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Future software organizations – agile goals and roles

up new profound questions: What are those new software-intensive systems like? How are they created and developed? Which principles should guide such organizational design? Agile enterprises are by ... ) entail new principal traits for software organizations. As external systems complexity increases, which is mostly uncontrollable (e.g. IoT), systems thinking, analysis and engineering capabilities are

A software-based tool for video motion tracking in the surgical skills assessment landscape

Background The use of motion tracking has been proved to provide an objective assessment in surgical skills training. Current systems, however, require the use of additional equipment or specialised ... this, a dedicated software has been used to avoid the use of additional equipment in the operating room. Materials and methods Participants All participants recruited for the study were either from

Conceptualizing smart service systems

Recent years have seen the emergence of physical products that are digitally networked with other products and with information systems to enable complex business scenarios in manufacturing, mobility ... , embedding hardware and software systems into physical goods that can connect digitally to other products and information systems is a powerful trend in many industries. Smart products use sensors to obtain

Utmost response time of long-wave HgCdTe photodetectors operating under zero voltage condition

The paper reports on the long-wave infrared HgCdTe detector for utmost short response time operating for unbiased and room temperature condition. The response time was calculated at the level of ... range * 220 ps. The highest detectivity of the simulated structure was assessed at the level of * 108 Jones assuming immersion. 1 Introduction Applications requiring frequencies [ 1 GHz and operating

An empirical study on the impact of AspectJ on software evolvability

Since its inception in 1996, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) has been believed to reduce the effort required to maintain software systems by replacing cross-cutting code with aspects. However ... reflect the complexity observed in the industrial software systems. Another potential threat is related to the representativeness of the subjects. It is quite common for experiments in software engineering

Cyber-Physical Systems: A Literature Review

Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are smart systems that depend on the synergy of cyber and physical components. They link the physical world (e.g. through sensors, actuators, robotics, and embedded ... survey,” IEEE Systems Journal, vol. 9, no. 2, June 2015, pp. 350-365. 7. Al-Jaroodi, J. et al. (2016). “Software engineering issues for cyberphysical systems,” Proceedings of IEEE International Conference

Specvis: Free and open-source software for visual field examination

costs and expertise this number may be an underestimate. Improved access to affordable diagnostic software designed for visual field examination could slow the progression of diseases, such as glaucoma ... the Java programming language and made it free and open-source. Specvis can be run on any personal computer with any operating system, and can be managed by anyone, physician, scientist, or an ordinary

Users of the main smartphone operating systems (iOS, Android) differ only little in personality

Five). Focusing on Big Five personality traits in a broader scope, in addition to smartphone users, Study 2 also examined users of the main computer operating systems (i.e., Mac OS, Windows). In both ... within the population of smartphone users. Conducting a thorough analysis of the major smartphone operating systems (OS) in terms of their suitability as a research tool (i.e., Android, iOS, BlackBerry

STAMPS: development and verification of swallowing kinematic analysis software

oropharyngeal structures. This study aims to develop a novel swallowing kinematic analysis software, called spatio-temporal analyzer for motion and physiologic study (STAMPS), and verify its validity and ... , and writing the manuscript. CC participated in programming the software and writing the manuscript. HGS participated in planning the architecture of the software, and testing of the reliability and

Model-based testing for software safety: a systematic mapping study

process using the published literature in major software engineering journals and conference proceedings. We reviewed 751 papers and 36 of them have been selected as primary studies to answer our research ... . Model-based testing; Model-driven testing; Software safety; Systematic mapping study 1 Introduction Currently, an increasing number of systems are controlled by software and rely on the correct

Comparative Analysis of Big Data Analytics Software in Assessing Sample Data

companies, for its unique benefits, particularly in prediction and identification of various trends. Some of the most popular big data analytics software used today are MapReduce, Hive, Tableau and Hive ... of fees included condominium fees, or any added expenses. The software used for analysis are R programming, Minitab, SAS, IBM Watson Analytics and IBM SPSS. Among all the available software available

Environment for integration of distributed heterogeneous computing systems

main contribution of this work. In order to provide interoperability with legacy systems, the IEEE 1516 standard (denoted HLA - High Level Architecture) is used. As proof of concept, Virtual Bus was used ... arise from the integration of different devices. The integration of computing systems (software and hardware) allows to create a System of Systems (SoS). Without a careful management there is high

Technical and natural conditions and operating efficiency of a municipal stormwater treatment plant

ox-bow lake of the Vistula river), operating stability of key units, significance of the facility for nature. During the assessment, the plant had a positive effect on the quality of stormwater ... chemical oxygen demand). Although the overall assessment of the facility's operation was good, some omissions and operating errors were noted (method of removing retained pollutants, stormwater flow control

Software as Text

Software as Text ... copyright law? The answer will be yes. First, we will discuss software programming, what it is and how it is done, from the perspective of those who program and teach programming. True, the result of

rCOSA: A Software Package for Clustering Objects on Subsets of Attributes

rCOSA is a software package interfaced to the R language. It implements statistical techniques for clustering objects on subsets of attributes in multivariate data. The main output of COSA is a ... <- data.frame(scale(X)) We run COSA using its default settings and store it in the object cosa.rslt in the following way: cosa.rslt <- cosa2(X) In Linux and OS X based operating systems this will start the

Three-stage method for intentional controlled islanding of power systems

of power systems. It enables to search out reasonable islanding cutsets, which have the minimum load-generation imbalance or the minimal power flow disruption, without low-voltage problems. In the ... , Hubei Electric Power Security and High Efficiency Key Laboratory, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology , 1037 Luoyu Road, Wuhan 430074 , China

Gaze-contingent perceptually enabled interactions in the operating theatre

Purpose Improved surgical outcome and patient safety in the operating theatre are constant challenges. We hypothesise that a framework that collects and utilises information —especially perceptually ... sterility of the operating theatre [2]. While new technologies may add complexity to the surgical workflow, at the same time they provide new opportunities for the design of systems and approaches that can

Navigating freely-available software tools for metabolomics analysis

bioinformatics software tools. The diversity of experimental designs and instrumental technologies used for metabolomics has led to the need for distinct data analysis methods and the development of many software ... in many fields, they can be found implemented in many general statistical analysis software applications that are not specifically designed for metabolomics analysis. The R programming language and

Metamathematics for Systems Design

like cars. In doing so, we follow a recent trend and exploit formal methods, a body of mathematical techniques originally developed for computer systems. However, there are fundamental gaps in ... . , Nori , A.V. , Rajamani , S.K. : Probabilistic programming . In J.D. Herbsleb and M.B . Dwyer, editors, Proceedings of the on Future of Software Engineering, FOSE 2014 , Hyderabad, India, May 31-June 7

Evolution of Cloud Operating System: From Technology to Ecosystem

The cloud operating system (cloud OS) is used for managing the cloud resources such that they can be used effectively and efficiently. And also it is the duty of cloud OS to provide convenient ... , more application programming interfaces are added to the API set of cloud operating systems. However, some fundamental programming interfaces (called core APIs) are becoming more and more stable. These