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Corrosion avoidance in lightweight materials for automotive applications

vehicles, while electric vehicles require a different approach to design and build. All the aforementioned factors have a significant impact on materials selection and usage, and corrosion is a vital ... . To meet structural integrity requirements, conventional and newly developed joining techniques have been applied, including the extensive use of adhesives. Fig. 1 Mixed materials BIW for Chevrolet

Mixed Layers in Copper Based Superconducting Materials

ordered substitution of carbon for copper in the 123 matrix. The different families of superconducting materials which are generated by such mechanisms are described as well as the way the different species ... structure AMO3_x is one of the most fascinating frameworks. Its great flexibility and Article available at or adaptability to other structural

Mechanics of Energy Materials

energy materials hold the key to fundamental advances in the conversion, storage, and harvesting of energy for a broad range of consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and defense applications. The ... successful development and deployment of these materials rely critically on a fundamental understanding of strongly coupled multiphysics phenomena. Mechanics of energy materials has emerged as a rapidly

Use the results of measurements on KBR facility for testing of neutron data of main structural materials for fast reactors

reflectors was observed. C/E results obtained with the modified ROSFOND library for complex benchmark models that are highly sensitive to the cross sections of structural materials are no worse than results ... the KBR critical facility at the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE), Obninsk, Russia during the 1970s and 80s to study neutron absorption properties of the basic structural materials of

Stiff auxetics: Hierarchy as a route to stiff, strong lattice based auxetic meta-materials

, allows for the analysis of hierarchically sub-structured lattices where direct computation would prove intractable. We show that through hierarchy one can create ultra-lightweight auxetic meta-materials of ... ensure convergence of the results. The stiffness of the meta-materials was established (Fig. 3) using the 2-d structural mechanics module utlising Euler-Bernoulli beam elements. Stationary studies were

Structural Damage Detection Using Energy Flow Models

nucleation and growth increase structural damping which makes this phenomenon useful as a damage locator. This paper examines the energy flow patterns caused by localized damping in rods, beams and plates ... Journal of Aerospace Engineering [1] D. Montalva ˜o, N.M.M. Maia and A.M.R. Ribeiro , A Review of Vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring with Special Emphasis on Composite Materials, The Shock and

Chloride Penetration in Lightweight Aggregate Mortars Incorporating Supplementary Cementing Materials

), of mortars containing SCM, at 28 days. The resistance to chloride ion penetration is an important aspect that needs a better definition in structural materials. It is generally accepted that mineral ... ]. Since it is well known that there are practical and technical benefits of using lightweight aggregate concrete, it has been successfully investigated for structural purposes, for many years [12

A hybrid invisibility cloak based on integration of transparent metasurfaces and zero-index materials

. In this work, by integrating the wavefront tailoring functionality of transparent metasurfaces and the wave tunneling functionality of zero-index materials, we have realized a unique type of hybrid ... capabilities of reflection-type metasurfaces. Zero-index materials (ZIMs)39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55, that is, metamaterials with a near-zero-refractive index, offer extraordinary wave

Evaluation of thermodynamic equations of state across chemistry and structure in the materials project

a wide range of fields including geophysics, energy storage and development of novel materials. Despite over a century of theoretical development and experimental testing of energy–volume (E–V) EOS ... it is a metal, insulator, or semiconductor, nor the bulk modulus for any of the EOS, indicating that a single equation can be used across a broad range of classes of materials. Introduction

Structural visualization of RNA polymerase III transcription machineries

is required23. Future structural studies will be necessary to reveal the detailed molecular mechanisms during this process. Materials and methods Protein purificationPol III and TFIIIC Pol III was ... , providing a structural platform to understand the full transcription cycle of Pol III-dependent genes. Results Assembly and cryo-EM reconstruction of Pol III PIC To gain insight into the regulation of Pol

Molecular perovskite high-energetic materials

explosive, was discovered by ancient Chinese in the seventh century, people have been finding powerful, stable, reliable and low-cost energetic materials for military equipment and civil industry. To obtain a ... octanitrocubane (ONC) (Fig. S1). Loading more nitro groups and higher structural tension into a single molecule does improve explosive performance, but usually leads to complicated and not cost-effective synthetic

Seismic Response of the Three-Span Bridge with Innovative Materials Including Fault-Rupture Effect

the advanced materials used in the bridge. The earthquake induced by strike-slip fault was assumed to produce a surface rupture across the SR99 Bridge. The effect of the rupture was modeled by a static ... Structural Engineering, vol. 138, no. 2, pp. 183–192, 2012. View at Publisher · View at Google Scholar · View at ScopusC. A. Cruz Noguez and M. S. Saiidi, “Performance of advanced materials during earthquake

Machine learning hydrogen adsorption on nanoclusters through structural descriptors

descriptors. We analysed the performance of state-of-the-art structural descriptors Smooth Overlap of Atomic Positions, Many-Body Tensor Representation and Atom-Centered Symmetry Functions while predicting the ... developments mean a tremendous combinatorial and structural space has opened up for rational catalyst design, where nanoscale experiments and computational screening can be used to optimize catalyst design.13

The Materials Community Connects at TMS2018 Networking Events

Computational Mechanics and Computational Materials Science for MultiScale Fatigue Prediction,” during the Structural Materials Division (SMD) Luncheon. In his talk, Ghosh explored the question “Why do we need ... JOM The Materials Community Networking Events Kelly Zappas Kaitlin McMahon Ashley-Anne Bohnert President's Welcoming Reception - While strong technical programming is the focus of any TMS Annual

Synchrotron X-Ray Microfluorescence and Microspectroscopy: Application and Perspectives in Materials Science

Materials Science - Recent developments in synchrotron storage ring technology, insertion device design and X-ray optics provide polarized photon beams with unprecedented intensity and brilliance on a ... of absorption contrast can subject the specimen to high radiation doses leading to possible structural changes. Due to the relative magnitudes of the real (phase-shifting) and imaginary (absorption

Reinforcing the Structural Stability of Old Nationally Important Trees with FRP Wraps

. This study applied nonlinear finite element (FE) analyses to evaluate the complex structural behaviors of the wood and FRP wraps, both of which are anisotropic materials. The results revealed that FRP ... , distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract This study evaluated the structural effects of applying fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) wraps around their

Non-Dissipative Structural Evolutions in Granular Materials

have been compared with DEM simulations which verify the accuracy of the proposed scheme. 1 Introduction The internal structure of jammed granular materials can change under external loading according ... network topology due to contact gain and loss events. These events do not contribute to overall strain, nor do they dissipate energy. However, such structural alterations are irreversible and the previous

Lignin-Based Composite Materials for Photocatalysis and Photovoltaics

, chemicals, and materials. Among all the fractions of biomass, lignin has been underutilized. Due to its complex structure, recalcitrant nature, and heterogeneity, its valorization is relatively challenging ... preparation of composite materials and their application in the field of photocatalysis and photovoltaics. Lignin can be used as a photocatalyst support for its potential application in photodegradation of

Preface: Innovative electrode materials for supercapacitors

merits of structural diversities, adjustable physical/chemical properties, low price, and environmental friendliness; thus, many researchers have studied these materials. Fan et al. has reviewed biomass ... University of Technology , Australia 1 Professor Hengxing Ji Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China , China SCIENCE CHINA Materials

Failure of structural elements made of polymer supported composite materials during the multiyear natural aging

problems. Polymer building materials are used as substitutes for materials such as brick, concrete, metal, wood and glass, and in addition to traditional materials. Plastic materials are light, can be formed ... represented as a figure, which is equally inclined to the principal axes according to equation (9). G.S. Pisarenko offered the condition for materials with structural heterogeneity + (1 − ) 1 1− = , (10) where