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Socialized Veterinary Medicine

veterinary problems. In the 2 valleys, which are 40 miles apart, there was a total of 1,200 dairy cows. There were a few horses, a number of range cattle, 10 or 15 pigs, about 100 chickens and a few dogs. The ... Veterinary Medicine," Iowa State University Veterinarian: Vol. 9 : Iss. 1 , Article 6. Available at: , USA 2 Clark County Extension , Logandale, Nevada , USA Follow this and additional works at; http; //lib

Veterinary Medicine Explorer Post Sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine

at: , USA Part of the Science and Mathematics Education Commons, and the Veterinary Medicine Recommended Citation Follow this and additional works at; http; //lib; dr; iastate; edu

Veterinary Medicine in Turkey

There is only one veterinary college in Turkey. This is not enough, of course, for a country which has a high animal population. The Turkish government is planning to establish two more veterinary ... /iowastate_veterinarian - VETERINARY MEDICINE IN TURKEY TI:IERE is only one veterinary college m Turkey. This is not enough, of course, for a country which has a high animal population. The Turkish govern­ ment is

Veterinary Medicine in China

official. Myths, festivals, and families are a funda­ mental part of the Chinese culture. Each year, large numbers of the brightest young Chinese elect to study veterinary medicine. I believe they will

Television Serving Veterinary Medicine

performed eight months ago. All this is fairly routine now, and typical of modern biomedical media units. But ten or * Mark D. Gamma is a contributing feature editor from the College of Veterinary Medicine ... new Veterinary Medicine complex, including a TV studio designed to support veterinary in­ struction. A system of color videocassette decks and ceiling-mounted color monitors has been installed in each

Photography Serving Veterinary Medicine

This is the second article in a four-part series on Biomedical communications, its personnel, and its functions. Since the earliest days of the College of Veterinary Medicine, photography has been ... , she found adapting to veterinary medicine very easy. "Iowans and veterinarians, in general, are ex­ cellent people to work with," she says. Debi has found continuing education and contact with others in

Veterinary Medicine - Small Animal

The cover photo [of this issue] is of a painting by Fritz Buttgen. The painting, "Veterinary Medicine - Small Animal", was recently presented to the College of Veterinary Medicine by Dr. and Mrs. A.K ... College of Veterinary Medicine, is an avid long distance runner. (See "A Dean on the Run," The ISU Veterinarian Vol. 40, No. I, 1978.) At that time Dr. Pearson mentioned that he was hoping to break 3 hours

Veterinary Medicine and Professionalism

Throughout the past four years, rumbles in the distance could be heard proclaiming veterinary medicine and its sense of professionalism. But lately some people have started to actually wonder about

Veterinary Medicine in Israel

. The capital of Israel is Jerusalen1 with a population of 156,000. It has been an inhabited place since the dawn of his* Mr. Marinov is a junior in veterinary medicine at Iowa State University. He comes

Extension veterinary Medicine Has Moved

The College of Veterinary Medicine now houses Extension Veterinary Medicine - the first time since Extension Veterinary Medicine came into being back in 1913. Dr. Herrick. Dr. Nelson and Dr. McKean ... , and the Small or Companion Recommended Citation Follow this and additional works at; http; //lib; dr; iastate; edu/iowastate_veterinarian Room 2270, Veterinary Medicine Telephone 294-8790 The College

Environmental Veterinary Medicine: General Aspects

The primary concern of the veterinary profession is the service it can render to mankind. The significance of veterinary medical services is measured by the availability of food which is supplied

Historical Highlights in Veterinary Medicine

/iowastate_veterinarian - Historical Highlights In Veterinary Medicine 1800-First graduate veterinarians from for­ eign colleges began arriving in U.S. 1833-Hog cholera appears in Ohio, first re­ corded outbreak of

Veterinary Medicine in European Countries

The International Veterinary Congress was held at Madrid, Spain, May 21-27, 1959. Over 2500 veterinarians from allover the world attended. The meeting was devoted to general assemblies and specialty ... opportunity to visit two veterinary colleges in Spain under an American specialist program with the Department of State. In general, I found that Spanish colleges of veterinary medicine are in l1eed of a great

Impressions of Veterinary medicine in Europe

In attempting to comment on a six weeks tour of European veterinary schools it must first be acknowledged that impressions gained are not necessarily factual. This is particularly true since the ... . Available at: , USA Follow this and additional works at; https; //lib; dr; iastate; edu/iowastate_veterinarian - Veterinary Medicine

Comments on Veterinary Medicine in Austria

empire, is much too large to be supported by the present small state of Austria. To a lesser degree, the same thing is true of the agricultural and veterinary schools in Vienna. They were established to ... veterinary medicine, but there is a great need for information on medical advances made during the last decade, especia.lly in the field of therapeutics.

An Italian School of Veterinary Medicine

The school of veterinary medicine of the University of Milan is one of the oldest in Italy. In 1789 the Austrian Government, which dominated the northern part of Italy at that time, started this ... of a true School of Veterinary Medicine with a three-year curriculum was begun. A student was required to have obtained a certain degree of education to be ad­ mitted. The school remained in the same