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Software engineering methods in other engineering disciplines

development that they “should develop their software in the same systematic and predictable way as other engineers (e.g., mechanical engineers)”. If we trace Software Engineering back to the 1968 NATO Science ... Committee [1] conference in Garmisch, Germany, organized by F. L. Bauer, then the discipline of Software Engineering is approaching 50 years old. Yet, Software Engineering is not a discipline that always

Situation analytics — at the dawn of a new software engineering paradigm

In this paper, I first review the seminal work by Thomas Kuhn — The Structure of Scientific Revolutions — and elaborate my view on paradigm shifts in software engineering research and practice as it ... . CHANG 0 0 Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University , Ames Iowa 50011 , USA ions, namely function and object. I argue that the software engineering professionals will inevitably move into

Software engineering of interactive educational resources for university student training in urban development courses

considered conditions for increasing the effectiveness of the university students’ initial work with the equipment during software design of interactive multimedia educational resources. One is modelling of ... engineering. Contemporary engineering devices become more complex, they provide many functions. Special software, which is necessary for the processing of engineering data in digital formats, is becoming

Guest editorial: emerging areas in automated software engineering research

of California , Santa Barbara, CA , USA As everything becomes programmable, the significance of research on automation of software engineering tasks keeps increasing. This special section on Emerging ... Areas in Automated Software Engineering Research highlights the developments in automated debugging support and software analytics for incident management. The article titled “Lightweight Control-Flow

Guest editorial: selected areas in automated software engineering

engineering! Everything is becoming programmable-phones, TVs, tablets, cars, and even watches and glasses. Software engineers are the ones who bring life to these programmable devices by writing systems and ... applications software. As software engineering researchers, we are the ones who are tasked with developing techniques and tools that will help software engineers in meeting the exploding demand in software

Guest editorial: special issue on realising artificial intelligence synergies in software engineering

together academics and industrial practitioners to exchange and discuss the latest innovative synergistic artificial intelligence (AI) and software engineering (SE) techniques and practices. Mutually

Explicit and tacit knowledge conversion effects, in software engineering undergraduate students

This study evaluates the effect of conversion between tacit and explicit knowledge, and its influence on Software engineering and Software Process Improvement in the context of a small school ... organizational culture that shares knowledge. Tacit knowledge; Explicit knowledge; Software process improvement; Software engineering; Undergraduate students Introduction A mechanism through which the

Application of Software Engineering techniques to improve the reliability of Intelligent Environments

Software Systems) Research Group, Software Engineering Department, University of Granada, Higher Technical School of Computer and Telecommunication Engineering , Campus de Aynadamar, 18071 Granada , Spain ... Introduction As its own title indicates, this special issue is devoted to the Application of Software Engineering Techniques to Improve the Reliability of Intelligent Environments (ASET2IRIE). Although this is

Special section on realizing artificial intelligence synergies in software engineering

Oulu , Oulu , Finland With its boundaries expanding into other disciplines and fields as computers become more and more ubiquitous, software engineering (SE) is expected to solve a plethora of ... is the joint result of invited papers from the RAISE'14 Workshop on Realizing Artificial Intelligence Synergies in Software Engineering and an open call for contributions to address the issues above

Re-engineering the laboratory

environment, it is essential for organizations to re-engineer. The main drivers behind business re-engineering are informed customers and information technology. The author explains the changes needed in ... ever before--and the consequences range from success and prosperity--to fragile survival--to economic failure. Re-engineering is a process through which we can initiate and direct change rather than

A guest editorial: special issue on search based software engineering and data mining

Michigan , Dearborn, MI , USA Tim Menzies - The concept of “search” has been explored in many fields such as Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE) and Data Mining (DM). Thus, there is a strong ... the state of the art of combining SBSE and DM techniques to challenging problems in software engineering. Several real-world problems in these areas were formulated for the first time as optimization

Robust Statistical Methods for Empirical Software Engineering

software engineering researchers needs to be updated to address these issues. This paper aims both to explain the new results in the area of robust analysis methods and to provide a large-scale worked ... theory in the past 30 years, including increased evidence that non-robust methods may fail to detect important results. The statistical advice available to software engineering researchers needs to be

A guest editorial: special section on search-based software engineering

, USA Search-based software engineering (SBSE) focuses on formulating software engineering problems as search problems to facilitate the application of specialized metaheuristic and hyperheuristic ... techniques. SBSE has been widely applied to almost all software engineering problems, ranging from requirements to maintenance and evolution. In the past ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the

Guest editorial for special section on success and failure in software engineering

evidence motivates this special issue, which includes four articles that contribute to our understanding of how software project success and failure relate to topics such as: requirements engineering, user ... ; Failure; Success factors; Failure factors; Software engineering; Project management; Systematic review 1 Introduction In software projects, successes (Ralph and Paul 2014) and failures (Lehtinen et al

Guest editorial for special section on research in search-based software engineering

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , 291 Daehak-ro, Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon , South Korea Research in Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE) adapts and applies meta-heuristic ... optimization techniques to problems in software engineering. Fundamentally, SBSE involves formulating software engineering tasks as search problems: Representing candidate solutions, defining an objective or

Centering ontologies in agent oriented software engineering processes

methodological tasks and at the same time create scope for reuse with respect to both system designs and components. The paper will further sketch and argue for a full software development lifecycle for MAS where ... ; Mutli agent systems; Distributed systems - Increasing interest in engineering a class of distributed intelligent systems, Multi Agent Systems, has led to growing attention to higher level software

Foreword to the special section on negative results in software engineering

Science, University of York , Deramore Lane, York, YO10 5GH , UK Negative Results in Software Engineering We believe negative results are especially important in software engineering, in order to firmly ... results are an important part of this discussion. Lack of Negative Results Publication of negative results is rare, even more so in software engineering where, in contrast to life sciences, there are no

Secure Software Engineering Education: Knowledge Area, Curriculum and Resources

This paper reviews current efforts and resources in secure software engineering education, with the goal of providing guidance for educators to make use of these resources in developing secure ... by DHS, faculty and researchers from Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and other institutes developed a Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum. The new

On negative results when using sentiment analysis tools for software engineering research

Recent years have seen an increasing attention to social aspects of software engineering, including studies of emotions and sentiments experienced and expressed by the software developers. Most of ... applicable in the software engineering domain. In this paper we study whether the sentiment analysis tools agree with the sentiment recognized by human evaluators (as reported in an earlier study) as well as