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The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

, however, are of little value unless Linda programs execute efficiently. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that Linda programs are efficient making Linda an effective general purpose tool for ... interaction of processes). In Linda, coordination takes place through six oper­ ations that manipulate an associative, virtual shared memory. This coordination mechanism is both simple and general making it

Physics in daily life: seeing under water

in the treatment, there are interesting results that indicate that the singularity problem of classical general relativity would be resolved due to the fundamental discreteness predicted by LQG ... . Another important open issue in LQG is the semiclassical limit: how to recover from the fundamental polymer-like excitations of LQG the smooth physics of general relativity and the standard model at low

Water makes glass elastically stiffer under high-pressure

and synthesis condition have so far been extensively tested to meet this requirement. Since hydration of matter, in general, significantly reduces its stiffness, it has long been believed that an ... previously reported in anhydrous silica glass, implying that water is a highly effective impurity to make SiO2 glass much denser. This experimental discovery strongly indicates that hydration combined with

Reversible Thermoassociation of Water-Soluble Polymers

In various industrial fields, water soluble polymers are commonly used as thickening agents to control the reology of aqueous fluids. Nevertheless, their properties are weakened as the temperature ... weakened as the temperature increases. In order to overcome this problem, the concept of “ther­ moassociative”water soluble polymers was developed. Such new amphilic systems can be obtained by grafting on an

Liana and tree below-ground water competition—evidence for water resource partitioning during the dry season

dual stable water isotope approach (δ18O and δ2H) enables below-ground vegetation competition for water to be studied. Based on the occurrence of a natural gradient in soil water isotopic signatures ... more general trait for lianas than for trees has never been studied. Further research on this topic is greatly needed and should be considered in view of the presented findings. Seasonality in water use

Evaluation of Physicochemical Characteristics of Various River Water in India

Physicochemical parameters of water samples collected from various rivers in India. Water samples under investigations were collected from Krishana Vijaywada, Gomti Lucknow, Hoogali Kolkata, Ganga ... drinking purposes while for other uses like agriculture and industry, the quality of water can be quite flexible and water polluted up to certain extent in general sense can be regarded as pure4. Industrial

Water quality management through community engagement in Costa Rica

Concerns about stream water quality are increasing in Latin America. Poor sanitation infrastructure coupled with a high demand from agricultural development, recreational use, drinking, and ... involvement, along with a water quality index useable by the general public, was a key to the overall success of the project. Water quality; Tropical rivers; Biomonitoring; Citizen science; Costa Rica

Assessment of Ground Water Quality in and around Gobichettipalayam Town Erode District, Tamilnadu

Ground water samples collected from different localities in and around Gobichettipalayam town, Erode District, Tamil Nadu were analyzed for their physico- chemical characteristics. This analysis ... Gobichettipalayam area were analyzed for general water quality, pollution due to industrial discharges and pollution due to municipal sewage. Hence, it is highly essential to examine the presence of toxic substances

Bursting money bins, the ice and water structure

with water. Unfortunately, that night is going be the coldest one in the history of Ducksburg. The water freezes, bursting the "ten-foot walls ... , and finally the gigantic cube of ice and dollars slips down the hill up to the Beagle Boys lot. - THE ICE AND WATER STRUCTURE Tperiment that is often involuntary performed hat water expands when

Feasibility of 15O-water PET studies of auditory system activation during general anesthesia in children

not able to cooperate during scanning. Therefore, we evaluated retrospectively results of individual SPM (statistical parametric mapping) analysis of 15O-water PET in 17 children studied during general ... auditory cortex activations in 15O-water PET during general anesthesia. Combined with the improved signal to noise ratios of modern PET scanners, this suggests reasonable prospects for further evaluation of

Data Quality from a Community-Based, Water-Quality Monitoring Project in the Yukon River Basin

This paper examines the quality of data collected by the Indigenous Observation Network, a community-based water-quality project in the Yukon River Basin of Alaska and Canada. The Indigenous ... retrospective analysis of a set of water-quality parameters reported by all three projects over a number of years. No statistical differences were found among the three projects for pH, Calcium, Magnesium, or

Regulation of water resources systems using fuzzy logic: a case study of Amaravathi dam

Regulation of a water resource system is one of the challenging tasks due to uncertainty involved in demand and supply. It may be due to changes in the climatic conditions, living standards of people ... many real-life applications. In general, a water resources system has a large set of data which require careful analysis for taking appropriate decisions pertaining to water allocation, quality and

Dirty Water: ‘Nuremberg’ and Film

advertisements in the restaurants at that time did you not conclude that the social contact between the Jews and Aryans in general was undesirable?. . . Irene Seiler: I could not as a human being imagine such a ... German chancellor at the time, Konrad Adenauer, reportedly said, ‘One does not throw out dirty water so long as one does not have any clean water.’36 Looking back on this now, toleration of the ‘dirty

Prevention of posterior capsule opacification through intracapsular hydrogen peroxide or distilled water treatment in human donor tissue

In order to determine whether posterior capsule opacification after cataract surgery, could be delayed or inhibited through the application of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or distilled water (H2Od),we ... substances for PCO prevention, distilled water (H2Od) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). H2Od since it has been tested many times before11,13,17,20,21,22 and gives us a point of reference with other similar studies

Multiresidue solid-phase extraction for trace-analysis of pesticides and their metabolites in environmental water

fairly soluble in water and are therefore less amenable to solvent extraction. Automation and new trends in SPE The solid-phase extraction (SPE) area has been very active these past years, certainly due ... observed when handling water containing suspended solids such as surface water. Various approaches have been developed to solve this problem. One consists in depth filters which can be placed above the

Deep soil water storage varies with vegetation type and rainfall amount in the Loess Plateau of China

Soil-water storage in a deep soil layer (SWSD), defined as the layer where soil water is not sensitive to daily evapotranspiration and regular rainfall events, functions as a soil reservoir in ... . In general, variations of different vegetation covers were ordered as follows: grassland > protection forests > production forests > cropland. Figure 3 Vertical distribution of soil water storage

DNA methylation and histone acetylation: genotypic variations in hybrid poplars, impact of water deficit and relationships with productivity

of epigenetic modifiers, their possible correlations with morphological traits and the impact of water deficit have not been described for perennial plants.• Six genotypes of Populus deltoides × P ... general decrease of most of these morphological traits was recorded. The leaf variables adjustment ensures a reduction of water losses but affects the photosynthesis activity and consequently the biomass

Mine Water Problems and Solutions in China

research should not be limited to mine water professionals. The general public should be encouraged to participate in this campaign. Citizen science is an essential supplement to professional science (Li et ... feasible and flexible solutions to them (Wu et al. 2014). This special issue has enabled some of China's mine water researchers to share their results and practical experience globally. Vol.:(011233456789

Water, Forests, People: The Swedish Experience in Building Resilient Landscapes

A growing world population and rapid expansion of cities increase the pressure on basic resources such as water, food and energy. To safeguard the provision of these resources, restoration and ... -structured discussions aiming to clarify and emphasize the interconnections between forests and water in general and particularly to identify key features in Swedish forestry practices and governance that

Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... care and closely related to the steadily growing workload of general practitioners (GPs) [ 1 ]. In England, patient consultations with GPs increased by 16% in the period 2007±14 [ 2 ] whereas in