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Water quality assessment of Australian ports using water quality evaluation indices

Australian ports serve diverse and extensive activities, such as shipping, tourism and fisheries, which may all impact the quality of port water. In this work water quality monitoring at different ... . Mapping of heavy metal pollution in river water at daily time scale using spatio-temporal fusion of MODIS-aqua and Landsat Satellite imageries . Journal of Environmental Management . 2017 ; 192 : 1± 14

The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer: An Institutional Approach to Water Management

California Western International Law Journal THE NUBIAN SANDSTONE AQUIFER: AN INSTITUTIONAL APPROACH TO WATER MANAGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION Easter Island, once densely populated ... states. This article attempts to create an institutional framework to manage transboundary ground water resources by examining the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer’s water management system. Part I is an overview

Integrated Water Resources Management, Efficient and Sustainable Water Systems, Protection and Restoration of the Environment

various general themes, such as Water Resources Management and Contamination Control, Protection and Restoration of Coastal Zone and Open Sea Waters, Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention ... Hazards and Proactive Planning & Laboratory of Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens , 9 Iroon Polytechniou St

Callitriche cophocarpa (water starwort) proteome under chromate stress: evidence for induction of a quinone reductase

Chromate-induced physiological stress in a water-submerged macrophyte Callitriche cophocarpa Sendtn. (water starwort) was tested at the proteomic level. The oxidative stress status of the plant ... , Kroumov AD ( 2009 ) Root uptake and reduction of hexavalent chromium by aquatic macrophytes as assessed by high-resolution X-ray emission . Water Res 43 ( 17 ): 4159 - 4166 .

Thematic issue: water environment of the Three Gorges Reservoir

, the application of the ecological restoration and comprehensive treatment technology in the water-level fluctuation zone of the TGR and the application of water pollution prevention and algae bloom ... area of 1084 km2 (Fig. 1). Under the normal storage water level of 175 m a.s.l. and the flood control water level of 145 m a.s.l., the TGR has a total storage capacity of 39.3 billion m3 and a flood

Water-filling algorithm based approach for management of responsive residential loads

methodology for management of responsive household appliances management and EVs with water-filling algorithm. With the proposed scheme, the load profile of a transformer is retained below its rated capacity ... recent studies, water-filling (WF) algorithm has been used for load balancing in smart grids [ 26–28 ]. WF algorithm has extensively been used in communication systems for radio resource management (RRM

Green synthesis, characterization of biomaterial-supported zero-valent iron nanoparticles for contaminated water treatment

waste water. Conclusions Herein, we report the percentage of removal of methylene blue (MB) and aniline by synthesized sorbent from contaminated water. The adsorption isotherms of Langmuir and Freundlich ... , we have synthesized ZVIN that are immobilized on biomaterial with the help of chitosan. This low-cost sorbent was used to remove organic pollutants from waste water. Conclusions: Herein, we report the

Quality characterization and pollution source identification of surface water using multivariate statistical techniques, Nalagarh Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

quality characterization of surface water quality to develop effective pollution reduction strategies and maintain a fine balance between the industrialization and ecological integrity. ... ) . Multivariate statistical techniques are considered trustworthy and authentic approaches to characterize and evaluate surface water quality for efficient management and effective solution to pollution problems

Benchmarking Water Use in the UK Food and Drink Sector: Case Study of Three Water-Intensive Dairy Products

were “poor”. These results emphasise the need for creation of more comprehensive water management schemes and conservation clubs within the food and drink sector. From this study, benchmarking, a ... :// uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/69592/pb13811- waste-water- 2012.pdf. Accessed 4 Dec 2013 20. Department of Environmental Science and Technology ( 2012 ) The volumetric water

Assessment of the distribution, bioavailability and ecological risks of heavy metals in the lake water and surface sediments of the Caohai plateau wetland, China

In this study, selected heavy metals (Hg, As, Cd, Pb, Cr, Cu and Zn) in the lake water and sediments from the Caohai wetland, which is a valuable state reserve for migrant birds in China, were ... subjected to multiple pollution sources such as zinc smelting activities, especially from Hezhang County, which is located approximately 15 km away [ 8 ]. Heavy metals from the smelting waste are released

Phytoplankton can bypass nutrient reductions in eutrophic coastal water bodies

The EU-water framework directive aims at nutrient reductions, since anthropogenically induced eutrophication is a major threat for coastal waters. However, phytoplankton biomass in southern Baltic ... , highly turbid water bodies and changed phytoplankton species composition. Any possible changes in P conditions in the catchment area must thus be included in management efforts. The Baltic proper, for

Water research in Germany: from the reconstruction of the Roman Rhine to a risk assessment for aquatic neophytes

hydromorphology; water quality; aquatic and riparian ecosystems; water in agriculture and forestry; and water management and supply. The manuscripts contained in this thematic issue do not only cover a period of ... current research in hydrology, hydrogeology, water quality, aquatic and riparian ecosystems, water usage in agriculture and forestry, and water management and supply in Germany. The diversity of

The dynamics of pico-sized and bloom-forming cyanobacteria in large water bodies in the Mekong River Basin

synchronously among the water bodies. Sustaining the production of pico-sized primary producers while preventing harmful algal blooms will be a key management goal for the proposed reservoirs in the Mekong Basin. ... management of existing and future water bodies for sustained, productive fisheries may lie in the elucidation of the ecological roles of small (0.2±2 μm) picophytoplankton, especially those of its major

POLSOIL: research on soil pollution in China

dynamically with the aging time. The results provide important information on the proper use of biochar technology. In order to improve soil pollution control, Chinese State Council issued Action Plan of Soil ... economy, and large amounts of anthropogenic chemicals have entered soil, threatening the safety of terrestrial ecosystem and agricultural production. To control the hazardous effects of soil pollution, the

Comparative efficacy of locally isolated fungal strains for Pb(II) removal and recovery from water

resources from waste water stream have become a critical research topic for efficient and practical solution of water pollution [ 5 ]. Different adapted physical and chemical engineering technologies to ... environmental issues laid down restrictive legal standards for maximum satisfactory concentrations of discharged metal ions in water and soil [ 2 ]. In developing countries, the water pollution situation is

Relationships between aquatic vegetation and water turbidity: A field survey across seasons and spatial scales

Field surveys often show that high water turbidity limits cover of aquatic vegetation, while many small-scale experiments show that vegetation can reduce turbidity by decreasing water flow ... stabilization [3] and nutrient filtering [ 4 ]. Many large-scale field surveys suggest the distribution of aquatic vegetation is limited by high water turbidity [5±10], which in coastal ecosystems is primarily

Dual slag filters for enhanced phosphorus removal from domestic waste water: performance and mechanisms

column experiments with domestic waste water. The columns were fed with waste water for 24 days. The column with only EAF had the best P removal performance (above 93% throughout the experiment). The ... , 750 07 Uppsala , Sweden 2 Division of Land and Water Resources Engineering, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) , Teknikringen 76, 100 44 Stockholm , Sweden The phosphorus (P) removal of five

Management of coal processing wastes: studies on an alternate technology for control of sulfate and chloride discharge

Management of coal mining and coal processing wastes, particularly of high sulfur coals, can generate excessive amounts of sulfate (SO4 2−) and chloride (Cl−) in mine drainage that are known to ... , Zhang M-L , Ma B-G , Wang P ( 2008 ) Selective bactericides for at-source pollution control of acid coal waste piles . Res Environ Sci 21 ( 5 ): 23 - 26 Hu Z , Zhang M , Chen S , Ma B , Zhao Y , Li J

Recent advances in assessment on clear water, soil and air

Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology , Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), 43600 Bangi, Selangor , Malaysia 4 International Water, Air & Soil Conservation Society , 59200 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia ... Environment consists of land, water and air and is clean and pristine without pollution or human intervention. However, unsustainable use of resources causes imbalance in the natural environment. All kinds of

Integrating running water monitoring tools with the Micro Biological Survey (MBS) method to improve water quality assessment

Running water habitats are among the most altered aquatic systems by human activities driving an increase in the organic components and the associated bacterial load as well. To contribute in ... . For these reasons, the maintenance of healthy aquatic ecosystem throughout exploiting inter disciplinary approaches (the latter being widely stimulated by specific requirements of the Water Framework