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Piecewise-linear and bilinear approaches to nonlinear differential equations approximation problem of computational structural mechanics

This paper presents a bilinear approach to nonlinear differential equations system approximation problem. Sometimes the nonlinear differential equations right-hand sides linearization is extremely difficult or even impossible. Then piecewise-linear approximation of nonlinear differential equations can be used. The bilinear differential equations allow to improve piecewise-linear...

Intelligent Structural Systems

to various structural configurations. Lengthy and detailed equations are derived to describe the motion of piezoelectric general shells. The equations are next reduced to the cases of thick and thin ... physics and mechanics of electrorheological fluids as well as their application to pumping de­ vices, dampers, engine mounts, and rotary clutches. Experimental data are presented for a sandwich beam with

Mechanics of Energy Materials

successful development and deployment of these materials rely critically on a fundamental understanding of strongly coupled multiphysics phenomena. Mechanics of energy materials has emerged as a rapidly ... research advances in this highly interdisciplinary area, with a focus on experimental and integrated computational/ experimental investigations from the mechanics and materials prospectives. The eleven

Structural Damage Detection Using Energy Flow Models

nucleation and growth increase structural damping which makes this phenomenon useful as a damage locator. This paper examines the energy flow patterns caused by localized damping in rods, beams and plates ... Spectral Element Method (ESEM) in order to detect and locate damage. The analyses are performed at high frequencies, where any localized structural change has a strong influence in the structural response

The Tarsometatarsus of the Ostrich Struthio camelus: Anatomy, Bone Densities, and Structural Mechanics

structural response during locomotion. We describe the external and internal anatomy of the ostrich tarsometatarsus based on specimen observations, reviews of the literature, and computed tomographic (CT ... analyses of structural response through the step cycle (during both running and turning: [10]). Forces for such studies will be derived from experimental data and motion simulation through methods of

New trends in mechanics of masonry

Masonry. This is testified by the significant amount of papers published on this topic. Moreover, Meccanica published a special issue entitled ‘Masonry Construction: Structural Mechanics and Other Aspects ... accurately reproduce masonry structural response. Relevant and even pioneer contributions can be found proposing analytical methods to evaluate the limit load of masonry elements, such as walls and arches

Nonextensive statistical mechanics : implications to quantum information

foundation with a variational underpinning founded on an “entropy” maximization, which may be called Quantum Statistical Mechanics [ 1 ]. The specific form of the entropy as a functional of the density ... D. C. Recently the focus of his work has been in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Information. R. W. Rendell obtained a PhD in Physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. For the

Influence of Structural Plane Microscopic Parameters on Direct Shear Strength

Structural plane is a key factor in controlling the stability of rock mass engineering. To study the influence of structural plane microscopic parameters on direct shear strength, this paper ... Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Structural plane is a key factor in

Geophysical field disturbances and quantum mechanics

mechanics assuming the so-called classical physics in which frames the phenomena have no apparent explanation to be a component of quantum mechanics. Here physicists has called attention to a particular ... QE state behave like a single substance, despite the fact that there are no interaction between its parts and particles can be at any large distance from each other. In quantum mechanics it means that

Skeletal muscle mechanics, energetics and plasticity

on skeletal muscle mechanics, energetics and plasticity at the 2016 Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement Conference (BANCOM 2016). Dr. Lieber revisits the topic of sarcomere length as a ... . Overall, we are treated to a vast array of basic and clinical problems in skeletal muscle mechanics and physiology, with some solutions, and many suggestions for future research. Muscle mechanics; Cross

Reinforcing the Structural Stability of Old Nationally Important Trees with FRP Wraps

This study evaluated the structural effects of applying fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) wraps around their trunks to support old trees of national importance. High wind loads such as windstorms or

A Copula-Based and Monte Carlo Sampling Approach for Structural Dynamics Model Updating with Interval Uncertainty

approach in structural dynamics with interval uncertain parameters is proposed in this work. Firstly, the mathematical relationship between the updating parameters and the output interesting qualities is ... model updating problems are classic inverse problems in structural mechanics where the standard “forward” relationship between input and output variables of a model is inverted. The key in solving a FE

The immediate effects of a single autogenic drainage session on ventilatory mechanics in adult subjects with cystic fibrosis

]. The forced oscillations technique (FOT), developed in the 1950s by DuBois [ 9 ], allows analysis of ventilatory mechanics, resistance (Rrs), and reactance (Xrs), both globally and at different levels ... ]. Since the FOT has been shown to provide relevant information on respiratory mechanics, the primary aim of this study was to gain insight into the physiological changes occurring in CF subjects after

Does boundary quantum mechanics imply quantum mechanics in the bulk?

associative operator in perturbation theory. This suggests that quantum mechanics in the bulk is only valid in perturbation theory around a semiclassical bulk geometry. 1 Introduction 2 Ambiguities in ... correlators with (0) 2.1 Spacelike separated boundary points 3 Implications 3.1 3.3 3.2 Implications for bulk reconstruction Associativity and bulk quantum mechanics Obstruction to an operator

Fracture mechanics based assessment of manufacturing defects laying at the edge of CFRP-metal bondlines

This study presents a simplified approach for the evaluation of the bond line load capacity of CFRP-metal hybrid structural parts, bearing manufacturing defects. The proposed approach overcomes the ... -processing of the stress and strain fields developed at the free edges of the hybrid material (critical locations in the presence of manufacturing defects), with the use of interfacial fracture mechanics

Correction to: Structural evolution of vertically oriented graphene nanosheet templating Ni–Co hydroxide as pseudocapacitive electrode

, People's Republic of China 1 College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Lanzhou University , Lanzhou 730000 , People's Republic of China 2 Media, LLC, part of Springer 3 State Key Laboratory of Powder

Numerical analysis of compression mechanics of highly polydisperse granular mixtures with different PSD-s

. Therefore, the objective of the presented project was to analyze the compression mechanics of highly polydisperse granular mixtures with various PSDs; the analyzed traits include the structural and mechanical ... method; Compression mechanics 1 Introduction Granular materials play important roles in the agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and constructions industries. Materials are subjected to

Biting mechanics and niche separation in a specialized clade of primate seed predators

features. We also found that feeding biomechanics in sympatric Pithecia and Chiropotes are consistent with data on food structural properties and observations of dietary niche separation, with the former ... molar biting (as when crushing a resistant seed) were performed using FEA. Previous analyses of biting mechanics in pitheciines [ 21, 31, 48 ] have relied on photographs and 2D estimates of lever/load

Structural divergence creates new functional features in alphavirus genomes

arthralgia in humans, and Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV), which causes encephalitis, have identified RNA structural elements that play key roles in replication and pathogenesis. However, a ... pathogenesis. However, a complete genomic structural profile has not been established for these viruses. We used the structural probing technique SHAPE-MaP to identify structured elements within the SINV and

Structure–property relation and relevance of beam theories for microtubules: a coupled molecular and continuum mechanics study

–property relation for MTs and examine the relevance of the beam theories to their unique features. A molecular structural mechanics (MSM) model was used to identify the origin of the inter-PF sliding and its ... structure mechanics model; Inter-PF sliding; Euler beam; Timoshenko beam; Nonlocal effect 1 Introduction Microtubules (MTs) are a structural element and primary organizer in the cytoskeleton of eukaryotic