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Optical Characterization of Neurosurgical Operating Microscopes: Quantitative Fluorescence and Assessment of PpIX Photobleaching

performed a detailed assessment of the intensity of the emitted blue light and white light and the light beam profile of clinical grade operating microscopes used for PpIX visualization. These measurements ... Image analysis and quantification was performed in FIJI51 and ZEN 2.3 (blue edition) software (Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen, Germany). Images from both the Canon camera and the operating microscope camera

Fault tolerant software systems using software configurations for cloud computing

Customizable software systems consist of a large number of different, critical, non-critical and interdependent configurations. Reliability and performance of configurable system depend on successful ... are backed up by fault tolerant candidates to improve the reliability and performance of software systems. According to software reliability engineering, the main approaches to build reliable software

Software defined networking firewall for industry 4.0 manufacturing systems

Purpose: In order to leverage automation control data, Industry 4.0 manufacturing systems require industrial devices to be connected to the network. Potentially, this can increase the risk of ... Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management JIEM 2013-0953 Software Defined Networking Firewall for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems Akihiro Tsuchiya 0 Francisco Fraile Ichiro Koshijima 0

A proposal for an operating cycle description format for road transport missions

PurposeThis article presents a proposal for an operating cycle format for describing transport missions of road vehicles, for example a logging truck fetching its cargo. The primary application is in ... fuel saving, is a challenging task. Simulations require detailed models of the vehicle and its control systems, and a great deal of effort has been put into this, both by original equipment manufacturers

Evolving coal-fired power plant carbon dioxide emission rate intensities on U.S. electricity operating systems

technologies, but they must coexist with coal plants, many of which run most efficiently under baseload operating procedures. Historical monthly emissions data has been analyzed on a sample of coal plants to ... -term and large-scale energy storage systems to complement renewable capacity installations, which are not currently economically feasible [ 5 ], optimal generation management decisions are subject to

B-space: dynamic management and assurance of open systems of systems

Connected cars, freely configurable operating rooms, or autonomous harvesting fleets: dynamically emerging open systems of systems will shape a new generation of systems opening up a vast potential ... . citation.cfm?id= 2491467 . 3. Schneider , D. Conditional Safety Certification for Open Adaptive Systems . PhD Theses in Experimental Software Engineering , Volume 48 , Fraunhofer

Hybrid Secondary Suspension Systems

Shock and Vibration 1070-9622 Hybrid secondary suspension systems Nader Vahdati 1 Mehdi Ahmadian 0 0 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute , 123 Randolph Hall ... , Blacksburg, VA 24061 , USA 1 School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University , 50 Nanyang Avenue, 639798 , Singapore Passive fluid mounts are used in the fixed wing

Evaluation and Analysis of Dam Operating Status Using One Clock-Synchronized Dual-Antenna Receiver

safety factor of the different mechanical parameter combination; finally, through BDS/GPS dam deformation monitoring system for Lijiaxia in China, the operating status of dam is evaluated. Through ... operating status of engineering structure. To determine the displacement warning standard, Zhang et al. [21] designed the different combination in the value range of mechanical parameters to represent the

The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

Linda (Linda is a registered trademark of Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.) is a programming language for coordinating the execution and interaction of processes. When combined with a language ... write portable programs for multi­ processor systems. l\"umerous portable parallel programming envi­ ronments exist [ 1, 2 ] including inherently parallel languages such as PCl\" [3], coordination

Data-Parallel Programming in a Multithreaded Environment

Research on programming distributed memory multiprocessors has resulted in a well-understood programming model, namely data-parallel programming. However, data-parallel programming in a multithreaded ... . BaL . \1. F. Kaashoek and A. S. Tanenbaum , ··Orca: A language for parallel programming of distributed systems ,'· ! Ll . E Trans. SofttPare Eng ., voL 18 , pp. 190 - 205 , March 1992 . [2] I. T. Foster

Design of stirling engine operating at low temperature difference

/S1364032106000906 ( 2008 ) Autodesk Inc . © 2015 , 3D CAD Sotware: Inventor 3D CAD, Autodesk: 3D Design, Engineering & Entertainment Software. [online] [seen 2015 - 04 -22] Available at: ... MATEC Web of Conferences Design of stirling engine temperature difference Josef Sedlák 1 Adam Glváč 1 Andrej Czán 0 Reviewers: Ivan Kuric, Richard Pastirčák 0 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Security implications of running windows software on a Linux system using Wine: a malware analysis study

Linux is considered to be less prone to malware compared to other operating systems, and as a result Linux users rarely run anti-malware. However, many popular software applications released on other ... environment. Malware analysis; Malware compatibility; Linux; Wine 1 Introduction The relative security of operating systems has long been the subject of debate. Linux compares favorably to Windows and Mac OS

Collaborative design of software applications: the role of users

Drawing on a 1-year application design, implementation and evaluation experience, this paper examines how engaging users in the early design phases of a software application is tightly bound to the ... software development and system success: a systematic literature review . In: Proceedings of the 17th international conference on evaluation and assessment in software engineering. ACM , New York, pp 125

Jellyfish Identification Software for Underwater Laser Cameras (JTRACK)

several sectors of the marine and maritime economy. Early warning systems able to detect conditions for jelly fish proliferation can enable management responses to mitigate such effects providing benefit to ... software JTRACK version 1 for jellyfish detection, identification and tracking with underwater time-of-flight and LiDAR image acquisition systems An international cross-disciplinary long-lasting team between

Analysis of Bacterial Communities in Partial Nitritation and Conventional Nitrification Systems for Nitrogen Removal

nitrification systems in the treatment of low C/N ratio wastewater. The effects of sludge circulating ratio on the nitrifying bacterial compositions were studied. The differences of bacterial community in the ... Rarefaction analysis of 16S rRNA gene clone library. Which the rarefaction using Rarefactwin Version 1.3 software. Full size image A total of 11 Classes of bacteria were assigned to these 26 OTUs. Among

Measuring behavioral responses of sea turtles, saltwater crocodiles, and crested terns to drone disturbance to define ethical operating thresholds

be considered when establishing operating conditions for drones in behavioral and conservation studies. ... open source image processing and operating platforms. A key benefit of using drones in wildlife studies is to minimize the potential influence of observer presence. Many applications (e.g. identifying

Future software organizations – agile goals and roles

up new profound questions: What are those new software-intensive systems like? How are they created and developed? Which principles should guide such organizational design? Agile enterprises are by ... ) entail new principal traits for software organizations. As external systems complexity increases, which is mostly uncontrollable (e.g. IoT), systems thinking, analysis and engineering capabilities are

Computational and Experimental Study of the Effect of Operating Parameters on Classification Performance of Compound Hydrocyclone

Compound hydrocyclone is a kind of dynamic hydrocyclone also with the advantages of static hydrocyclone. In this investigation, the effect of operating parameters on separation performance of ... effect of operating parameters and their interactions on the indexes can be analyzed. The experiment scheme was designed by the commercial software Design-Expert. According to the experimental

Entrepreneurial experimentation: a key function in systems of innovation

The literature on innovation systems focuses on the supply side (the creation of technology) rather than on how innovations are converted into economic activity and growth via the market (the demand ... (Carlsson 2013) . Design-driven regimes are typical in well-developed engineering fields. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, design and fabrication of semiconductor devices, and software are

An aluminium battery operating with an aqueous electrolyte

Environment, University of Southampton , Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ , UK 1 R. G. A. Wills Aluminium is an attractive active material for battery systems due to its abundance, low cost, a gravimetric ... from solar PV plants to be subject to large voltage and power fluctuations. This can be alleviated through use of low energy but high power, high cycle life and fast response energy storage systems [ 2