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Beta-blockers and perioperative outcomes in vascular surgery

pertinent evidence on the potential benefits of perioperative use of betablockers (BB) in patients undergoing non-cardiac vascular surgery, and conclude that BB may be protective against myocardial ischemia ... conclusion, we believe that perioperative use of BB should not be routinely used in vascular and endovascular surgery. Future research should focus on potential beneficial effects in selected groups of

Xenografts in septic vascular surgery

Background In general, autologous veins are the optimal replacement material for an infected vascular graft in terms of handling, durability and resistance to reinfection. In the absence of suitable ... aneurysm formation, as well as high occlusion rates (particularly in peripheral areas). In view of the age and comorbidity-related reduction in life expectancy among patients requiring vascular surgery due

The endovascular performance spectrum of vascular surgery departments in Germany

Aim To survey the scope of vascular surgery services in Germany. Method A total of 308 senior German vascular surgeons received a 19-point questionnaire pertaining to department structure and scope ... %) aortofemoral bypass and 5.1 % a hybrid procedure. The CRITISCH study [ 2 ], which was supported by the German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gefäßchirurgie und

Comparison of Cardiac and Renal Involvement in Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm and Aorto-Illiac Occlusive Diseases who Underwent Elective Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery 0 The Center of Vascular and Heart diseases, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University , Georgia Objective: The aim of this study is to assess comorbidities such as risk factors between ... al. ( 2003 ). Guidelines for the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Report of a subcommittee of the Joint Council of the American Association for Vascular Surgery and Society for Vascular Surgery

Damage Control Vascular Surgery in the Austere Environment

Managing vascular trauma in an austere environment with limited resources will challenge even the most seasoned surgeon. Successful management requires immediate hemorrhage control, and then, the ... and provides damage control techniques that can be applied in a wide array of trauma settings. Vascular; Injuries; Shunts; Damage control surgery; Ischemia; Limb; Trauma - Introduction The treatment

Randomized controlled trials: still the backbone of vascular surgery?

experience and (often) biased observational studies. This era began to end (in vascular surgery) following completion of the landmark randomized trials in carotid disease, which recruited patients throughout

The Impact of Vascular Disease Treatment on Platelet-Derived Microvesicles

vascular diseases, including ischemic heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and connective tissue disease. Modulation of both pMV generation and the expression of their surface molecules may have ... agents can modify pMV formation are elusive. The purpose of this review is to discuss the effects of drugs routinely used in primary and secondary prevention of vascular disease on the release of pMV and

Incidence and clinical features of the incidentally found vascular stump thrombus during routine follow up after oncologic lung surgery

Objectives We aimed to evaluate the incidence and clinical features of vascular stump thrombus after oncologic lung surgery. Methods A retrospective analysis of records from our institutional ... study is to assess the incidence, clinical features, and possible risk factors of vascular stump thrombus after oncologic lung surgery with curative intent. Materials and methods Study population and

Imaging in Vascular Access

applications in vascular access (VA). The four modalities are reviewed under their primary uses, techniques, advantages and disadvantages, and future directions that are specific to VA. Currently, US is the most ... only diagnostic but also suitable for treatment. Interventional radiology is preferred to surgery for the treatment of most of the cases of vascular access dysfunction thanks to its minimal invasiveness

The European medical specialist examination in vascular surgery

discipline within the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS). In 2004, after the establishment of the division of vascular surgery in 1992 as a subunit of the UEMS section of surgery, it was then time ... (finally) for the introduction of the UEMS Section and Board of Vascular Surgery (UEMS-SBVS) [5]. Politically, this was a tremendously important step that has helped many European countries to establish

Development and in vivo validation of tissue-engineered, small-diameter vascular grafts from decellularized aortae of fetal pigs and canine vascular endothelial cells

Tissue engineering has emerged as a promising alternative for small-diameter vascular grafts. The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of using decellularized aortae of fetal pigs

Laparoscopic surgery for locally advanced T4 colon cancer: the long-term outcomes and prognostic factors

-term outcomes and to identify the prognostic factors in laparoscopic surgery for pT4 colon cancer. Methods The study group included 130 patients who underwent laparoscopic radical resection for pT4 colon

A multilayered electrospun graft as vascular access for hemodialysis

maintain arteriovenous vascular access for hemodialysis. Due to vascular disease, aneurysms or infection, the preferred access—an autogenous arteriovenous fistula—is not always available and appropriate ... under the name Dacron, and are often used as vascular grafts in modern surgery. We detected that neither the multilayered vascular scaffolds nor the vascular scaffolds seeded with hmvECs caused hemolysis

Perioperative smoking cessation in vascular surgery: challenges with a randomized controlled trial

surgery. Methods A single-blinded randomized clinical trial conducted at two vascular surgery departments in Denmark. The intervention group was offered the Gold Standard Program (GSP) for smoking cessation ... were patients with planned open peripheral vascular surgery and who were daily smokers. According to the power calculation a total of 144 patients were needed in the trial. Results: Due to slow patient

Postconditioning in major vascular surgery: prevention of renal failure

: 3.28 ± 0.32 vs. PostC: 2.05 ± 0.56). Conclusions The results suggest a protective role for postconditioning in major vascular surgeries against renal complications through a possible alternative release ... renal function is a common observation after major vascular surgery [1]. The etiology and mechanisms of the perioperative renal dysfunction can be related to preexistent functional compromise

Virtual reality simulation for surgery: from video games to transanal total mesorectal excision

simulation. In vascular surgery, VR makes it possible to analyze the spatial relationship between aneurysms and skull, when compared to plain 3D-images [ 3 ]. Patient-specific virtual reality rehearsal (PsR ... could be considered as the ideal form of training as it involves a direct and active participation of the trainee in the surgery. However, taking part in the surgery is frequently impossible or

Vascular surgical stretch injury leads to activation of P2X7 receptors and impaired endothelial function

A viable vascular endothelial layer prevents vasomotor dysfunction, thrombosis, inflammation, and intimal hyperplasia. Injury to the endothelium occurs during harvest and “back table” preparation of ... overstretch model of rat aorta was used to show that subfailure stretch injury of vascular tissue leads to impaired endothelial-dependent relaxation. Stretch-induced impaired relaxation was mitigated by

Editorial: Special Issue on Vascular Access

. O'Hare , K. D. Calligaro , R. A. Macsata , A. B. Lumsden , and E. Ascher. The Society for Vascular Surgery: clinical practice guidelines for the surgical placement and maintenance of arteriovenous ... intervention has become the first choice therapy, the future of vascular access is in better understanding of the disease formation process so that early detection of potential vascular access failure is

Evaluation of vascular features of vocal cords proposed by the European Laryngological Society

A newly proposed classification by the European Laryngological Society (ELS) of glottic lesions by narrow-band imaging (NBI) divides their vascular patterns into longitudinal and perpendicular ones

A novel multicolor flow-cytometry application for quantitative detection of receptors on vascular smooth muscle cells

quantitatively and simultaneously the expression of endothelin B receptor (ETB) on vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). We isolated cells from male rat tissues such as: brain pial, brain intraparenchymal and ... , Glostrup Research Institute, Rigshospitalet , Glostrup , Denmark , 2 Department of Clinical Sciences, Division of Experimental Vascular Research, Lund University , Lund , Sweden 2 Editor: Rudolf Kirchmair