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Relationships between alpha oscillations during speech preparation and the listener N400 ERP to the produced speech

While previous studies separately demonstrate EEG spectral modulations during speech preparation and ERP responses to the listened speech, it is unclear whether these responses are related on a trial ... processing when predictions are violated2,3,4,5. These aspects of speech processing are likely supported by the series of cortical oscillatory and event-related potential (ERP) responses that appear during

Recent progress in semantic image segmentation

Semantic image segmentation, which becomes one of the key applications in image processing and computer vision domain, has been used in multiple domains such as medical area and intelligent ... vision and image processing area, feature is a piece of information which is relevant for solving the computational tasks. In general, this is the same sense as feature in machine learning and pattern

Recent advances of the signal processing techniques in future smart grids

various parts of the grid. The efficiency of these devices is greatly dependent on the selection and implementation of the advance digital signal processing techniques. This paper provides a comprehensive ... ] and [ 38 ] by using various signal processing techniques. In [ 37 ], image processing techniques are introduced for the safety of dams and smart grids. The cyber security issues of the bad data

Adaptive reconstruction for azimuth signal of multichannel HRWS SAR imaging system

The reconstruction of azimuth signal in multichannel synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for high-resolution and wide-swath (HRWS) imaging requires exact steering vectors. The information of ambiguities ... receiver. Therefore, the displacement from mth (m = 1, · · · , M) EPC to the first one can be denoted as dm = (m − 1) · d, where d = D/2. With the EPC processing, the relationship between the signal received

The Ensemble Kalman filter: a signal processing perspective

processing, e.g., to make sense of the ever increasing amount of sensor data, the EnKF is hardly discussed in our field. This self-contained review is aimed at signal processing researchers and provides all ... transform method for Bayesian inference . SIAM J. Sci. Comput . 35 ( 4 ), A2013 - A2024 ( 2013 ) 77. M Roth , F Gustafsson , in 42nd International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

An optimized digital watermarking algorithm in wavelet domain based on differential evolution for color image

sub-bands. In the watermark embedding process, apply discrete wavelet transformation to a watermark image after the scrambling encryption processing. Our new algorithm uses differential evolution ... . Lei BY , Wang TF , Chen SP , et al. Robust watermarking scheme for medical Image using optimization method . Information, Communications and Signal Processing(ICICS) . 2013 : 1 ± 4 . 12. Priya R L

Multi-features taxi destination prediction with frequency domain processing

trajectory data characteristics. So, we import image frequency domain processing to taxi destination prediction to reduce noise and sparsity, then propose multi-features taxi destination prediction with ... : Softmax layer with hidden variables . In: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing ; 2015 . p. 4285 ± 4289 . 29. He Z , Fan B , Cheng TCE , Wang SY , Tan CH . A mean-shift

Spatial-aware hyperspectral image classification via multifeature kernel dictionary learning

Sparse representation based on dictionary learning has yielded impressive effects on hyperspectral image (HSI) classification. But most of these methods utilize only the single spectral feature of ... Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing . IEEE, pp. 2443 - 2446 ( 1999 ) 46. Tadjudin , S. , Landgrebe , D.A. : Covariance estimation with limited training samples . IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote

Adaptive framing based similarity measurement between time warped speech signals using Kalman filter

Similarity measurement between speech signals aims at calculating the degree of similarity using acoustic features that has been receiving much interest due to the processing of large volume of ... similarity measurement. Adaptive speech segmentation; Speech processing; Dynamic time warping; Spoken term detection; Kalman filter 1 Introduction There has been a steady improvement in speech signal

Fast sparsity adaptive matching pursuit algorithm for large-scale image reconstruction

The accurate reconstruction of a signal within a reasonable period is the key process that enables the application of compressive sensing in large-scale image transmission. The sparsity adaptive ... hyperspectral image compressive sensing (Paper presented at the 12th IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing , Hangzhou, 2014 ), pp. 19 - 23 8. Z He , T Ogawa , M Haseyama , The simplest measurement

Representation and coding of signal geometry

Approaches to signal representation and coding theory have traditionally focused on how to best represent signals using parsimonious representations that incur the lowest possible distortion ... Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Prague, Czech Republic, 2011, pp. 3676–3679. Oymak, S. & Recht, B. (2015) Near-optimal bounds for binary embeddings

Consciousness: a unique way of processing information

In this article, I argue that consciousness is a unique way of processing information, in that: it produces information, rather than purely transmitting it; the information it produces is meaningful ... personal needs and ever-changing interactions with the environment, and consequently to act autonomously. Three main basic cognitive processes contribute to realize this unique way of information processing

Introduction of Recent Advanced Hybrid Information Processing

processing has acted as an important research part in computer science, signal processing, and many other research domains for decades. Though there are more achievements in this research domain, recently ... multimedia information (speech, text or image), hybrid information compression, classification and recognition of huge online hybrid information, et al. These entire problems need our more attention to solve

A hybrid technique for speech segregation and classification using a sophisticated deep neural network

Recent research on speech segregation and music fingerprinting has led to improvements in speech segregation and music identification algorithms. Speech and music segregation generally involves the ... Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2017 ). IEEE; 2017 . pp. 6 ± 10 . 12. Chandna P , Miron M , Janer J , GoÂmez E. Monoaural audio source separation using deep convolutional neural networks . In

RAW Image Reconstruction Using a Self-contained sRGB–JPEG Image with Small Memory Overhead

Most camera images are saved as 8-bit standard RGB (sRGB) compressed JPEGs. Even when JPEG compression is set to its highest quality, the encoded sRGB image has been significantly processed in terms ... Microsystems . Hou , H. , & Andrews , H. ( 1978 ). Cubic splines for image interpolation and digital filtering . IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing , 26 ( 6 ), 508 - 517 . Kasson , J

Color sensors and their applications based on real-time color image segmentation for cyber physical systems

Color information plays an important role in the color image segmentation and real-time color sensor, which affects the result of video image segmentation and correct real-time temperature value. In ... image processing, signal processing, structure analysis, motion detection, camera calibration, computer graphics, 3D reconstruction, and machine learning, a large number of generic algorithms have higher

RVSIM: a feature similarity method for full-reference image quality assessment

Image quality assessment is an important topic in the field of digital image processing. In this study, a full-reference image quality assessment method called Riesz transform and Visual contrast ... Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) , 2002 IEEE International Conference On , vol. 4 . Why is image quality assessment so difficult? (IEEE , Orlando, 2002 ), p. 3313 12. Z Wang , AC Bovik, HR

Large-scale functional networks connect differently for processing words and symbol strings

of single words and visual recognition of symbol strings. Word reading emphasized coherence in a left-lateralized network with nodes in classical perisylvian language regions, whereas symbol processing ... : 1374953 . 50. Vartiainen J , Parviainen T , Salmelin R . Spatiotemporal convergence of semantic processing in reading and speech perception . J Neurosci . 2009 ; 29 ( 29 ): 9271 ± 80 .

Social Robotics in Therapy of Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder in which messages from the brain to the mouth are disrupted, resulting in an inability for moving lips or tongue to the right place to pronounce sounds ... : tracking-learning-detection applied to faces,” in 2010 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp. 3789–3792, Hong Kong, China, September 2010. View at Publisher · View at Google Scholar · View at

The Treachery of Images: Reinterpreting Compelled Commercial-Speech Doctrine

analysis of image processing suggests that pictorial disclosures may exacerbate the difficulties that plague compelled commercialspeech doctrine. When assessing images, judges may fail to subject their ... to integrate pictorial and verbal representations of the same message.”193 This discussion of image processing hints at both the dangers and the benefits of pictorial disclosures. Images may