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Impacts of integrated soil and water conservation programs on vegetation regeneration and productivity as indicator of ecosystem health in Guna-Tana watershed: evidences from satellite imagery

mitigate this problem, Ethiopian government has launched various soil and water conservation programs at different watersheds. Overall objective of this study was to analyze impacts of soil and water ... in soil and water conservation, the case of Gununo watershed, Southern Ethiopia . In: African crop science conference proceeding , vol 8 , pp 1541 - 1545 Wolde M , Mastewal Y ( 2013 ) Changes in woody

Facing to real sustainability—conservation agriculturalpractices around the world

presentations were given in the following sections: Soil science and geomorphology in Conservation A g r i c u l t u r a l S y s t e m s ; A g r o e c o l o g i c a l r e s e a r c h i n Conservation Agricultural ... Science and Water Management, Faculty of Horticultural Science of Szent István University. His research interest is focused on the study of the soil and soil erosion effects of conventional and conservation

How can landscape ecology contribute to sustainability science?

for Environmental Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands While landscape ecology is distinct from sustainability science, landscape ecologists have expressed their ... ambitions to help society advance sustainability of landscapes. In this context Wu (2013) coined the concept of landscape sustainability science. In August of 2017 we joined the 5th forum of landscape

Transport properties of soil particles in Sakiyamawan–Amitoriwan nature conservation area, Iriomote Island, Japan

The actual states of soil particle transport in and exchange between the Sakiyama and Amitori bays, Iriomote Island, Japan, were investigated using atmosphere–ocean–river observations and numerical ... conservation area; Sakiyama bay; Amitori bay; Soil particle; Coastal marine ecosystem; Environmental impact of assessment Background The Sakiyamawan–Amitoriwan nature conservation area, Iriomote Island, is the

Defining the Role of Conservation in Agricultural Conservation Easements

importance of prime soil in the selection of conservation easements). 41. Mark W. Cordes, Agricultural Zoning: Impacts and Future Directions, 22 N. ILL. U. L. REV. 419, 419 n.1 (2002) (including food security ... . MEM. L. REV. 1265, 1265–68 (1995) (profiling federal efforts to ameliorate adverse economic conditions within the farm economy). 2017] AGRICULTURAL CONSERVATION EASEMENTS 645 the Soil Conservation

A framework of connections between soil and people can help improve sustainability of the food system and soil functions

policy workers of the need for the long-term preservation of soil quality for environmental conservation. The understanding of indirect and temporal connections can be helped by comparing them with the ... with organic farming, they concluded that a greater awareness of soil condition is required for the successful application of no-till. Ecosystem services Conservation agriculture practices protect the

Citizen Science and Wildlife Conservation: Lessons from 34 Years of the Maine Loon Count

Since the early 1980s—long before the term citizen science was widely adopted— Maine Audubon has engaged thousands of dedicated volunteers in myriad wildlife surveys and studies, from bat colony ... develop and aine Audubon has worked with a variety of partlead numerous citizen science projects. Each addresses an important conservation need, and all collect information that helps conservation

Biochar derived from corn straw affected availability and distribution of soil nutrients and cotton yield

Biochar application as a soil amendment has been proposed as a strategy to improve soil fertility and increase crop yields. However, the effects of successive biochar applications on cotton yields ... Fertilizers, College of Resources and Environment, Shandong Agricultural University , Tai'an, Shandong , China , 2 Soil and Water Science Department, Tropical Research & Education Center, University of Florida

Communicating Science for Everyday Use

, goods and knowledge, the U.S.: • Took a primary position in World War I food production and conservation. • Created farm cooperatives and seed-and-loan programs to survive the Great Depression and Dust ... different climatological regions of Kansas, and learning how to manage water resources, soil and threats from insects, disease and severe weather. TWITTER INTEGRATION Sitting at a conference in Illinois and

Is dry soil planting an adaptation strategy for maize cultivation in semi-arid Tanzania?

soil and can begin immediately the process of germination. The objective of this paper was to assess the effectiveness of dry-soil planting for maize as an adaptation strategy in the context of a ... in Germany. Her ongoing research activities focus on crop water use efficiency in drought-prone areas in Tanzania, with an emphasis on the effect of tied-ridges on soil water conservation. Previously

Correction to: Determining soil quality in urban agricultural regions by soil enzyme-based index

Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agricultural Science and Technology, Bahauddin Zakariya University , Multan , Pakistan 6 Y.-H. Lee Division of Plant Environmental Research, Gyeogsangnam-do Agricultural ... Science, Kangwon National University , Chuncheon 24341 , Korea 2 Kangwon National University , Chuncheon 24341 , Republic of Korea O-Jeong Eco-Resilience Institute (OJERI), Division of Environmental Science

POLSOIL: research on soil pollution in China

, Nankai University , Nankai , China 2 Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Pollution Remediation, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Beijing , China Responsible editor: Philippe ... Garrigues - Soil is the foundation for terrestrial ecosystem and also a primary basis for agricultural production. On the other hand, soil is a primary sink in the environment for various contaminants due

Spatio-temporal variations of conservation hotspots based on ecosystem services in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China

Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) has been viewed as an appropriate approach to identifying conservation priorities. Taking Xishuangbanna tropical region in Southwest China ... , Freitag S , Chown SL , Muller C , Koch S , Hull H , et al. Biodiversity assessment and conservation strategies . Science . 1998 ; 279 ( 5359 ): 2106 ± 2108 . PMID: 9516111 6. Nackoney J , Williams D

Qualitative and quantitative soil organic matter estimation for sustainable soil management

Purpose The aims of this paper were to review tools and methods for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of soil organic matter (SOM) coming from diverse egzogenic sources for effective soil ... Science , New York Andrén O , Kätterer T ( 1997 ) ICBM-the introductory carbon balance model for exploration of soil carbon balances . Ecol Appl 7 ( 4 ): 1226 - 1236 . 1890 /1051- 0761

The Power of Place in Citizen Science

These authors answer the question: What are the links between motivations for citizen science, connec­tions to place, and conservation decision outcomes? ... published in a special issue of Biological Conservation, entitled “Leveraging the Power of Place in Citizen Science for Effective Conservation Decision Making” (Newman et al. 2016) . Based on our

Plant diversity patterns and conservation status of eastern Himalayan forests in Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India

provide various ecosystem services such as species conservation, prevention of soil erosion and preservation of habitat for plants and animals (Li et al. 2003; Armenteras et al. 2009) . Tree species ... of the system in terms of sharing, utilization and conservation of the available resources like sunlight, water and soil (Wiersum 1982; Torquebiau 1992) . A heterogeneous canopy structure is a

Conservation and care: material politics and Atlantic salmon on Newfoundland’s Gander River

This paper aims to contribute to an emerging and vibrant body of post-structural scholarship situated within science technology and society (STS) on practices and their role in world making. Our ... Atlantic salmon conservation by drawing on the concept of care, and by introducing a new salmon that we call the willful salmon. Atlantic salmon; Newfoundland; Conservation; Material politics - community

Book review: Rangeland Ecology, Management and Conservation Benefits

Squires, Victor R. (Editor) (Environmental Research Advances) Rangeland Ecology, Management and Conservation Benefits. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York; 2015. Hardcover, 201 pages; ISBN: 978-1 ... 4343 , Australia Rangeland ecology; Rangeland management; Conservation - There is often conflict in commercial/subsistence land use and conservation in rangelands. This book endeavours to build a

Functional diversity of home gardens and their agrobiodiversity conservation benefits in Benin, West Africa

conservation in Southern California's urban gardens: introduced diversity beyond ex situ and in situ management . Econ Bot . 2016 : 1 - 12 . 12. Junqueira A , et al. Soil fertility gradients shape the ... . Carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry systems in India . Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change . 2013 ; 1 - 7 . 23. Saha SK , et al. Soil carbon stock in relation to plant diversity of

Use of zeolite to neutralise nickel in a soil environment

Nickel is a heavy metal which is a stable soil pollutant which is difficult to remediate. An attempt to reduce its impact on the environment can be made by changing its solubility. The right level of ... properties of soil . Fresenius Environmental Bulletin , 20 ( 12 ), 3101 - 3109 . Carter , M. R. ( 1993 ). Soil sampling and methods of analysis . London: Canadian Society of Soil Science , Lewis Publishers