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Afghanistan and International Security

, it has had extraordinary effects on in ternational relations. The central question that is explored here is: what are the implications ofwars in Afghanistan for international security, not only in the ... Afghanistan and their influence on international security. • What have been the effects of previous wars in Afghanistan, particularly in the nineteenth centu.ry and in the Soviet period 1979-89, on regional

Guest Editorial: Recent Advances on Security and Privacy of Multimedia Big Data in the Critical Infrastructure

achieve, as technology is changing at rapid speed and our systems turn into ever more complex. The explosion of multimedia big data has created unprecedented opportunities and fundamental security ... this problem, including: Security and privacy of multimedia big data in banking systems Security and privacy of multimedia big data in telecommunication systems Security and privacy of multimedia big

Governments want your smart devices to have stupid security flaws

Airline systems, like all networks, are vulnerable to hacking.Credit: Michael H/GettyClick Here to Kill Everybody: Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World Bruce Schneier W. W. Norton (2018 ... )Hardly a day now passes without reports of a massive breach of computer security and the theft or compromise of confidential data. That digital nightmare is about to get much worse, asserts security

Maritime Domain Awareness: The Key to Maritime Security

different airlines existed on the morning of September 11 , 2001. Had this data been available and shared widely in an aviation safety and security communi ty that understood the potential threat, the world ... m akes two importan t points. First, it dramatically rem ind s us of the vulnerability of these crucial parts of our transporta tion and economic systems. Our ports are essen tial trans-shipment nodes

Security in the Strait of Malacca and the Regional Maritime Security Initiative: Responses to the US Personnal

commander of the US Pacific Comm and, is one of the American maritime security programs and initiatives designed to p romote re­ gional cooperation and improve mari time security in the East Asia and Pacific ... of maritime terrorism, prolifera­ tion of weapons of mass destruction (WMD ) and the security of the maritime transport sector in general. As a result of this changed strategic environment in the

Security and privacy aware data aggregation on cloud computing

The use of cloud computing has become common due to advantages such as low cost and sizing of computing resources according to demand. However, it also raises security and privacy concerns, because ... Industry Forum [ 2 ] for the United Kingdom, the two main inhibitors for cloud computing adoption are concerns about data security and privacy, mentioned by 70% and 61% of the respondents, respectively. In

Homeostatic approach to assessing digital manufacturing security

This study suggests a new digital manufacturing security paradigm based on the bio-inspired homeostasis concept to provide structural and functional cyber resilience of digital manufacturing to ... obtaining data on the operations being carried out. A digital manufacturing security paradigm should be based on new security principles which have to be invariant to attack mechanisms because the components

Big healthcare data: preserving security and privacy

delivery and improve the quality of life in general. However, deciding on the allowable uses of data while preserving security and patient’s right to privacy is a difficult task. Big data, no matter how ... and Pig [ 40 ]. Big data network security systems should be find abnormalities quickly and identify correct alerts from heterogeneous data. Therefore, a big data security event monitoring system

Intelligent data attacks against power systems using incomplete network information: a review

With the integration of information technologies, power system operations are increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks. It has even been revealed that an attacker can inject false data into real-time ... topics for facilitating the detection and prevention of such false data attacks. Cyber security; False data injection attack; Incomplete network information; Power system state estimation 1 False data

Analysis of security in cyber-physical systems

. Pang et al. [13] considered the security of networked control systems and proposed a secure architecture. The basic idea is that data encryption standard (DES) algorithm and message digest (MD5 ... beware of the grave consequences of a cyber-attack on a CPS. Since many national critical infrastructures are applications of CPS, ensuring security and safety of such systems is of great importance. In

Conditions on Entry of Foreign-Flag Vessels into US Ports to Promote Maritime Security

time. the grave threats that in ternat io nal terrorists and rogue States pose to global order give rise to overriding maritime security concerns among port States, factors which argue strongly against a ... States must cooperate to develo p and imple­ ment efficient and effective conditions on port entry to ens ure the security of the port State and the international commercial system. Unreasonably

Ethnographies of Security: Pushing Security Studies Beyond the Bounds of International Relations

attuned to how subjects of surveillance navigate, and in some cases resist, the military, border security, and carceral systems. In her article written from spaces contested by military forces and other ... training researchers to care for their own safety while conducting research, and this is true across ethnographic research. Collecting data on (in)security should not be prioritized over researchers

A Handover Security Mechanism Employing the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Approach for the IEEE802.16e Wireless Networks

(EAP). According to the analyses of this study the HaKMA can effectively and efficiently provide user authentication and balance data security and system performance during handover. ... Mobile Information Systems A handover security mechanism employing the Diffie-Hellman key exchange approach for the IEEE802.16e wireless networks Yi-Fu Ciou 1 Fang-Yie Leu 1 Yi-Li Huang 1 Kangbin

Beyond Conventional Security in Sponge-Based Authenticated Encryption Modes

The Sponge function is known to achieve \(2^{c/2}\) security, where c is its capacity. This bound was carried over to its keyed variants, such as SpongeWrap, to achieve a \(\min \{2^{c/2},2^\kappa ... associated-data , in V. Atluri, (ed.) Proceedings of the 9th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS 2002 , Washington, DC, USA, November 18 - 22 , 2002 . (ACM, 2002 ), pp. 98 - 107 [78] P

Security Paper Design with Frequency-Selective Structure for X-Band Electromagnetic Detection System

This study designed and fabricated a frequency-selective structure-based security paper for the electromagnetic detection system of a security gate, which aims to prevent leakage of confidential ... channels. Government organizations and private companies have adopted digital or electronic documentation systems, which are optimized for information management and security in each group, to prevent any

Use of Unmanned Systems to Combat Terrorism

Drones: Unmanned Systems and the Future of War: Hearing Before the Subcomm . on National Security and Foreign Affairs of the H . Comm. on Oversight and Government Reform, 111th Cong . 11 ( 2010 ... systems (UAS) in the US Department of Defense (DoD) inventory jumped from under fifty to over six thousand.1 By March 2010, the number had increased to over seven thousand.2 In fiscal year 2009, UAS

Harnessing genetic potential of wheat germplasm banks through impact-oriented-prebreeding for future food and nutritional security

is a major impact-oriented pre-breeding effort at CIMMYT, resulting in large-scale development of PBLs for deployment in breeding programs addressing food security under climate change scenarios. ... Supplementary Table 8A,B provide grain yield data for the highest-yielding PBLs and elite checks grown under heat and drought stress conditions during two seasons. Five PBLs originating from five crosses had GY

Registered access: authorizing data access

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) proposes a data access policy model—“registered access”—to increase and improve access to data requiring an agreement to basic terms and conditions ... technology security enforcement [10,11,12,13,14] and is based on the notion that potential users could be granted online access to data according to their roles (e.g., bona fide researcher or clinical care

Cyber security and cyber defense for Venezuela: an approach from the Soft Systems Methodology

determines the presence and exposure of cyber threats. The Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) was used to transit between observed reality and the world of systems, where emerges a Strategic Cyber Security and ... Center of the University of California San Diego Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Strategic Cyber Security and Cyber Defense Model Command and Control Center for Cyber Threats of Israel Strategic

B-space: dynamic management and assurance of open systems of systems

Connected cars, freely configurable operating rooms, or autonomous harvesting fleets: dynamically emerging open systems of systems will shape a new generation of systems opening up a vast potential ... , this information can be used to improve the (collective) autonomous behavior of the systems. For future applications, the models reflecting the field data could be used to derive thousands of additional