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Innovation, Software, and Reverse Engineering

technological reasons andlegalprinciplesfor reverse engineeringin the areaofsoftware. While the legality of the reverse engineering of software, within defined limits, has been firmly established in Europe and ... instances; second, the growing need to provide quality assurance through reverse engineering in the areas of security and error correction; third, the massive increase in software patents and the uncertain

Guest editorial: advanced topics in automated software engineering

practitioners to build scalable and robust software systems. As software engineering researchers, we must continue to improve the techniques and tools available to engineers so that this software, which has ... scales, from giant service-oriented cloud systems to tiny embedded IOT devices. Automation approaches for software design, construction, verification, and deployment are now regularly applied by

Engineering project oriented mathematics supported by algebraic software

In recent years there has been a revolution in engineering practice with the development of software that will perform basic symbolic mathematical operations. These software packages also have ... techniques in algebra and calculus that they have learnt b) practise programming with a comprehensive mathematics software package c) develop algorithms to solve practical engineering problems d) learn to work

Secure Software Engineering Education: Knowledge Area, Curriculum and Resources

This paper reviews current efforts and resources in secure software engineering education, with the goal of providing guidance for educators to make use of these resources in developing secure ... , Algorithm, et al., 2012b) Programming languages Secure coding for .Net (ThreadStrong 2014) Software Threat and Software Attack Analysis Networking, Application, Systems Engineering, Threat modeling

Systems Engineering Perspective of the Cruise Industry

The maturation of the cruise industry has led to increased competition which demands more efficient operations. Systems engineering, a discipline that studies complex organizations of material

Discovering Software Reliability Patterns Based On Multiple Software Projects

discover reliability patterns of large software projects. However, the patterns found by SQC modeling may not be accurate and robust owing to insufficient information used in the training process. This study ... proneness. Tian and Palma (Tian & Palma, 1998) introduced a software tool built by using SQC modeling and applied the tool on five large software systems developed by IBM. Software projects are usually

Hospitality Information Systems: Intuitive, Object-Oriented, and Wireless Technology

-oriented programming, intended to more accurately model reality, and wireless communications are expected to play a significant role in future technological advancement. ... will pass through many states of control, all of which is understood by the software engineer. Given the complexities involved in newer hardware systems and the shortcoming of numerous programming

Software review: OS/2 2.0

Since I don't write advertising copy, what you read here may be different from what the few others who do write about IBM's new operating system OS/2 have had to say. You may have noticed that more ... Windowsapplications the support provided by EMS, XMSand DPMI (extended and expanded memoryservices). It has 32 bit programming interfaces and the ability to set up multiple booting mechanisms. An installable high

Reverse Engineering of Software: An Assessment of the Legality of Intermediate Copying

Copyright Act does not clearly legitimize the reverse engineering of software. The Copyright Act raises significant questions for reverse engineers: how can the reverse engineer safely and freely build on ... program and put the information to a variety of uses.' 0 Commentators have noted the reverse engineering of software encompasses a diverse range of activities undertaken for an equally diverse range of

Software Reverse Engineering and Cleanrooming, When Is It Infringement?

only increase. To compete in this industry many software companies have resorted to analyzing their competitor's programs by reverse engineering, which leads to copying of portions of code and in some ... specifications to write a new program. This comment addresses the legal concerns created by reverse engineering of software. Specifically addressed are the legal concerns and protections of companies which write

From, By, and For the OSSD: Software Engineering Education Using an Open Source Software Approach

situ. We maintain that the software engineering profession involves more than software programming and information technologies. It is both an "information ecology" that consists of people, practices

Jade Software: Getting Ready to Tackle America

Interview by Laurence Weinstein of Sir Gilbert Simpson, founder and CEO of Jade Software in New Zealand. Sir Gil Simpson is one of New Zealand’s pioneers in software development, having started in ... to say, a distinct lack of competition in many areas of software development explains most of the situation. Once commercial and individual users get used to an operating system, they tend to stay with

An Investigation of an Open-Source Software Development Environment in a Software Engineering Graduate Course

A semester-long ethnography study was carried out to investigate project-based learning in a graduate software engineering course through the implementation of an Open-Source Software Development ... class; instead, experiencing the software engineering processes by working on their project was the goal of the class. Design Since the main purpose of this study was to understand, describe and

ODE Architect: Now and Future

This article describes current compatibility issues with ODE Architect software suite and 64-bit Windows operating systems, and proposes viable alternatives using virtual machine environment and ... install new operating systems. ODE Architect (ODEA) is a legacy software package which first appeared in 1998 under support of the Consortium of ODE Experiments1 (CODEE) and the National Science Foundation

Software project process management maturity and project performance: An examination of Taiwan's software companies

introduced by the Software Engineering Institute as a guideline for advancing project maturity and improving the odds of project success. To investigate the effectiveness of applying the principles of the CMM ... provide guidelines for IS management to better control the project development process, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), in collaboration with the U. S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Mitre Corp

Intellectual Property, Contracts, and Reverse Engineering After ProCD: A Proposed Compromise for Computer Software

another programming language, or reverse engineering the software.'0 2 These contracts enable computer software manufacturers to protect material, including ideas, processes, and systems, that might ... now on trial.' 0 The government alleges that Microsoft has a monopoly in the operating systems market and uses it to control access by competitors to the software industry." One reason for Microsoft's

Using Design Patterns, Analysis Pattern, and Case-Based Reasoning to Improve Information Modeling and Method Engineering in Systems Development

tools and techniques that will be used in software development(SD), which, in turn, reduces costly overruns in time and money during systemsimplementation. Method engineering (ME) is the process of ... modeling (IM); method engineering (ME); software development (SD) INTRODUCTION Information modeling (IM) is the process of identifying information needs and models based on user requirements and systems

Pattern Recognition Software and Techniques for Biological Image Analysis

analysis systems required to process these diverse datasets. Most automated image analysis systems are tailored for specific types of microscopy, contrast methods, probes, and even cell types. This imposes ... authors abandon the software project without providing the source code, then the software may soon stop running on new versions of operating systems and hardware. If the software was an integral part of the

Teaching Mathematics with Mathematical Software

helped engineering students learn the basics of mathematics and computer science and even enjoy the learning process. In particular we point out that the ability to visualize solutions is very important in ... Research University 1 Moscow Power Engineering Institute, National Research University Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont; edu/jhm - Teaching Mathematics with Mathematical

Automated Odor Mitigation Gets Cues From Climate

Steven Hoff, an Iowa State University professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, has developed a system for operating odor mitigation systems only when the weather is most likely to cause ... and cropping systems to help Iowa become a leader in the bioeconomy. Together they are partnering with farmers, businesses and industry to produce food, feed, fiber and fuel and create new opportunities