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Transcriptome analysis of a taxol-producing endophytic fungus <Emphasis Type=

The shortage of molecular information for taxol-producing fungi has greatly impeded the understanding of fungal taxol biosynthesis mechanism. In this study, the transcriptome of one taxol-producing ... results provided valuable information for the molecular mechanism research of taxol biosynthesis in C. cladosporioides MD2. Endophytic fungus; Cladosporium cladosporioides; Transcriptome; Taxol

Transcriptome profiling of <Emphasis Type=

expression or the physiology of I. orientalis under ethanol stress. In this study, high-throughput RNA sequencing was used to investigate the transcriptome profile of I. orientalis in response to ethanol. 502 ... . Issatchenkia orientalis; RNA-Seq; Transcriptome; Ethanol stress; Wine fermentation Introduction Fruit wines are fermented alcoholic beverages that derive their flavors from raw materials (fruits, and often

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this type of sesquiterpenes only reported from three species, the basidiomycete Flavodon flavus BCC 17421 [5], and the endophytic fungi Colletotrichum capsici [6] and Ceriporia lacerate [7]. Notably ... the corresponding 5-oxo-tremulane. This study represents the first report of 5,6-seco-tremulanes from the fungus I. lacteus, and also expands the distribution of 5,6seco-tremulane-type sesquiterpenoids

Pathogenic differences of the entomopathogenic fungus <Emphasis Type=

control, indicating the fungus had no obvious effect on their vitality and fertility. This demonstrates that I. cateniannulata is safe to E. nicholsi when used to control T. urticae. The two types of ... . cateniannulata is capable of producing submerged conidia in liquid medium and aerial conidia on solid medium (Zhang et al. 2014) , determining which type is best for commercial formulations may be difficult. For

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SU(4) group, that unifies colour and the B-L charge, in the context of a new strongly interacting sector, equally responsible for producing a pseudo-Goldstone Higgs boson. ... a further natural step, one can view this same new strong dynamics as responsible for producing, by spontaneous symmetry breaking, a light pseudo-Goldstone Boson Higgs [21]. The overall global

Effects of <Emphasis Type=

and taken to Utrecht University for further analysis of ammonium-N, nitrate-N, and phosphate-P on a Skalar AutoAnalyzer (Skalar, Breda, The Netherlands). Of the other two cores collected from each plot ... nutrient content. After determining fresh weight, samples were dried at 105 °C for 24 h and re-weighed. The dried soil was stored and taken to Utrecht University for analysis of Total N, Total P, and Total K

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× 109 vs. < 30 × 109/L), karyotype classifications (favorable vs. intermediate vs. poor), H19 expression (low vs. high), and gene mutations (mutant vs. wild-type). The multivariate analysis included ... Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) data for AML were used as validation cohorts. The roles of H19 in cell proliferation and apoptosis were determined by cell proliferation assay and flow cytometry analysis

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lasted 3 min and a short pre-training session was introduced before the main experiment. Recording and data analysis A horizontal electrooculogram (EOG) was recorded via skin electrodes placed at the ... > 120  ms) [ 13 ] were included in the analysis. The following performance indices were obtained: (1) antisaccade reflexive error rate which reflected the percentage of error trials over the total

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income (maysir)24 Maysir is a broader term and encompasses gambling, including but not limited to games of chance. The reason why Shariah law prohibits maysir type of income is that it is a randomly ... substantially lower than those that would normally be paid if the same service were provided by a bank.47 The foregoing analysis lends itself to the conclusion that although FinTech presents a danger to the

(<Emphasis Type=

was responsible for experiment and analysis; and C-NY took part in correctness checking. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no

The transcriptome response of the ruminal methanogen <Emphasis Type=

greenhouse gas methane by rumen methanogens such as Methanobrevibacter ruminantium. To understand the inhibitory mechanism of C12, a transcriptome analysis was performed in M. ruminantium strain M1 (DSM 1093 ... , Bartolucci S , Fiorentino G . Sensing and adapting to environment stress: the archaeal tactic . Front Biosci . 2004 ; 9 : 2909 - 26 . 21. Kato S , Kosaka T , Watanabe K. Comparative transcriptome analysis of

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A Gram-positive, non-motile, rod-shaped bacterial strain, designated HH06T, was isolated from a nodule of Astragalus chrysopterus in northwestern China. Phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA gene ... the name Nocardioides astragali sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is HH06T (= CGMCC 4.7327T = NBRC 112322T). Astragalus chrysopterus; Nocardioides; Novel species; Symbiosis Introduction The genus

Top-philic <Emphasis Type=

cant constraints on many popular new physics models. In some cases exclusion limits at the LHC reached multi-TeV mass scales, examples of which include the lower bound on a particular type of Z0 at ... involve producing new physics in association with other SM particles. The second strategy makes use of the fact that, if new physics predominantly decays into soft objects, or outside of the detector, then

Epigenetic modifications in <Emphasis Type=

had both epigenome and transcriptome data, so the methylation-expression analysis was only performed in TCGA cohort. In addition, flexible criteria were hired for further exploration: (1) CpG sites ... × 10−5). In addition, by using flexible criteria for Ranger analysis followed by survival classification tree analysis, we identified four clusters for adenocarcinomas and five clusters for squamous cell

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– conversion of αketoglutarate (the normal product of wild type IDH enzymes) to 2 - hydroxyglutarate. This process consumes NADPH, disrupts cellular redox balance, induces mitochondrial instability [ 7 ... DNA was sent to laboratory 1 for analysis by CADMA PCR. Second part of the bioptical sample was fixed in 10% buffered formalin as above. 3 μm thick sections from FFPE samples were used for IHC in

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–30 min 100 % A, where A was 0.1 % TFA in H2O and B was methanol. In one animal, the sample volume was too low for further analysis; this animal was therefore excluded. Biodistribution Studies Tumor ... resulted in clearly improved tumor visualization when the radiotracer was combined with PA, at all imaging time points (Fig. 6a). ROI analysis showed an increase of 70 % in signal intensity (1424 vs 2434 kBq

Improvement of <Emphasis Type=

fermentation using Escherichia coli or Corynebacterium glutamicum. In C. glutamicum, development of high l-ornithine producing C. glutamicum was achieved by deletion of argF, but was accompanied by growth ... relative mRNA analysis provides valuable information for enhancing the expression of the upstream genes by insertion of terminator, which may find use in the construction of other middle metabolite producing

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observational data used in our analysis; in Sect. 4 we discuss the obtained results and in Sect. 5 we give some conclusions. 2 From f ( R) to f (z) We consider the most general f (R)-type modification to the ... ± 0.7. 3.2 Type Ia supernovae data We used the SNeIa data from the JLA (Joint-Light-curve Analysis) compilation [ 92 ]. This set is made of 740 SNeIa obtained by the SDSS-II (Sloan Digital Sky Survey

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that time, though eggs were detected in feces samples at a medical check-up examination after returning. Although collection of adult worms was unsuccessful, DNA analysis of the eggs for cox1 and the ... returning, he developed abdominal pain and diarrhea. Hookworm eggs were found in feces samples and developed into larvae in culture, which were identified as A. ceylanicum based on molecular analysis of the

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are studied in section 3. The numerical analysis is given in section 4. And section 5 is the summary. 2 KL0 asymmetry In the charmed hadron decays into neutral kaons, the interference between the ... + ) are actually included ) . + c ! pK 0(! K+ ) and c ! K+ + 0(! p + c ! pK+ in the measured three-body DCS decay [10], while a partial-wave analysis requires much more data. In short, the KS0 c+ ! pKS0;L