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Semi-rigid ureteroscopy: indications, tips, and tricks

varying urological conditions, with high success rates. This article aims to provide ‘tips and tricks’ for the semi-rigid ureteroscopy procedure, and the management of commonly encountered pathology such as

‘C S’ Tips for a Safe Surgical Practice

practice today, has to be performed in a litigant society, constant media scrutiny and with a threat of physical violence by irate public. To make surgical practice safe against these, here are listed a few ... BC S Tips^ [ 1 ]. A] CORRECT STEPS (POSITIVE traits to ACQUIRE) Common Sense to be used. Communication Skills to be improved, Courtesy to be Shown always, Cheerful Spirit to be shared. Concerned

Tips and tricks for a safe and effective image-guided percutaneous renal tumour ablation

structures containing air. However, CT requires use of ionizing radiation, provides mainly an axial view, and contrast media usage has to be cautiously applied. Thus, ideally, both modalities should be

Social Media Internet Resources

managing multiple social networks; the active blog writers provide tips and strategies for social media, including hack prevention. The entry “7 Ways to Hack-Proof Your Company’s Social Media,” gives ... facts, how much information is (intentionally or unintentionally) shared on social media, what hackers can do with data, tips for sharing information in a safe manner, and account security. Social

Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

of Bristol , Queen's Avenue, Bristol BS8 1SN , UK 5 Faculty of Technology , Policy and Management , Delft University of Technology , Delft , The Netherlands The ubiquity of social media has had a ... profound effect on the way we communicate and is of significant importance to society and business. Social media tools have helped break down geographical barriers that once restricted communication and have

Tricks of the trade: Mechanism of brood theft in an ant

Thievery is ubiquitous in the animal kingdom, social insects not being an exception. Brood is invaluable for the survival of social insect colonies and brood theft is well documented in ants. In many

Clicks and Tricks: How Computer Hackers Avoid 10b-5 Liability

://www.webroot. com/us/en/home/resources/tips/online-shopping -banking/secure-what-is-social-engineering []. Criminals or hackers use different tricks to masquerade as harmless people

Sharing of Sponsored Advertisements on Social Media: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective

Organisations are increasingly utilising social media to advertise to, and interact with, consumers. Sponsored advertisements embedded into targeted users’ social media feeds appear less invasive ... advertisements within the social media environment and provides practical recommendations to help tourism marketers maximise reach. Social media; Sponsored advertisements; Sharing; Uses and gratifications; Gender

What's the Difference Between Private and Public on Social Media? A Push for Clearer Language in the Illinois Cyberstalking Statute

:// -for-healthy-facebook-breakups .html. 188. Marlynn Wei , How to Keep Social Media from Complicating Your Relationship, PSYCHCOL . TODAY (Jan. 25 , 2015 ), ... Online , GUARDIAN (Mar. 6 , 2015 ), 280. Bruce McKinney , Frequent Social Media Use Is the New Normal , N.Y. TIMES (Sept. 23

Policing of Terrorism Using Data from Social Media

This article considers the challenges of policing terrorism in social media and investigates whether and how these challenges are being addressed in the research and development of tools to detect ... media. The availability of big data tools for the analysis of social media has raised concerns about the onset of algorithm-driven profiling techniques leading to social control that extends to large

8 Tips voor spelen met zand & water

! We kijken eens verder dan de heksensoep en modderkunst. Hier 8 tips om te spelen met zand en water, maar dan anders. 1 Wist je dat je van binnenspeelzand (kinetisch zand) en Zandschuim maken

Perspectives from the Patient and the Healthcare Professional in Multiple Sclerosis: Social Media and Participatory Medicine

When faced with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), patients often turn to the Internet and social media to find support groups, read about the experiences of other people affected by MS and seek ... advice, and research their condition and treatment options to discuss with their healthcare professionals (HCPs). Here, we examine the use of social media and the Internet among patients with MS

Electronic Markets on networked media

also comment and share content, which involves end users more closely in more steps of the publishing process. Platforms, such as social media, have created services that allow user-generated content ... , these are the areas of BDigitalization and the media industry^ and the BEconomics of grids, clouds, systems, and services^. At first glance, the former is linked with the (re)evolution of a specific

7 tips voor kinderparticipatie

andere manier invullen! Doe inspiratie op met de volgende tips. 4 Start een Raad van Kinderen Bij Kinderopvang Humanitas hebben ze de Raad van Kinderen in het leven geroepen. Deze groep van tienplussers

Social media usage among health care providers

Objective The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of social media among healthcare workers in an attempt to identify how it affects the quality of patient care. Results An anonymous ... 97% of people who reported owning electronic devices, 87.9% indicated that they used social media. These healthcare workers indicated that they spent approximately 1 h on social media every day. The

Libraries, Social Media, and Politics: Do Library Professionals Post about Politics on Institutional Social Media Accounts?

Introduction Literature Social media tools are used for different purposes among Finding literature that specifically discusses librarians libraries and library professionals, with nearly all engaging using

Gallbladder adenomyomatosis: imaging findings, tricks and pitfalls

^ shaped, deeply in RAS, and are better appreciable using low-frequency probes [ 23 ]. Their presence is strongly associated with GA. Tips & tricks Patient’s fasting is fundamental in order to correctly ... calcification development may change the MRI appearance of RAS that may become increasingly hyperintense on T1-weighted images (Fig. 11) and relatively hypointense on T2-weighted ones. Tips & tricks The use of

Social Media in Social Organization

, one of the most important tools of social organization in today’s world is social media which emerge as a result of new communication technologies. The aim of this study is to reveal the role of social ... this study is to reveal the role of social media in organizing society. In this context, social organization and social media were primarily defined. Some examples of the use of social media in social

Old Dog, New Tricks: Title VI and Teacher Equity

system is not failing white and Asian students-it is perpetuating the condition of those who are already disadvantaged. Social scientists have conducted a great deal of research to determine what causes ... , and social advantages begin school better prepared and better able to learn." However, the quality of the school system is important in its own right. One study has found that white-black achievement