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Urban robotics and responsible urban innovation

environment. To develop a substantive understanding of Responsible Urban Robotics, we need to focus on normative implications of city life as the context in which in robots are being used. I will refer to the ... similar size and weight to human beings may have the advantage of being able to use 1 Given the specific focus of this paper, I will remain relative silent on the potential economic impact of urban robotics

Mechatronic and Embedded Systems for Robotics and Mobile Machines

Marche, Italy, since 2005. He was previously employed in the R&D departments of industries operating in the field of factory automation and then he was researcher in robotics at the University of Genova ... topics addressed by these papers are: design of robots for rehabilitation, dextrous robotics grippers and wrists, bio-inspired underwater robotics, human-robot collaboration, robotic vision. Jonathan D

IHMC’s experience competing in the Cybathlon compared to the DARPA robotics challenge

demonstrate something working on the hardware. This mode of operation works for research, but not for competitions. In the past few years, I have participated in two international robotics competitions, the ... competitions, the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) and the Cybathlon; the research and development process for these competitions is significantly different from our typical research work. This commentary

Guest editorial: Special issue on Soft Robotics

International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems 1598-6446 Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Soft Robotics The first paper entitled “Soft Robot Review” will be a good starting manuscript ... since it describes the overall summary on Soft Robotics over the past few decades. Several advantages of soft robots over the conventional robots are described; safe human-machine interaction

Automation and Robotics in Construction and Civil Engineering

working conditions. Automation and robotics applications are opportunities to solve such issues in construction industry. Due to the rapid development of computer hardware and software in the past few ... own practices This special issue specifically focuses on research and case studies that demonstrate how automation and robotics technologies and tools can be applied in the construction of buildings and

Robotics in Education

focused on learning automation and robotics, and based on the use of an aerial robotic system. These activities are designed following the project-based learning methodology. Authors claim they facilitate ... , researchers from public and private centers and spinoffs; experts in mechatronics and robotics. The goal of this special issue is to present contributions related to the latest advances in “R-in-E” which come

Comparison of Boiling and Robotics Automation Method in DNA Extraction for Metagenomic Sequencing of Human Oral Microbes

robotics method), and a simple boiling method. Dental plaque was initially collected from three volunteers in the pilot study and then expanded to 12 volunteers in the follow-up study. Bacterial flora was ... extraction, the purity, yield, level of contamination, and scalability (including automation and cost) must be considered. In addition, low bias is desirable for DNA extraction from diverse flora. To date

Supervisory control theory applied to swarm robotics

Currently, the control software of swarm robotics systems is created by ad hoc development. This makes it hard to deploy these systems in real-world scenarios. In particular, it is difficult to ... . , Bicchi , A. , Egerstedt , M. , Frazzoli , E. , Klavins , E. , & Pappas , G. ( 2007 ). Symbolic planning and control of robot motion [grand challenges of robotics] . IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine , 14

A Literature Review on New Robotics: Automation from Love to War

This article investigates the social significance of robotics for the years to come in Europe and the US by studying robotics developments in five different areas: the home, health care, traffic, the ... factory applications, but also the use of robotics in a more complex and unstructured outside world, that is, the automation of numerous human activities, such as caring for the sick, driving a car, making

Enabling Global Robot Navigation Based on a Cloud Robotics Approach

configuration of the navigation system becomes hard to manage. This paper presents a system, based on a cloud robotics paradigm, conceived to allow autonomous robots to navigate in indoor environment, which are ... -enabled robots . In: IEEE-RAS international conference on humanoid robotics , Nashville 12. Kehoe B , Patil S , Abbeel P , Goldberg K ( 2015 ) A survey of research on cloud robotics and automation . IEEE

Robotics and the Lessons of Cyberlaw

public and private institutions that developed the Internet, from the armed forces to search engines, have initiated a significant shift toward developing robotics and artificial intelligence. This Article

Developmental Social Robotics: An Applied Perspective

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and was General Chairs of three IEEE Conferences (SMC 2000, RO-MAN 2005 and Humanoids 2010). He has been Editorial board members of the International Journal of ... them into robotics by identifying as well as addressing the underlying R&D challenges when combination of such blocks should be functioning together. The special issue consists of ten high quality

The Dawning of the Ethics of Environmental Robots

Environmental scientists and engineers have been exploring research and monitoring applications of robotics, as well as exploring ways of integrating robotics into ecosystems to aid in responses to ... the time of its introduction—at the Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2011 IEEE International Conference—was the ‘‘world’s lightest, smallest and most flexible tree-climbing robot’’ designed to overcome

A Cloud Robotics Solution to Improve Social Assistive Robots for Active and Healthy Aging

Technological innovation in robotics and ICT represents an effective solution to tackle the challenge of providing social sustainable care services for the ageing population. The recent introduction ... conference on robotics and automation (ICRA) 28. Sanfeliu A , Hagita N , Saffiotti A ( 2008 ) Special issue: network robot systems . Robot Auton Syst 56 ( 10 ): 791 - 791 29. Arndt M , Berns K ( 2012 ) Mobile

Library Automation in India: Assessment of Library Services Platforms

Automation efforts in libraries have moved from standalone database systems to cloud-based systems, traversing generations of library management system (LMS) and integrated library management system ... library automation have been talked upon with examples from libraries providing such aggregation or dissemination services. The paper lays special emphasis on library service platforms in use in India. An

Interdisciplinary robotics project for first-year engineering degree students

isolated compartments, with a fragmented structure. Taking advantage of the creation of new degree programs in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation, in the 2010-11 ... Journal of Technology and Science Educaton. Vol 2013-6374 INTERDISCIPLINARY ROBOTICS PROJECT FOR FIRST-YEAR ENGINEERING DEGREE STUDENTS Mercedes Aznar 2 José Zacarés 2 Jaime López 1 Rafael Sánchez

Guest Editorial: Special issue on constrained decision-making in robotics

editor for the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering and for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. From 2006 to 2009 he was an elected executive member of the RoboCup federation ... algorithmic tools for this class of decision-making problems. Yet, despite their relevance, these results have seen limited application within the robotics domain. Accordingly, in July 2014 we organized the

Advantages of Task-Specific Multi-Objective Optimisation in Evolutionary Robotics

The application of multi-objective optimisation to evolutionary robotics is receiving increasing attention. A survey of the literature reveals the different possibilities it offers to improve the ... . Oliveira M, Matos V, Santos CP, Costa L. Multi-objective parameter CPG optimization for gait generation of a biped robot. In: Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Robot-aided electrospinning toward intelligent biomedical engineering

The rapid development of robotics offers new opportunities for the traditional biofabrication in higher accuracy and controllability, which provides great potentials for the intelligent biomedical ... Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR. 2 Centre for Robotics and Automation, CityU Shen Zhen Research Institute, Shen Zhen, China. Acknowledgements This work was partly supported by