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Guest editorial: advanced topics in automated software engineering

Lars GrunskeMike Whalen Article First Online: 21 September 2018 176 Downloads Welcome to the special issue of the Automated Software Engineering journal. Software now flourishes at many ... practitioners to build scalable and robust software systems. As software engineering researchers, we must continue to improve the techniques and tools available to engineers so that this software, which has

Secure Software Engineering Education: Knowledge Area, Curriculum and Resources

This paper reviews current efforts and resources in secure software engineering education, with the goal of providing guidance for educators to make use of these resources in developing secure ... by DHS, faculty and researchers from Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and other institutes developed a Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum. The new

An Investigation of an Open-Source Software Development Environment in a Software Engineering Graduate Course

A semester-long ethnography study was carried out to investigate project-based learning in a graduate software engineering course through the implementation of an Open-Source Software Development ... for details) . Based on our findings, we implemented an OSSD learning environment in a graduate course of software engineering as an innovative approach to teach software development processes. The

From, By, and For the OSSD: Software Engineering Education Using an Open Source Software Approach

inattention to practical competence and professional artistry" (Schon 1983, vii). This paradigm directly contrasts software engineering practice, which is a process of constantly dealing with situated, ill

Law Is Code: A Software Engineering Approach to Analyzing the United States Code

efforts in the United States.13 Part III describes our U.S. Code dataset, Law provides an overview of key software engineering principles that we adopt, and outlines the analytics and algorithms that we use ... on recently passed laws’ impact on the U.S. Code.16 Finally, Part VI applies software engineering metrics to specific titles of the current U.S. Code, focusing on Title 12 (Banks and Banking) and Title

Software engineering methods in other engineering disciplines

development that they “should develop their software in the same systematic and predictable way as other engineers (e.g., mechanical engineers)”. If we trace Software Engineering back to the 1968 NATO Science ... Committee [1] conference in Garmisch, Germany, organized by F. L. Bauer, then the discipline of Software Engineering is approaching 50 years old. Yet, Software Engineering is not a discipline that always

Software project process management maturity and project performance: An examination of Taiwan's software companies

introduced by the Software Engineering Institute as a guideline for advancing project maturity and improving the odds of project success. To investigate the effectiveness of applying the principles of the CMM ... provide guidelines for IS management to better control the project development process, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), in collaboration with the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Mitre Corp

Situation analytics — at the dawn of a new software engineering paradigm

In this paper, I first review the seminal work by Thomas Kuhn — The Structure of Scientific Revolutions — and elaborate my view on paradigm shifts in software engineering research and practice as it ... . CHANG 0 0 Department of Computer Science, Iowa State University , Ames Iowa 50011 , USA ions, namely function and object. I argue that the software engineering professionals will inevitably move into

Innovation, Software, and Reverse Engineering

technological reasons andlegalprinciplesfor reverse engineeringin the areaofsoftware. While the legality of the reverse engineering of software, within defined limits, has been firmly established in Europe and ... instances; second, the growing need to provide quality assurance through reverse engineering in the areas of security and error correction; third, the massive increase in software patents and the uncertain

Engineering project oriented mathematics supported by algebraic software

In recent years there has been a revolution in engineering practice with the development of software that will perform basic symbolic mathematical operations. These software packages also have ... Oriented Mathematics Supported by Algebraic Software Philip Broadbridge n recent years there has been a revolution in engineering Ipractice with the development of software that will perform basic

The impacts and benefits of using CASE tools in the system development life cycle

The basic idea underlying computer-aided software engineering (CASE) technology is to increase a systems developer's productivity by providing a set of well-integrated, labor-saving tools that ... new revolution technology named computer-aided software engineering (CASE) is being gradually adopted by the MIS field to automate every process of CBIS development in an attempt to improve the

Reverse Engineering of Software: An Assessment of the Legality of Intermediate Copying

brings this conflict to a head is the reverse engineering of software, which involves working backward from a finished software program to determine how the program operates. In contexts outside of

Games People Play: Exploring DePaul's Top-Rated Computer Game Development Program

, software engineering and programming to include art, design and storytelling, as well as computer graphics technology, networking, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. Examples of the ... Software Engineering Commons Follow this and additional works at: - Article 4 By Melissa Smith Play The complexity of seemingly mundane tasks comes to life

A New Overview of The Trilinos Project

collection of libraries for scalable computational science and engineering applications, and a full-featured software infrastructure for rigorous lean/agile software engineering. This growth has created ... software libraries for scalable parallel computational science and engineering applications, as well as a software infrastructure that supports a rigorous lean/agile software lifecycle model [ 13 ]. The

Software Reverse Engineering and Cleanrooming, When Is It Infringement?

only increase. To compete in this industry many software companies have resorted to analyzing their competitor's programs by reverse engineering, which leads to copying of portions of code and in some ... specifications to write a new program. This comment addresses the legal concerns created by reverse engineering of software. Specifically addressed are the legal concerns and protections of companies which write

Software engineering of interactive educational resources for university student training in urban development courses

considered conditions for increasing the effectiveness of the university students’ initial work with the equipment during software design of interactive multimedia educational resources. One is modelling of ... engineering. Contemporary engineering devices become more complex, they provide many functions. Special software, which is necessary for the processing of engineering data in digital formats, is becoming

Guest editorial: selected areas in automated software engineering

engineering! Everything is becoming programmable-phones, TVs, tablets, cars, and even watches and glasses. Software engineers are the ones who bring life to these programmable devices by writing systems and ... applications software. As software engineering researchers, we are the ones who are tasked with developing techniques and tools that will help software engineers in meeting the exploding demand in software

Teaching Mathematics with Mathematical Software

helped engineering students learn the basics of mathematics and computer science and even enjoy the learning process. In particular we point out that the ability to visualize solutions is very important in ... Software Valery F. Ochkov Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University), Moscow, RUSSIA Elena P. Bogomolova Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University), Moscow

Discovering Software Reliability Patterns Based On Multiple Software Projects

Discovering patterns that indicate software reliability provides valuable information to software project managers. Software Quality Classification (SQC) modeling is a methodology that can be used to ... engineering approaches are not appropriate and therefore, not provided in this paper. However, SQC modeling can be integrated into other software engineering approaches (Ashley, Meehan, & Carr, 2005) , or