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Computational systems biology approaches for Parkinson’s disease

interventions. This review provides an overview of computational systems biology approaches developed in recent years to study multifactorial molecular alterations in complex disorders, with a focus on PD ... next steps for translating systems biology findings in PD to new omics-based diagnostic tools and targeted, drug-based therapeutic approaches. Parkinson's disease; Systems biology; Pathway analysis

From correlation to causation: analysis of metabolomics data using systems biology approaches

LifeGlimmer GmbH , Berlin , Germany Introduction Metabolomics is a well-established tool in systems biology, especially in the top-down approach. Metabolomics experiments often results in discovery studies

The changing face of cancer diagnosis: From computational image analysis to systems biology

From radiogenomics to systems biology In the future, imaging data may play a major role in systems biology. In systems biology mathematical disease models are generated that can be used for ... diagnostic procedure Systems biology Therapeutic principle Companion Diagnostics CDC develops recommendations on diagnostic procedures. In this context, refinements are made, which particularly consider its

Computational identification, characterization and validation of potential antigenic peptide vaccines from hrHPVs E6 proteins using immunoinformatics and computational systems biology approaches

peptides were tested and validated by using systems biology approach considering experimental concentration. We also investigated the binding interactions of the antigenic CTL epitopes by using docking. The ... simulation [45]. Kinetics simulation for the validation of predicted epitopes A computational systems biology workbench [ 46 ] was used to design and execute an in silico biochemical pathway to confirm the

Modeling complexity: cognitive constraints and computational model-building in integrative systems biology

Modern integrative systems biology defines itself by the complexity of the problems it takes on through computational modeling and simulation. However in integrative systems biology computers do not

Precision medicine driven by cancer systems biology

Molecular insights from genome and systems biology are influencing how cancer is diagnosed and treated. We critically evaluate big data challenges in precision medicine. The melanoma research ... inhibitors have the Cancer systems biology; Melanoma; Subtype; Cancer metabolism; Oncometabolite; Epigenomics; CSD; SCNA; Driver; Big data; Precision medicine; Personalized medicine; Neoantigen; Immunotherapy

Formal reasoning about systems biology using theorem proving

System biology provides the basis to understand the behavioral properties of complex biological organisms at different levels of abstraction. Traditionally, analysing systems biology based models of ... provide a complete understanding of the behavior of such diseases, mainly due to the complex interactions of molecules connected through a chain of reactions. Systems biology [1] overcomes these limitations

The Physics behind Systems Biology

Systems Biology is a young and rapidly evolving research field, which combines experimental techniques and mathematical modeling in order to achieve a mechanistic understanding of processes ... , it may not be the best strategy in a search for design principles of biological systems and the fundamental laws underlying Biology. Physics has a long tradition of characterizing and understanding

Systems biology of the modified branched Entner-Doudoroff pathway in Sulfolobus solfataricus

deletion and perturbations? We employed a systems biology approach to answer these questions and to gain further knowledge on the emergent properties of this biological system. Specifically, we applied ... npED branch. Consequently, this experiment is not possible in the wet lab. However, using a systems biology approach, we can test in silico how the system behaves when the npED branch is inactive and the

Systems biology of the IMIDIA biobank from organ donors and pancreatectomised patients defines a novel transcriptomic signature of islets from individuals with type 2 diabetes

secretion in beta cells, and ARG2 and PPP1R1A, which promoted insulin secretion. Systems biology approaches identified HNF1A, PDX1 and REST as drivers of gene co-expression modules correlated with impaired ... Gene expression profiles OD modules PPP modules OD traits Intersection TF network NFATC2 TSC22D1 SOCS2 LMO4 EDN1 PTPRK NFKBIZ ƒFig. 5 Systems biology analysis predicted the key transcription

The systems biology format converter

Background Interoperability between formats is a recurring problem in systems biology research. Many tools have been developed to convert computational models from one format to another. However ... developers. The source code and documentation of the framework are freely available from the project web site. Converter; Format; Systems biology; SBML Background Computational representations of pathways

Systems biology of seeds: deciphering the molecular mechanisms of seed storage, dormancy and onset of germination

70% of the world’s caloric intake in the form of food and animal feed produced through sustainable agriculture, which contributes to food and nutritional security. Seed systems biology remains an ... covered in this special issue of Plant Cell Reports highlight recent advances made in the area of seed biology that cover various systems biology applications such as gene regulatory networks, metabolomics

Systems Biology for Biologists

you! Systems biology, at its core, is not a set of computational and mathematical techniques; these are merely tools, incredibly useful, but secondary. The heart of systems biology is simple: explaining ... system. For this, the training and intuition of a biologist is irreplaceable. Are There Any Systems Biology Success Stories? Why, yes, indeed there are. Successful mathematical modeling of biology has a

Systems biology of the structural proteome

biological studies. In recent years, genome-scale reconstructions have been extended to include protein structural information, which has opened up new vistas in systems biology research and empowered ... , MD 20894 , USA 5 Department of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School , Boston, MA 02115 , USA 6 National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of

A Comprehensive Systems Biology Approach to Studying Zika Virus

glycosylation, particularly of ASN154, may have major biological implications for ZIKV disease. Taken together, the systems biology perspective of ZIKV indicates: a.) The recently emergent Asian/American N ... comprehensive approaches to facilitate control and ultimately treatment and prevention strategies. Here we present a systems biology analysis of ZIKV examining diversity in its sequence and glycosylation patterns

Integrative radiation systems biology

limited since the number of clinically used targets is rather sparse. However, currently a paradigm shift is taking place from pure frequentistic association analysis to the rather holistic systems biology ... described. This review article strives for providing a compact overview on the state of the art of systems biology, its actual challenges, potential applications, chances and limitations in radiation oncology

Parameter estimation in large-scale systems biology models: a parallel and self-adaptive cooperative strategy

Background The development of large-scale kinetic models is one of the current key issues in computational systems biology and bioinformatics. Here we consider the problem of parameter estimation in ... ; Parallelization - Computational simulation and optimization are key topics in systems biology and bioinformatics, playing a central role in mathematical approaches considering the reverse engineering of

Osmoregulation in the Halophilic Bacterium Halomonas elongata: A Case Study for Integrative Systems Biology

Trk-type transport systems TrkH and TrkI [13]. With increasing K+-glutamate levels, ectoine synthesis is switched on. The compatible solute ectoine is critical for the biology of H. elongata as shown by

FAIRDOMHub: a repository and collaboration environment for sharing systems biology research

The FAIRDOMHub is a repository for publishing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) Data, Operating procedures and Models ( for the Systems Biology community ... storing and sharing systems biology research assets. It enables researchers to organize, share and publish data, models and protocols, interlink them in the context of the systems biology investigations

FAIRDOMHub: a repository and collaboration environment for sharing systems biology research

The FAIRDOMHub is a repository for publishing FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) Data, Operating procedures and Models ( for the Systems Biology community ... storing and sharing systems biology research assets. It enables researchers to organize, share and publish data, models and protocols, interlink them in the context of the systems biology investigations