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Software defined networking firewall for industry 4.0 manufacturing systems

Purpose: In order to leverage automation control data, Industry 4.0 manufacturing systems require industrial devices to be connected to the network. Potentially, this can increase the risk of ... Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management JIEM 2013-0953 Software Defined Networking Firewall for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Systems Akihiro Tsuchiya 0 Francisco Fraile Ichiro Koshijima 0

Fault tolerant software systems using software configurations for cloud computing

Customizable software systems consist of a large number of different, critical, non-critical and interdependent configurations. Reliability and performance of configurable system depend on successful ... are backed up by fault tolerant candidates to improve the reliability and performance of software systems. According to software reliability engineering, the main approaches to build reliable software

Security implications of running windows software on a Linux system using Wine: a malware analysis study

Linux is considered to be less prone to malware compared to other operating systems, and as a result Linux users rarely run anti-malware. However, many popular software applications released on other ... environment. Malware analysis; Malware compatibility; Linux; Wine 1 Introduction The relative security of operating systems has long been the subject of debate. Linux compares favorably to Windows and Mac OS

Measuring behavioral responses of sea turtles, saltwater crocodiles, and crested terns to drone disturbance to define ethical operating thresholds

be considered when establishing operating conditions for drones in behavioral and conservation studies. ... open source image processing and operating platforms. A key benefit of using drones in wildlife studies is to minimize the potential influence of observer presence. Many applications (e.g. identifying

Effects of atmospheric pressure plasma jet operating with DBD on Lavatera thuringiaca L. seeds’ germination

The paper presents the results of an experiment on the effect of pre-sowing stimulation of seeds with atmospheric pressure plasma jet operating with dielectric barrier discharge (DBD plasma jet) on ... Lublin, Lublin, Poland, 3 Department of Biophysics, University of Life Sciences in Lublin , Lublin , Poland 1 Institiute of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies, Lublin University of Technology

Q-Rapids framework for advanced data analysis to improve rapid software development

The quality of software, in particular developed rapidly, is quite a challenge for businesses and IT-dependent societies. Therefore, the H2020 Q-Rapids project consortium develops processes and tools ... , cars, smart home systems shift software source code analysis into a challenge related to big data exploration. However, the problems of ensuring software quality, its assessment and testing are

Design a software real-time operation platform for wave piercing catamarans motion control using linear quadratic regulator based genetic algorithm

actuators (a T-foil and two flaps) control. Moreover, this paper describes the MATLAB and LabVIEW software plats to simulate the reduction effects of WPC. Finally, the real-time (RT) NI CompactRIO embedded ... System development and simulation using LabVIEW environment The LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) software is chosen as a human-computer interaction interface and it is a

An aluminium battery operating with an aqueous electrolyte

Environment, University of Southampton , Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ , UK 1 R. G. A. Wills Aluminium is an attractive active material for battery systems due to its abundance, low cost, a gravimetric ... from solar PV plants to be subject to large voltage and power fluctuations. This can be alleviated through use of low energy but high power, high cycle life and fast response energy storage systems [ 2

Future software organizations – agile goals and roles

up new profound questions: What are those new software-intensive systems like? How are they created and developed? Which principles should guide such organizational design? Agile enterprises are by ... ) entail new principal traits for software organizations. As external systems complexity increases, which is mostly uncontrollable (e.g. IoT), systems thinking, analysis and engineering capabilities are

Effect of operating parameters on coal gasification

reduces the CO2 emission and emerges as a clean coal technology. Coal gasification process is regulated by several operating parameters. A Number of investigations have been carried out in this direction. A ... Department of Fuel and Mineral Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) , Dhanbad , India 4 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sharda University , Greater Noida , India Coal

Survey on Communication and Networks for Autonomous Marine Systems

The rapid development of autonomous systems and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) create new opportunities for maritime activities. Existing autonomous systems are becoming more ... Operating Suite Interval Programming (MOOS-IvP) [ 117 ]. Aligned with the goals of aggregating different devices under a “common Internet”, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),8 responsible for

A software-based tool for video motion tracking in the surgical skills assessment landscape

Background The use of motion tracking has been proved to provide an objective assessment in surgical skills training. Current systems, however, require the use of additional equipment or specialised ... this, a dedicated software has been used to avoid the use of additional equipment in the operating room. Materials and methods Participants All participants recruited for the study were either from

Persistent Asynchronous Adaptive Specialization for Generic Array Programming

Generic array programming systematically abstracts from structural array properties such as shape and rank. As usual, generic programming comes at the price of lower runtime performance. The idea of ... adaptive specialization by a series of experiments. Generic programming; Array programming; Dynamic compilation; Multi-core computing; Single Assignment C; Persistence 1 Introduction Software engineering

"Do-It-Yourself" reliable pH-stat device by using open-source software, inexpensive hardware and available laboratory equipment

In this paper, we present the construction of a reliable and inexpensive pH stat device, by using open-source “OpenPhControl” software, inexpensive hardware (a peristaltic and a syringe pump, Arduino ... was used with Tess4JÐJava JNA wrapper [ 43 ] for Tesseract OCR API. Tesseract is an optical character recognition engine for various operating systems [ 44 ]. The both programs are free software

Users of the main smartphone operating systems (iOS, Android) differ only little in personality

Five). Focusing on Big Five personality traits in a broader scope, in addition to smartphone users, Study 2 also examined users of the main computer operating systems (i.e., Mac OS, Windows). In both ... within the population of smartphone users. Conducting a thorough analysis of the major smartphone operating systems (OS) in terms of their suitability as a research tool (i.e., Android, iOS, BlackBerry

Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... , embedding hardware and software systems into physical goods that can connect digitally to other products and information systems is a powerful trend in many industries. Smart products use sensors to obtain

Patiency is not a virtue: the design of intelligent systems and systems of ethics

The question of whether AI systems such as robots can or should be afforded moral agency or patiency is not one amenable either to discovery or simple reasoning, because we as societies constantly ... reconstruct our artefacts, including our ethical systems. Consequently, the place of AI systems in society is a matter of normative, not descriptive ethics. Here I start from a functionalist assumption, that

An empirical study on the impact of AspectJ on software evolvability

Since its inception in 1996, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) has been believed to reduce the effort required to maintain software systems by replacing cross-cutting code with aspects. However ... reflect the complexity observed in the industrial software systems. Another potential threat is related to the representativeness of the subjects. It is quite common for experiments in software engineering

Specvis: Free and open-source software for visual field examination

costs and expertise this number may be an underestimate. Improved access to affordable diagnostic software designed for visual field examination could slow the progression of diseases, such as glaucoma ... the Java programming language and made it free and open-source. Specvis can be run on any personal computer with any operating system, and can be managed by anyone, physician, scientist, or an ordinary

Modeling joint restoration strategies for interdependent infrastructure systems

interdependent infrastructure system and (ii) their interaction process, are presented. Both models are considering the failure types, infrastructure operating rules and interdependencies among systems. Second, an ... different systems has not been taken into consideration. Coffrin et al. [16] studied the restoration problem by solving a mix integer linear programming model to maximize the sum of infrastructure service