAG repeats have been studied very extensively, and shown to be the causative mechanism of more than 40 ... similar size were detected in any of the healthy population controls. Although this trend shows only borderline significance (p = 0.06), this finding suggests a potential involvement of CAG repeat expansion

Identification of G-quadruplex forming sequences in three manatee papillomaviruses

forming cutaneous lesions (TmPV1) and two forming genital lesions (TmPV3 and TmPV4). We identified DNA sequences with the potential to form G-quadruplex structures (G4) across the three genomes. G4 were ... are within the paper and its Supporting Information Files. locations only on PVs forming genital lesions. On all TmPVs, G4 sequences were located in the non-coding region near putative E2 binding sites