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Analyzing ecological restoration strategies for water and soil conservation

to improve the understanding of the effect of the extent and position along the watershed of restored areas on soil and water conservation. This study aimed to understand how different restoration

Evaluating the Response of In Situ Moisture Conservation Techniques in Different Rainfall Distributions and Soil-Type Conditions on Sorghum Production and Soil Moisture Characteristics in Drought-Prone Areas of Northern Ethiopia

experiment conducted in clay loam soil revealed that conservation structures were significantly (p < 0.05) increasing all the agronomic data during the dry season but not in wet season. Tied ridge provided the ... grain yield of 1750 kg/ha and biomass yield of 1234 kg/ha during the wet season. With regard to soil moisture, the conservation practices were considerably maintaining the moisture level within allowable

Characterizing the phosphorus forms extracted from soil by the Mehlich III soil test

Vermont. Plant and Soil Science Dept ., Univ. Vermont. pdf. Verified 31 Jan 2018 3. McFarland M , Devlin D , Koenig R , Osmond D ( 2006 ... : Sims JT , Sharpley AN (eds) Phosphorus: agriculture and the environment . American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, Madison , pp 87 - 121 21. Shang C

Correction to: Changes in forest soil organic matter quality affected by windstorm and wildfire

National Agricultural and Food Centre-Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute , Regional Working Place Prešov, 08001 Prešov , Slovakia 2 Maria Jerzykiewicz 3 Faculty of Soil Science, Slovak

Wetlands In a Changing Climate: Science, Policy and Management

strategies and policies reflecting an integrated understanding of both wetland and climate change science. Specific recommendations are made to capture synergies between wetlands and carbon cycle management ... :// Anderson MG , Barnett A ( 2017 ) Resilient coastal sites for conservation in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US. The Nature Conservancy , Eastern Conservation Science Anderson

Congo Basin peatlands: threats and conservation priorities

on paper by some form of conservation designation, the potential exists for hydrocarbon exploration, logging, plantations and other forms of disturbance to significantly damage the peatland ecosystems ... , Leicester LE1 7RH , UK 6 School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh , Edinburgh EH9 3FF , UK 7 UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre , 219 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0DL , UK 8 Wildlife

Impacts of integrated soil and water conservation programs on vegetation regeneration and productivity as indicator of ecosystem health in Guna-Tana watershed: evidences from satellite imagery

mitigate this problem, Ethiopian government has launched various soil and water conservation programs at different watersheds. Overall objective of this study was to analyze impacts of soil and water ... in soil and water conservation, the case of Gununo watershed, Southern Ethiopia . In: African crop science conference proceeding , vol 8 , pp 1541 - 1545 Wolde M , Mastewal Y ( 2013 ) Changes in woody

Water and soil loss from landslide deposits as a function of gravel content in the Wenchuan earthquake area, China, revealed by artificial rainfall simulations

effects of the mixtures of soil and gravels in landslide deposits on erosion processes is relevant for ecological reconstruction and water and soil conservation in Wenchuan earthquake area. Based on field ... recent years, many researchers were keen to determine their distribution, soil erosion and area of landslide deposits by earthquakes using the integration of Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Remote

Managing cropland and rangeland for climate mitigation: an expert elicitation on soil carbon in California

. SCF depends, to a great extent, on how soils are managed. Here, we summarize the results of an elicitation of soil science and carbon cycle experts aiming to characterize understanding of current SCF in ... experts in relevant fields, including biogeochemistry, soil science, conventional agriculture, conservation agriculture, rangelands, the carbon cycle, California ecosystems, and climate change. The

Long-term use of cover crops and no-till shift soil microbial community life strategies in agricultural soil

Reducing tillage and growing cover crops, widely recommended practices for boosting soil health, have major impacts on soil communities. Surprisingly little is known about their impacts on soil ... intensification in agriculture: premises and policies . Science . 2013 ; 341 : 33 ± 34 . 1234485 PMID: 23828927 4. Franzluebbers AJ . Will we allow soil carbon to feed our needs

Effects of bioturbation on environmental DNA migration through soil media

Extracting and identifying genetic material from environmental media (i.e. water and soil) presents a unique opportunity for researchers to assess biotic diversity and ecosystem health with increased

New ultra-sensitive radioanalytical technologies for new science

studies, in isotope oceanography and hydrology, in biomedical research and in many other branches of science. This has been mainly because of the fact that the available sensitivity was not high enough to ... technology in radiocarbon science is AMS. We shall also focus on gamma-spectrometry, on the development of large volume Ge detectors very often operating in shallow and deep underground laboratories. Monte

A Note on Weak Solutions of Conservation Laws and Energy/Entropy Conservation

A common feature of systems of conservation laws of continuum physics is that they are endowed with natural companion laws which are in such cases most often related to the second law of ... generalizes to any symmetrizable system of conservation laws; they are endowed with nontrivial companion conservation laws, which are immediately satisfied by classical solutions. Not surprisingly, weak

Spatial variations of soil respiration and temperature sensitivity along a steep slope of the semiarid Loess Plateau

The spatial heterogeneity of soil respiration and its temperature sensitivity pose a great challenge to accurately estimate the carbon flux in global carbon cycling, which has primarily been ... Loess Plateau, Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources , Yangling, Shannxi , China 2 Editor: Jorge Paz-Ferreiro, RMIT University , AUSTRALIA

Effects of soil and water conservation on vegetation cover: a remote sensing based study in the Middle Suluh River Basin, northern Ethiopia

Background Soil and water conservation (SWC) has been implemented in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia since 1985. Besides this, the agricultural development strategy of the region which was derived from ... effects of soil and water conservation on vegetation cover improvement. The method of LST–NDVI space with standard meteorological data, as well as remote sensing data were combined by Moran et  al. (1994

Transport properties of soil particles in Sakiyamawan–Amitoriwan nature conservation area, Iriomote Island, Japan

The actual states of soil particle transport in and exchange between the Sakiyama and Amitori bays, Iriomote Island, Japan, were investigated using atmosphere–ocean–river observations and numerical ... conservation area; Sakiyama bay; Amitori bay; Soil particle; Coastal marine ecosystem; Environmental impact of assessment Background The Sakiyamawan–Amitoriwan nature conservation area, Iriomote Island, is the

Making a better case for biodiversity conservation: the BESAFE project

types of arguments for biodiversity conservation depends on the context in which they are used. Our results show that tailoring of argumentation to audience within the course of decision processes is the ... conservation; Ecosystem services; Science policy interfaces Introduction Early arguments for biodiversity protection were focused on the conservation of charismatic and rare species, and this later broadened

An informational view of accession rarity and allele specificity in germplasm banks for management and conservation

and conservation of plant genetic resources [1±3]. Also, the objectives of seed banks have been diversified, and their profiles can be classified as assistentialist, productivist and preservationist ... conservation of endangered species, they may be important for plant breeding [ 6 ]. The qualification of an allele as rare is usually based on its frequency in a reference population, for example if it is less

Assessing shortfalls and complementary conservation areas for national plant biodiversity in South Korea

Protected areas (PAs) are often considered the most important biodiversity conservation areas in national plans, but PAs often do not represent national-scale biodiversity. We evaluate the current ... Biodiversity 2011±2020 and the Aichi Targets . 2. Kumar HD . Biodiversity and sustainable conservation . Enfield, NH: Science; 1999 . 3. Sekercioglu C . Ecosystem functions and services . In: Sodhi NS , Ehrlich

Response of soil organic carbon fractions, microbial community composition and carbon mineralization to high-input fertilizer practices under an intensive agricultural system

Microbial mechanisms associated with soil organic carbon (SOC) decomposition are poorly understood. We aim to determine the effects of inorganic and organic fertilizers on soil labile carbon (C ... has to be carefully taken into account when setting realistic and effective goals for long-term soil C stabilization. Acknowledgments This work was supported jointly by the Science and Technology