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Water resource management for sustainable development

, University of Minho , Braga , Portugal Water resource management is the cornerstone for sustainable development. According to the United Nations world water development report, one-fifth of the world's ... Sustainable Development (ICIEM), held in Sousse-Tunisia from 27 to 30 October 2016 because water management issues require more attention - by the research community, especially in arid/semi-arid countries

How Sustainable Enterprises Can Drive The Sustainable Development

The aim of the paper is to analyze the role of companies as driver of sustainable development and respect for fundamental workers' rights. Trade policies and agreements can have wide-ranging effects ... researched how companies solved these conflicts and what changes they made in the sustainable policy in relation to those conflicts. Sustainable development; sustainable enterprise; workers' rights; scandal

Literacy: A foundation for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

, Switzerland I am pleased to introduce this ambitious and thought-provoking issue of Prospects, which focuses on the key role of literacy in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: “Ensure inclusive ... “child centered” (or “student centered”) instructional and assessment practices; use books, libraries, and technologies to support literacy development; strengthen family and community support for

Benefitting from Sustainable Development

and open access by the Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews at Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. It has been accepted for inclusion in Sustainable Development ... :// - Article 6 b nefitG Victoria Frappaolo* mo fr SuSbleain t Devlopmnt A development, U.S. states must continue to adopt laws s the world continues to strive to achieve sustainable that

Non Political Grassroots Leadership and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: An Analysis of Challenges and Policy Proposals

that each stage of their lives is increasing better than the proceeding one, is the basis of sustainable development. This can only be realized however, if the right caliber of leadership is in charge of ... and development of the grassroots. With the use of the Basic Need Theory (BNT), the paper analyzed issues of grassroots non-political leadership and the role it can play in sustainable development

Eco-Innovation and Service Activities in the Context of Sustainable Development in Romania

available in the official databases. The results of this study establish the relationship between eco-innovation, services, and sustainable development on the one hand, as to identify the place of Romania in ... promoting healthy development and a sustainable economy. In order to achieve the objectives proposed, we analyzed the main literature on this subject and used descriptive statistical methods for interpreted

A proposal of a new foresight platform considering of sustainable development goals

development are not necessarily desirable. In this study, we examined whether we could effectively solve social problems by combining the development of a foresight approach with Sustainable Development Goals ... (SDGs). First, we reviewed the concepts of sustainable development. Next, we examined the target of SDGs appropriately to convert our foresight activities. Finally, we propose a future public platform

Promising degrees of stakeholder interaction in research for sustainable development

Stakeholder interactions are increasingly viewed as an important element of research for sustainable development. But to what extent, how, and for which goals should stakeholders be involved? In this

Special Topic on environment and sustainable development

and Engineering--Environment and Sustainable Development” [1] taking into account of the aforementioned questions, is sponsored by the Division of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering ... research on chemical science and engineering has made profound progress and achievements, which at the same time contributes to the development of other industries. In order to ensure the sustainable

Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Development in Post-Independent Africa: A Kenyan Experience

The political independence in Africa was welcomed with joy and a heap of expectations, as Africans believed that the new African governments would bring sustainable development after years of ... address these concerns and primarily focuses on showing the relationship between leadership and sustainable development in the post-independent Africa. Methodology The study employed descriptive surveys

Sustainability science and implementing the sustainable development goals

methodologies and to apply this knowledge to the current sustainability challenges and to the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (United Nations 2015) . United Nations ... for further action. In many countries, serious sustainable development problems dominate policy discussions, but a little progress has been made on complex, global environmental problems such as climate

Maternal mortality in Sierra Leone: from civil war to Ebola and the Sustainable Development Goals

challenges in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) era. The SDG3A target is to reduce the global MMR to less than 70 per 100,000 live births by 2030 (Ministry of Finance and Economic Development 2016 ... Gynecol Scand 94 : 5 - 7 . 12540 Ministry of Finance and Economic Development ( 2016 ) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

Critical case-studies of non-formal and community learning for sustainable development

Springer Nature and UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning 2017 4 Section of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, UNESCO , Paris , France With the adoption of the United Nations ... Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, sustainable development is now undoubtedly at the very top of the global agenda. In light of the far-reaching demands sustainable development places on individuals

Watershed management for sustainable development

WATERSHED MANAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. R.N.Tiwari and G.P. Pandey (Ed.), Excellent Publishing House, New Delhi, June 2014, ISBN-978-93-83083-82-4,171p.

Sustainable Development and Well-Being: A Philosophical Challenge

priorities and to explore which mindshifts are required to develop a more comprehensive understanding of what is needed to enable ‘sustainable development’. ... then compare this broad understanding of well-being with the metaphors operative in the sustainable development discourse and argue that the sustainability discourse has fallen prey to an overemphasis on

Lodging the Sustainable Development Goals in the International Trade Regime: From Trade Rhetoric to Trade Plethoric

the Washington College of Law Journals & Law Reviews at Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. It has been accepted for inclusion in Sustainable Development Law & Policy by an ... Theory Commons, and the Water Law Commons - LODGING THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS IN THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE REGIME: FROM TRADE RHETORIC TO TRADE PLETHORIC* NasserAlreshaid** ile the international

A North-South Struggle: Political and Economic Obstacles to Sustainable Development

Journals & Law Reviews at Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. It has been accepted for inclusion in Sustainable Development Law & Policy by an authorized editor of Digital ... Water Law Commons Follow this and additional works at: - Article 4 A NORTH-SOUTH STRUGGLE: POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC OBSTACLES TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT By

The Law of the Seas: A Barrier to Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14

at Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. It has been accepted for inclusion in Sustainable Development Law & Policy by an authorized editor of Digital Commons @ American ... Alexi Nathan - THE LAW OF THE SEAS:ABARRIER TO IMPLEMENTATION OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOA 14 Alexi Nathan T Nation's Sustainable Deveclopmecnt Goals (SDGs) shiow chaeseinsctlhuesiognrowofinag

Groundwater and human development: synergies and trade-offs within the context of the sustainable development goals

local groundwater characteristics and human impact on groundwater resources across scales is paramount to implementing the sustainable development goals in an integrated manner. ... Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University , Heidelberglaan 2, 3584 CS Utrecht , The Netherlands 1 Handled by Osamu Saito, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of

Achieving the 1.5 °C objective: just implementation through a right to (sustainable) development approach

how international law concerning the Right to Promote (Sustainable) Development can contribute to determining what would be a “just” approach to achieving the 1.5 °C objective. This entails building on ... Right to Development (RtD) and the Right to Promote Sustainable Development (RtPSD). The RtD is a central notion within international human rights law and the RtPSD has been adopted under the UN Framework