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Severe adhesions and advanced laparoscopic surgery

hydrodistension test revealed symptoms of early interstitial cystitis. Estimated blood loss was 800 and operative time 5 hours 23 minutes. The case demonstrates the potential of minimal invasive surgery in a case ... laparoscopic surgery gynecologic surgeons were among the pioneers of laparoscopic intervention for different types of benign disorders. With more than two decades since the first “laparoscopic” hysterectomy

Hepatic Surgery in the Ussr

HEPATIC SURGERY IN THE USSR EDUARD I. GALPERIN SUREN R. KARAGIULIAN The history of hepatic surgery in the USSR goes back to the work of Russian surgeons in the late nineteenth century. The first ... successful liver resection was performed in Russia by N.V. Sklifosovsky in 1889, further contributions to surgery of the liver were made by M.M. Kuznetsov and V.R. Pensky who suggested the hepatic suture

Sex, Lies, and Surgery: The Ethics of Gender Reassignment Surgery

reassignment surgery is a morally permissible treatment option. Though many argue that it is morally impermissible to allow the use of surgery for such non-medical things as reassigning gender, I argue that the ... ”). This quote, from a male-to-female transsexual individual who was living as a woman while waiting to qualify for gender re-assignment surgery (GReS), demonstrates the agony that those who struggle with

Equine Intestinal Surgery

In professional literature pertaining to veterinary medicine very little has been published on surgery of the equine digestive tract. Many veterinarians are endowed with the belief that abdominal ... . Conner* IN PROFESSIONAL literature pertaining to veterinary medicine very little has been published on surgery of the equine digestive tract. Many veterinar­ ians are endowed with the belief that ab­

Three dimensional evaluation of soft tissue after orthognathic surgery

To evaluate the nasolabial soft tissue change three-dimensionally after orthognathic surgery, using a structured light scanner. Thirty-two malocclusion patients, who underwent orthognathic surgery ... , who underwent orthognathic surgery, were evaluated. CBCT and 3D facial scans were obtained before surgery and 3 months after surgery. The 3D changes in the 26 landmarks, and the relative ratio of the

Endoscopic sinus surgery for maxillary sinus mucoceles

. Methods Between 2003 and 2005, 14 patients underwent endoscopic sinus surgery for maxillary sinus mucocele. The presenting sign and symptoms, radiological findings, surgical management and need for revision ... Medicine, Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery , Ankara , Turkey Background: Maxillary sinus mucoceles are relatively rare among all paranasal sinus mucoceles. With the introduction of

Foundations in Neurological Surgery

D. Sharan, MD Department of Neurological Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA Continuously searching for ways to improve resident education, Dr. Ashwini Sharan has begun a series of ... Neurological Surgery. As important as forethought and planning are in surgery, speed is even more so. The resident should strive to develop automatic, accurate decision-making skills in order to conserve

Surgery in the Field

bill without that fact being mentioned. With this con­ venience the owner is satisfied that his animal is receiving the best of treatment and is willing to pay a slightly larger fee than if the surgery

Otitis Externa and Surgery

involvement in the other areas, as they communicate. The number of otology cases greatly exceeds the yearly number of cases in oph thalmology, orthopedic surgery, urology and neurology ( 13 ). Some dogs are ... scrubbed and disinfected, as for surgery, prior to culturing. Care must be used so that no water, soap or disinfectant enters the canal. Media can be streaked for bacterial (blood agar) and fungal (Sabouraud

Clostridium Infection In Canine Surgery

When experimental surgery on the dog became general, it was soon discovered that occasional infections occurred. Postoperative infections were not new to the veterinary surgeon, but his technic was ... where the experimental surgery was per­ formed. In 1930, this theory was upset when investigators were able to culture Clostri­ dium spp. from the liver and blood of normal dogs.1 By 1935, Reeves,2 had

Hepatic Surgery Facilitated by a New Jet Dissector

HEPATIC SURGERY FACILITATED BY A NEW JET DISSECTOR 0 Inselspital , 3010 Berne , Switzerland 1 H.U. BAER, G.J. MADDERN and L.H. BLUMGART Department Increasing experience with major hepatic ... subsequent droplet formation (reproduced with permission of the British J. of Surgery (in press)). CLINICAL APPLICATION There are a variety of clinical settings in which this machine might prove useful but

Minors and Cosmetic Surgery: An Argument for State Intervention

may intervene to prevent minors from obtaining medically unnecessary cosmetic surgery. The article concludes that a state may prohibit such a procedure without running afoul ofparental liberty interests ... by showing severe risk of harm to the minor. Furthermore, the article proposes that minors not have access to cosmetic surgery unless found by a court to be medically necessary. If medical necessity

Scolicidal Agents in Hydatid Cyst Surgery

Injecting scolicidal solutions into the hydatid cyst and packing the operative field with sponges soaked in scolicidal agents have been used to avoid dissemination of the parasite during surgery. In ... be avoided by injection of a potent scolicidal agent such as Savlon(R). INTRODUCTION Surgery is the treatment of choice for hydatid cyst of the liver since the results of medical and percutaneous

State-Compelled Fetal Surgery: The Viability Test is Not Viable

. Colen, Saving Babies; the Risks, Dilemmas and Rewards of Fetal Surgery, HEALTH, Aug. 1986, at 59, availablein LEXIS, Nexis library, MAGS file. 2. See id. at 61. This scenario was based upon the case ... reduce the fetus' head size. The advantage of this approach is that it allows the mother to maintain her autonomy and minimizes the physical risks of both the cesarean section option and the fetal surgery

Nonconsensual Surgery: The Unkindest Cut of All

. Introduction Nonconsensual surgery is a term used to describe a state-ordered operation fourteenth amendment's guarantee of due process.3 to obtain evidence from within an individual's body. This type of ... surgery presents serious constitutional questions.' Nonconsensual surgery may violate the fourth amendment's proscription of unreasonable searches2 as well as the Although the Supreme Court had not ruled

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Skull Base Tumors

The Jefferson Center for Minimally Invasive Cranial Base Surgery and Endoscopic Neurosurgery reflects three of the current evolutions in neurological surgery. The first of these is reflected in the

Clinical Quiz Large Animal Medicine and Surgery

A clinical quiz on subjects pertaining to large animal surgery and medicine for the benefit of students.

Clinical Quiz: Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

at; http; //lib; dr; iastate; edu/iowastate_veterinarian - Clinical Quiz: Small Animial Medicine and Surgery James Denhart and John Andrews* Case #1: A six-year old Great Dane is presented to your