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Systems Theory

Systems Theory has generated a lot of excitement in the last decade. It has also spawned more than its share of pitchmen, enough so that it is in danger of being discredited before its genuine ... most promising, and also the most difficult, aspect of systems theory for the social work practitioner is the topic of "feedback" and its implications for power and social control. Here the organismic

Networking architectures and protocols for smart city systems

grid, smart home energy management, smart water, UAV and commercial aircraft safety, and pipeline monitoring and control systems. ... control systems. KeywordsSmart city Cyber-physical systems (CPS) Networking architectures Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Wireless sensor networks (WSNs)  Abbreviations CPS Cyber-physical systems UAV

Introduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems

consists of propositions, proofs, theorems, corollaries, lemmas and definitions, with nary an application in sight. The authors believe that “: : : the theory of dynamical systems is a major mathematical ... asymptotic topological invariants; statistical behavior of orbits and introduction to ergodic theory; systems with smooth invariants and more examples. This latter chapter covers Newtonian systems, Lagrangian

Ecological Systems Theory in Social Work

Ecological systems theory is explicated as a current form of successive systems models used in social work. Behavior principles assumptive in this model are identified: of exchange balance, inner ... -meeting. Ecological systems theory can provide support for the mediating function of social work in regard to the dialectical forces of social stability-control and social deviance-change, and in furthering

The Systemic Theory of Living Systems and Relevance to CAM: The Theory (Part II)

This theory stems from observing the universe's ‘omniscient’ nature, manifested in flows of energy and information of its life plethora. A notorious example is the living cell's intelligent nature ... AIDS and 1. Olalde , J. The systemic theory of living systems and relevance to CAM. Part I: the theory . eCAM 2005 ; 2 : 13 - 8 . 2. Olalde , J. The systemic theory of living systems . Proceedings of

Review and application of group theory to molecular systems biology

In this paper we provide a review of selected mathematical ideas that can help us better understand the boundary between living and non-living systems. We focus on group theory and abstract algebra ... contemporary molecular systems biology. 2. Introduction to Group Theory Group theory is a branch of abstract algebra developed to study and manipulate abstract concepts involving symmetry [12]. Before defining

Natural Famlly Planning and Famlly Systems Theory

Adjunct Faculty John Paul II Institute for Studies in Marriage & Family and Marion Geremia, RN, BSN Natural family planning (NFP) and family systems theory and therapy are separate disciplines which are ... natural family planning and family systems theory and their relationship with one another and (2) to explain why immature couples may have difficulty with the method as well as ways in which NFP actually

Can Information Systems Foster Emotional Intelligence? A Design Theory-Based Approach

used an Information Systems Design Theory approach to guide the integration of Emotional Intelligence functions into collaboration systems. Two artifact systems were constructed based on these designs ... incorporate Emotional Intelligence techniques? This research explores this question using a design theory-based approach based on extension of prior theory in collaboration systems combined with theoretical


hypothesis with chlorine, a prototype oxidative stressor, using a combination of cellular studies with gene expression analysis of response pathways and with computational modeling of activation of control ... Computational Biology, The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, 6 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; Phone: 919-558-1205; Fax: 919-558-1300; E-mail: Hormesis and adaptive cellular control systems

Broken Systems, Broken Duties: A New Theory for School Finance Litigation

theory and the adequacy theory. Under the equity theory, plaintiffs argue that the states distribute school resources in a disparate manner that violates equal protection of the laws. Under the adequacy

Moving Target Tracking of Extended Nonholonomic Chained-Form Systems via Finite-Time Switching Control

A finite-time switching control scheme is presented for tracking a practical moving target of extended nonholonomic chained-form systems. Firstly, a dynamic output tracking error model is proposed ... proposed by applying the finite-time stability control theory and switching design methods. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed finite-time switching control approach is performed according to the

The object-oriented paradigm as an implementation of systems theory in IS

Classical General Systems Theory (GST) is rich with fundamental concepts relating to the explanation of how systems behave and operate. The new concept of object-oriented techniques and methodologies ... techniques provide a better fit to GST than older design methodologies. INTRODUCTION Classical General Systems Theory (GST) as we know it was derived from theorists work­ ing from approximately 1920 to the

Adaptive Control in Swarm Robotic Systems

Inspired by the collective behavior observed in natural insects, swarm robotics is a new approach in designing control algorithms for a large group of robots performing a certain task. In such ... Engineering Commons Recommended Citation Syste; m; s; authorized administrator of ScholarWorks at WMU; For more information - Article 7 ADAPTIV E CO NTRO L IN SWAR M ROBO TIC SYSTEMS By Hanyi Dai

Nonlinear Control Systems Simulation Using Spreadsheets

In this paper, a method for simulating nonlinear control systems using spreadsheets is presented. Various nonlinear blocks are simulated using graphics and cell formulas, and are generated by ... system. Submitted October 2003; revised and accepted January 2004. 1 Introduction Automatic control is an essential part of industrial processes, robotic systems, power generation, transportation and

Corporate Control and the Corporate Asset Theory

Corporate Control and the Corporate Asset Theory ... Citation NOTES INTRODUCTION CORPORATE CONTROL AND THE CORPORATE ASSET THEORY Since the corporation has become the institution responsible for the bulk of American industrial production,' its importance

Control of Behavior through Law: Theory and Practice

additional works at; http; //scholarship; law; nd; edu/ndlr - -More than ever before there have been increasing demands made upon the social sciences and in particular psychology to make relevant its theory ... . SPENCE, BEHAVIOR, THEORY AND CONDITIONING 1-24 (1956) and Stevens, Psychology and the Science of Science, 44 PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLETIN 221-63 (1939). Even within professional circles, psychologists and

The Science of Open Spaces: Theory and Practice for Conserving Large Complex Systems

he identifies as fundamental aspects of traditional Western scholarship and conservation efforts. In their place, Curtin argues for a theory and practice of conservation based on complex, systems ... readers without prior knowledge of these disciplines. In order to make his larger argument, Curtin references physics, biology, ecology, systems thinking, conservation and natural resource management theory

Information control and security policy in health care information systems

The reliance on information systems forces the health care organizations to consider two security management issues: information control and security policy. The objective of this article is to

Revising and Extending the Linear Response Theory for Statistical Mechanical Systems: Evaluating Observables as Predictors and Predictands

Linear response theory, originally formulated for studying how near-equilibrium statistical mechanical systems respond to small perturbations, has developed into a formidable set of tools for ... . Mathematically rigorous derivations of linear response theory have been provided for systems obeying stochastic dynamics as well as for deterministic chaotic systems. In this paper we provide a new angle on the