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Signal Processing on Graphs Using Kron Reduction and Spline Interpolation

In applications such as image processing, the data is given in a regular pattern with a known structure, such as a grid of pixels. However, it is becoming increasingly common for large datasets to ... version of a fingerprint image. SIGNAL PROCESSING ON GRAPHS Graphs are useful for describing the irregular structure in networks such as social, transportation, and neuronal networks. In general graphs

Signal Processing based on Stable radix-2 DCT I-IV Algorithms having Orthogonal Factors

factors. Error bounds for computing the completely recursive DCT-I, DCT-II, DCT-III, and DCT-IV algorithms having sparse and orthogonal factors are addressed. Signal flow graphs are demonstrated based on ... , 17, 24, 28, 29 ]) that these symmetric and asymmetric (rarely used) versions of DCT and DST can be widely used in image processing, signal processing, finger print enhancement, quick response code (QR

Editorial Note: Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing

Engineering McGill University 3480 University Street, Room 633 Montréal , Québec Canada 1 Zhiyuan Yan Associate Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Lehigh University Packard Lab 406A

Why Seeing Is No Longer Believing: Misappropriations of Image and Speech

imminent danger is alarming. This Comment addresses the legal issues that arise by the unauthorized use of a sitting president's image and speech. Although presidential speeches are not protected under ... .45 In doing so, viewers of Contact might have been misled, believing that President Clinton either authorized the use of his image and speech or directly participated in the making of this film. The

8 Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Design and Simulation

audio, applications in video and image processing systems. The more bits that are used to represent the amplitude of the original signal, the higher the quality of the output. 8 bit sampling is typically ... Rochester , NY 14623 , USA The purpose of this study is to present and characterize an 8 bit AD converter implemented with flash architecture. Flash architecture provides with one of the fastest and easiest

MST radar signal processing using iterative adaptive approach

Power spectrum is the considerable aspect in the atmospheric radar data processing to estimate wind parameters. Due to the poor resolution and high sidelobe level problems of the existing algorithms ... , interference removal and incoherent integration are the steps that are involved in offline data processing. The 0th, 1st and 2nd moments denotes the signal strength, mean Doppler shift and half width parameters

Die adaptive Messung des Freiburger Einsilbertests im Störschall

of test order, and correlation of test results.ResultsThe time required for the adaptive Freiburg monosyllabic speech test was significantly higher than for the Oldenburg sentence test. No significant ... monosyllabic test in noise. The results of the new procedure were compared to the standard of sentence tests, i.e., the Oldenburg sentence test. Methods The adaptive Freiburg monosyllabic speech test and the

Computational Intelligence in Image Processing 2018

, and hybridization of these models. Image processing is a progressive and fast-moving research discipline. Recent advances in image processing have produced an explosion in the use of images in a ... image processing applications. The final goal is to expose the cutting-edge research and applications that are going on across the domain of image processing, particularly those whose contemporary

A simple and flexible modification of Grünwald–Letnikov fractional derivative in image processing

In image processing, edge detection and image enhancement can make use of fractional differentiation operators, especially the Grünwald–Letnikov derivative. In this paper, we present a modified ... its applications in the signal processing extended the quaternion fractional differential (QFD) based on Grünwald–Letnikov and applied it to edge detection of color image. He et al. in [18] proposed a

Study of filled dolines by using 3D stereo image processing and electrical resistivity imaging

, depth, radius, area, and volume) of formerly concave landforms (i.e., recently filled dolines) by using a combination of two methods: (1) photogrammetric stereo processing of archival aerial photographs ... mixed with other waste (municipal, construction, and demolition waste), which causes the variability of electrical resistivity. environmental geology; doline degradation; waste; stereo image processing

Image Reversal with AZ5214E Photoresist for Etch and Liftoff

. Defect density as a function of feature size is given for each process. and yield versus area 1s projected. It was determined that image reversal processing yielded a lower defect density than conventional ... IMAGE REVERSAL WITH AZ5214E PHOTORESIST FOR ETCH AND LIFTOFF By Michael A. Ryan 5th Year Microelectronics Student Rochester Institute of Technology ABSTRACT Aluminum pattern definition was

Revenge Porn, State Law, and Free Speech

emotional damage on the person whose image has been shared, sometimes resulting in grave consequences to the victim. And once those images reach the Internet, they are often circulated widely; the victims ... between the parties, and the Free Speech Clause does not shield a recipient against his broken promise not to share a photograph with others. Imposing tort and criminal liability on someone who breaches an

Structured sampling and fast reconstruction of smooth graph signals

structured sampling procedure, we prove that the method provides stable and accurate reconstruction of the original signal. Finally, we present numerical experiments that illustrate our theoretical results and ... ) Towards a sampling theorem for signals on arbitrary graphs . Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2014 IEEE International Conference on  , pp. 3864 -- 3868 . 4. Anis , A

Lattice Electron Microscopy and Image Processing of Ion-Implanted and Laser-Annealed GaAs Structures

, clusters), as a consequence of the LPPLA treatment, is relevant. In our opinion, a technique suitable to gain this information could be the lattice image digital processing. In this paper we reported the ... substrates is important for the efficiency of the next stages in the processing, because the extended defect structure, their diffusion and annealing affect in a strong way the electrical devices properties

Medical Signal Processing in Biomedical and Clinical Applications

recent development of medical signal processing, improvement of algorithms, and wider clinical applications. Entropy-based kernel extraction technique is being used for the analysis of the nonlinear and ... nature. Medical diagnostic tools are prevalent using the support of medical signals. In the course of time, a significant amount of progress has been achieved in the field of medical signal processing for

Combing signal processing methods with algorithm priori information to produce synergetic improvements on continuous imaging of brain electrical impedance tomography

cause insufficient image quality. To help unveil intracranial conductivity changes, signal processing methods were introduced to improve EIT data quality and algorithms were optimized to be more robust ... EIT data and use signal processing to optimize algorithm. First, we process EIT data with principal component analysis (PCA) and reconstruct an initial CT-EIT image. Then, as the priori that changes in

Pattern Recognition Software and Techniques for Biological Image Analysis

developing algorithms or tuning parameters for specific image processing tasks. The generality of this approach promises to enable data mining in extensive image repositories, and provide objective and ... this becomes necessary. In this section we mention one of the most popular image processing programs, ImageJ, and discuss four complete systems for biological imaging that rely on PR techniques

Plant Diseases Recognition Based on Image Processing Technology

improved histogram segmentation method which can calculate threshold automatically and accurately is proposed. Meanwhile, the regional growth method and true color image processing are combined with this ... and S. D. Morgera, “Iterative methods for restoring noisy images,” Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 580–585

Speech, Press, and Democracy

protect their right to freedom of expression from 1791-1865. Professor Paul Finkelman reviews this book, focusing primarily on Curtis's discussions of suppression of speech prior to and during the Civil War ... Civil War period and additionallyproviding some thoughts concerning the appropriatenessof revokingfree speech rights during times of war. The heart of a free society is the right - and in fact the duty

Producing Speech

First Amendment protection for conduct associated with producing speech: first, because such protection is necessary to make protection for communication meaningful; and second, because the Press Clause ... to time, place, and manner regulations of speech. But that analogy is deceptive. Insofar as restrictions on image capture are designed to protect privacy, they will typically be written to prohibit