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Synthetic data for open and reproducible methodological research in social sciences and official statistics

data in a safe environment or with remote access, methodological research suffers from the availability of adequate data sources. In economic and social sciences, an additional drawback results from the ... , we present a synthetic but realistic dataset based on social science data, that fosters evaluating and developing estimators in social sciences. The focus is on supporting comparable and reproducible

Development of a Formal Lexicon for the Social Sciences

A formal lexicon would be useful in conducting theoretical work in the social sciences. Such a lexicon is described here. The author and his collaborator hope to adapt results from the field of ... which theories of the social sciences can be built. These terms are of two general sorts : The first are called primitives. These are not defined, but their meaning or content is clarified by example, by

Beyond funding: Acknowledgement patterns in biomedical, natural and social sciences

comparisons. Our analysis shows that technical support is more frequently acknowledged by scholars in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. Earth and Space, Professional Fields, and Social Sciences are more ... between funding, productivity, and the impact of publications (e.g., [2±6]). Doctoral Scholarships. Nadine Desrochers and Vincent Larivière acknowledge the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of

Differences in basic digital competences between male and female university students of Social Sciences in Spain

This article analyses the differences in basic digital competences of male and female university students on Social Education, Social Work and Pedagogy courses. The study of gender differences in ... terms of the basic digital competences that a student can employ throughout his/her university life and later in the job market. The reason for focusing the study in the area of Social Sciences is that

Why the social sciences are irreducible

It is often claimed that the social sciences cannot be reduced to a lower-level individualistic science. The standard argument for this position (usually labelled explanatory holism) is the Fodorian ... Following Fodor (1974/1994)—who was concerned with “special sciences” in general, social sciences included (although his focus tended to be on psychology)—modern explanatory holists usually claim that the

Policy sciences and democracy: a reexamination

‘principal value goal’ of ‘enlightenment about the policy process and its interaction with the social context’ (1974: 181). It is in this connection that Lasswell advances his idea of a policy sciences ... would be easy to establish a policy sciences profession with the kind of commitment and contextual orientation that he advocated. There was the general problem, which he recognized early in his career

Journal of Vincentian Social Action, November 2017

history, and ways it has grown, flourished, and impacts the world, the Church, and St. John’s University. Fr. Robert Maloney, a former Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, aptly named his ... evolution of Vincentian social concern from delivery of emergency services to coordinated action and advocacy. Fr. Rybolt pulls no punches showing how gaining a social justice perspective for Vincentians was

Gettysburg Social Sciences Review Fall 2017

Gettysburg Social Sciences Review: Fall 2017 Volume 1, Number 1 The Editors and Associate Editors of the Gettysburg Social Sciences Review would like to thank ... Communication Commons, Organizational Communication Commons, Race and Ethnicity Commons, Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies Commons, Social Influence and Political Communication Commons, and the Social

Professor Da-Wen Sun Elected as a Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences

and Consumer Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences , 159 c Nowoursynowska, 02-776 Warsaw , Poland - Professor Da-Wen Sun, UCD Professor of Food and Biosystems Engineering from UCD School of ... Biosystems and Food Engineering, has been elected as a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polish: Polska Akademia Nauk, PAN). The election is the highest lifetime honours bestowed by the Polish

Social Media in Social Organization

As global integration process creates changes and new problem areas around individuals, people try to apply new ways for resilience. One of the methods used in this frame is social organization. Also ... comprehensive definition of social organization, the general objectives of social organization may be listed as follows: • To discover and define the social needs • To prevent social problems as far as possible

The role of gender in social network organization

interactions among them expressed via person-to-person contacts, interactions on online social networks, and telecommunication. Thus, we are able to study the differences between male and female behavior ... ): 15274 ± 15278 . pnas.0900282106 Wilson RE , Gosling SD , Graham LT . A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences . Perspectives on Psychological Science . 2012 ; 7 ( 3

Biocultural Stewardship as an Idea in Urban Contexts: Language, Academic Disciplinarity, Positionality, Environmental/Sustainability Sciences, and Healing

lenses. Language barriers and exclusion of culture that stem from the Western need for scientific validity, and predominance of this framing within environmental sciences, surface as a main limitation to ... culture in general, and especially in the environmental sciences, represents a fairly exclusive venture that does not include many voices. Those excluded voices are marginalized in their ability to be

Effect of health literacy on the quality of life of older patients with long-term conditions: a large cohort study in UK general practice

variables, as confounders. Methods A prospective cohort study was conducted on older adults (n = 4278; aged 65 years and over) with at least one LTC, registered in general practices in Salford, UK ... Life assessment (WHOQOL): Development and general psychometric properties . Social Science & Medicine , 46 ( 12 ), 1569 - 1585 . 39. Skevington , S. M. , Sartorius , N. , & Amir , M. ( 2004 ). Developing

Advancing research data publishing practices for the social sciences: from archive activity to empowering researchers

Sharing and publishing social science research data have a long history in the UK, through long-standing agreements with government agencies for sharing survey data and the data policy ... publishing social science data from an archivist responsibility to a researcher process are showcased, as inspiration for institutions setting up a data repository. Research data; Social sciences; Data

Editor’s Message: How much interdisciplinary collaboration between the natural and social sciences is there in groundwater research?

out by investigating collab- oration at the interface between the natural and social sciences, which involved conducting a survey among hydrologists, ask- ing them questions with regard to their views ... hydrology and social sciences. The survey’s results show that most hydrologists agree that collaboration with social scientists has to be intensified; however, there is no clear consensus on how this could be

General mixture item response models with different item response structures: Exposition with an application to Likert scales

This article proposes a general mixture item response theory (IRT) framework that allows for classes of persons to differ with respect to the type of processes underlying the item responses. Through ... University of California , Los Angeles, CA , USA 1 University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam , Netherlands 2 Department of Methodology and Statistics, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tilburg University , PO Box 90153

Georgia Rho Chapter: Third Annual Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference

Social Science students to participate in a poster presentation. FRIDAY, OCTOBER The Georgia Rho chapter of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in the Social Sciences invites you to participate in an

Social welfare, justice and distribution

phenomena of economies with optimizing individuals. John’s models made analytical Marxism a force to be reckoned with in the social sciences. Whatever one thinks of the interpretation of Marx’s economics ... joined Yale University where he is currently the Elizabeth S. and A. Varick Stout Professor of Political Science and Economics. He has served on the board of editors of several journals, including “Social

Data-Intensive Modelling and Simulation in Life Sciences and Socio-economical and Physical Sciences

, while WG3 and WG4 are thematic umbrellas for data-intensive MS in Life Sciences and for Socio-economical and Physical Sciences. This DSE special issue collects contributions originating from the ... , respectively, have compiled papers presenting general examples of modelling and simulation for big data problems in the context of the two working groups. Within the Action, these and other approaches are of

Statistical Power Analysis and the contemporary “crisis” in social sciences

commonly agreed threshold we consider acceptable for the value of b. In social sciences, the unspoken rule is that a values (the odds of making a Type I error) of 5 per cent or less are the norm for ... grow and grow, increasingly smaller effect sizes can be surfaced (i.e., demonstrated with significant difference). In social sciences, we were used to running experiments on hundreds and sometimes