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Network Pollution Games

The problem of pollution control has been mainly studied in the environmental economics literature where the methodology of game theory is applied for the pollution control. To the best of our ... Datta [49] use artificial neural network method to identify unknown pollution sources in the groundwater. Gianessi et al. [ 24 ] analyze the national water pollution control policies. And, finally

Groundwater nitrate pollution and climate change: learnings from a water balance-based analysis of several aquifers in a western Mediterranean region (Catalonia)

that climate change will represent a decrease of water availability, we qualitatively discuss the modifications that will result from the future climatic scenarios and their impact on nitrate pollution ... vulnerable aquifers This study considers data from five aquifers in Catalonia, all of them defined as vulnerable zones to nitrate pollution under the present legislation and the water agency management plans

Mine Water Problems and Solutions in China

( 2014 ) Progress, problems and prospects of prevention and control technology of mine water and reutilization in China . J Chin Coal Soc 39 ( 5 ): 795 - 805 (Chinese) Wu T , Qin J ( 2018 ) Experimental ... disasters (Zhai et al. 2017). However, I believe we can solve most mine water problems with advanced science and technology, sound decision making, and continued scientific research. Nothing is impossible to

Challenges and opportunities for managing aquatic mercury pollution in altered landscapes

contributing to the risk of MeHg in the environment. The objective of this paper is to synthesize the scientific understanding of how Hg cycling in the aquatic environment is influenced by landscape ... anthropogenic manipulations of freshwater aquatic ecosystems. Reservoirs typically aim to provide flood control or water supplies for irrigation and electricity utilities. Their impacts on Hg bioaccumulation have

Interactions of climate, socio-economics, and global mercury pollution in the North Water

Despite the remoteness of the North Water, Northwest Greenland, the local Inughuit population is affected by global anthropogenic pollution and climate change. Using a cross-disciplinary approach ... Mercury in the Arctic: Evidence of Oxidation of Hg0 to Gas-Phase Hg-II Compounds after Arctic Sunrise . Water, Air, & Soil Pollution: Focus 1 : 295 - 302 . Loutfy , M.R. , J.W. Austin , B. Blanchfield , and

The past and prognosis of mining cessation impact on river sediment pollution

Technology , Mickiewicza St. 30, 30-059 Krakow , Poland 1 Responsible editor: Patrick Byrne Purpose Remediation of mine sites is often aimed at reduction of river pollution after cessation of mining activity ... decrease of river pollution levels due to cessation of mine water discharge in 2010. It seems that the drop in sediment pollution levels of the Chechło River, shown in Fig. 2, can be assigned to the same

Special issue: developments in water management technologies and systems

behaviour change and the use of technology. Its brief includes the harvesting of rainwater, reuse of greywater and the sustainable, efficient management of storm water. Papers in this special issue therefore ... , favelas and refugee camps. She is the author of more than 80 peerreviewed journal articles on urban pollution, SuDS and many book chapters, and has co-edited books on aquatic sedimentology, water resources

Quantifying the connections—linkages between land-use and water in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

). Generally, water quality deteriorated from monsoon 2016 to pre-monsoon 2017. Our findings reinforce the importance of integrated land and water management and highlight the urgency of addressing waste ... , multidisciplinary project report . Delft University of Technology. Ha , S. R. , & Pokhrel , D. ( 2001 ). Water quality management planning zone development by introducing a GIS tool in Kathmandu valley , Nepal. Water

Effect of Hartha and Najibia power plants on water quality indices of Shatt Al-Arab River, south of Iraq

season. Water quality of Shatt Al-Arab falls under a high level of organic pollution during the summer and winter seasons. There is a slight effect by the power plants on the OPI. Hartha and Najibia power ... high salinity in the Shatt Al-Arab is due to natural factors, including climate change, domestic waste water in the canal, and others related to the management of water resources and the policies of

Development of water saving toilet-flushing mechanisms

Wasting water in toilets flushing is the largest source of water wasting through the use of old siphon boxes. It occupies the first place in domestic consumption. This study reports two trial ... valve and a minor control circuit can be used instead with additional cost of 20–50%. A system is considered feasible if the cost of water saved by it surpasses its installation, running and maintenance

Assessment of the pollution and ecological risk of lead and cadmium in soils

samples from differently used land (grassland, arable land, forest, wasteland) revealed a very high variation in the metal content in the soils. The pollution of soils with cadmium and lead is moderate ... - Prince , Haiti. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 10 , 5830 - 5843 . Ha ˚kanson, L. ( 1980 ). An ecological risk index for aquatic pollution control: A sedimentological

Tritium as tracer of groundwater pollution extension: case study of Andralanitra landfill site, Antananarivo–Madagascar

This study aims to understand the extension of groundwater pollution downstream of a landfill, Andralanitra–Antananarivo–Madagascar. Twenty-one samples, composed of dug well waters, spring waters ... Landfill use as municipal solid waste management has negative impact on water resources. Mostly, water quality has been deteriorated in different parts worldwide. In an urban Community of Casablanca-Morocco

The problem of water body status misclassification—a Hierarchical Approach

This article addresses the issue of estimating probability of misclassification (PoM), when assessing the status of a water body (w.b.). The standard deviation of a monitoring data is considered a ... Framework Directive (WFD) as the common setting for their water policies. This manifested itself in taking up the legally binding obligation of—preparing and implementing the River Basin Management Plans

Biological responses of aquatic organisms and assessment water contamination and ecotoxicity

challenge for the authorities. Additionally, in a changing world (extreme events, amplified seasonality, etc.), it is crucial to adapt water management actions with a view to protecting sensitive human ... aquatic ecosystems. As water is a fluctuating medium, its chemical status does not reflect the true hazards for populations and ecosystems. Moreover, the effects on aquatic populations fail to provide

Pay as You Drink for Sustainability of Community Water Projects

that there is need to establish a sufficient level of water user fee and also a proper management of the collected water user payments ... , construction phase and in the operational phases of any water supply project. However, these costs depend on the type of management practices, technology used, and the geology. The costs can be classified into

A new strategy for integrated urban water management in China: Sponge city

Urban water-related problems associated with rapid urbanization, including waterlogging, water pollution, the ecological degradation of water, and water shortages, have caused global concerns in ... addition, end-management measures, which remove pollution from the water through urban runoff control mechanisms, could be realized with various measures, such as implementing green infrastructure. 3

Poultry feather waste management and effects on plant growth

soil and water pollution) are also occasionally used but they are not environment friendly. Feather meal is produced in developed countries as the management strategy of poultry feather waste by either ... productivity. Excess use of chemical fertilizers enter into the water bodies through rain water causes water pollution too. So, to manage poultry feather waste, composting might be a cheap and easy way of

Tools, techniques, and technologies for pollution prevention, control, and resource recovery

-2016. The conference covered 5 themes namely, (i) application of membrane technology and nanotechnology, (ii) water and wastewater: pollution prevention and treatment, (iii) Responsible editor: Philippe ... source pollution prevention, resource recovery from waste gases, the use of artificial intelligence tools for environmental monitoring, environmental process control, and eco-industrial parks. He has

Tailoring mesoporosity of poly(furfuryl alcohol)-based activated carbons and their ability to adsorb organic compounds from water

In this work it was shown that polymers can be recycled into a promising adsorbent for organic dyes and phenols waste removal. For this, a series of activated carbons (ACs) were produced from mixture ... from water Ewa Lorenc‑Grabowska 0 Piotr Rutkowski 0 0 Department of Polymer and Carbonaceous Materials, Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Science and Technology , Gdańska 7/9, 50-344 Wrocław

The scientist, the politician, the artist and the citizen: how water united them

The Urban Water Atlas for Europe constitutes an original overview of Urban Water Management in Europe, explaining and illustrating water in an unprecedented way and reflecting how water, the essence ... waste, climate adaptation (heat islands, urban flooding, and water scarcity), water supply, wastewater treatment, air pollution, and urban design. While urban residents crave green and blue space, to