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Feasibility of 15O-water PET studies of auditory system activation during general anesthesia in children

not able to cooperate during scanning. Therefore, we evaluated retrospectively results of individual SPM (statistical parametric mapping) analysis of 15O-water PET in 17 children studied during general ... auditory cortex activations in 15O-water PET during general anesthesia. Combined with the improved signal to noise ratios of modern PET scanners, this suggests reasonable prospects for further evaluation of

Multiresidue solid-phase extraction for trace-analysis of pesticides and their metabolites in environmental water

fairly soluble in water and are therefore less amenable to solvent extraction. Automation and new trends in SPE The solid-phase extraction (SPE) area has been very active these past years, certainly due ... observed when handling water containing suspended solids such as surface water. Various approaches have been developed to solve this problem. One consists in depth filters which can be placed above the

Mine Water Problems and Solutions in China

research should not be limited to mine water professionals. The general public should be encouraged to participate in this campaign. Citizen science is an essential supplement to professional science (Li et ... feasible and flexible solutions to them (Wu et al. 2014). This special issue has enabled some of China's mine water researchers to share their results and practical experience globally. Vol.:(011233456789

Dirty Water: ‘Nuremberg’ and Film

advertisements in the restaurants at that time did you not conclude that the social contact between the Jews and Aryans in general was undesirable?. . . Irene Seiler: I could not as a human being imagine such a ... German chancellor at the time, Konrad Adenauer, reportedly said, ‘One does not throw out dirty water so long as one does not have any clean water.’36 Looking back on this now, toleration of the ‘dirty

Priestley’s views on the composition of water and related airs

indications about his late work from 1788 onwards and his late phlogistic theory, of which there has not been a detailed study. This paper undertakes a detailed study of Priestley’s late work on water and ... section examines separate topics in Priestley’s work on water and related airs in detail and in context. The following section discusses Priestley’s general complaints against the Lavoisians in the light of

Application of electrical geophysics to the release of water resources, case of Ain Leuh (Morocco)

Drinking Water (ONEE) , Rabat , Morocco 1 Méditerranée Travaux Etudes Et Conseils D'ingénierie (MEDITEC-IN) , Beni Mellal , Morocco 2 University , Beni Mellal , Morocco 3 Oum Er-Rbia Hydraulic Basin ... treat the adopted methodological approach and the study of the case of application in the tray of Ajdir Ain Leuh. - 1 Introduction The mountains are generally called "water towers of the planet". This

Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... care and closely related to the steadily growing workload of general practitioners (GPs) [ 1 ]. In England, patient consultations with GPs increased by 16% in the period 2007±14 [ 2 ] whereas in

The problem of water body status misclassification—a Hierarchical Approach

This article addresses the issue of estimating probability of misclassification (PoM), when assessing the status of a water body (w.b.). The standard deviation of a monitoring data is considered a ... formulation of new directions for future research in determining the PoM (in general, the uncertainty) of the w.b. status estimated from monitoring data. Water body status; Uncertainty measures; Probability of

Forests, atmospheric water and an uncertain future: the new biology of the global water cycle

Theory and evidence indicate that trees and other vegetation influence the atmospheric water-cycle in various ways. These influences are more important, more complex, and more poorly characterised

Photoelectrode for water splitting: Materials, fabrication and characterization

Photoelectorchemical (PEC) water splitting is an attractive approach for producing sustainable and environment- friendly hydrogen. An efficient PEC process is rooted in appropriate semiconductor ... improve the PEC systems further. Targeting on high solar conversion efficiency, here we provide a review on the development of PEC water splitting in the aspect of materials exploring, fabrication method

Self-Adaptive Solution-Space Reduction Algorithm for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Design Optimization of Water Distribution Networks

algorithm that does this was developed for water distribution networks. The objectives considered in the formulation of the optimization problem were minimization of the initial construction cost and ... available alternatives. 3 Water Distribution Network Design Optimization Problem In general, optimization problems involve constraints while genetic algorithms often do not address constraints directly. The

Design of a Sea Water Distiller Using Thermo-Solar Energy

distillation using renewable energies in which, during their operation, greenhouse gases are not emitted. The present study aims to obtain potable water by distillation of seawater using a prototype that ... results, it is proposed that any population with access to the sea and good average annual solar radiation could use the proposed prototype. Solar thermal collector; desalination; solar water distiller

Bayesian optimization of pump operations in water distribution systems

paper, the authors consider the pump scheduling optimization problem in a Water Distribution Network with both ON/OFF and variable speed pumps. In a global optimization model, accounting for time patterns ... optimization computationally challenging, even for small Water Distribution Networks. The well-known EPANET simulator is used to compute the energy cost associated to a pump schedule and to verify that hydraulic

Experimental determination of forces applied by liquid water drops at high drop velocities impacting a glass plate with and without a shallow water layer using wavelet deconvolution

Time-dependent forces applied by 2 and 4.5 mm diameter drops of water (with velocities up to terminal velocity) impacting upon a glass plate with or without a water layer (up to 10 mm depth) have ... 500 Hz. For drops at terminal velocity, just a 1 mm water layer increases the force by ≈ 7 dB for 2 mm drops and ≈ 5 dB for 4.5 mm drops; the general trend is that as the water layer becomes (a) 0.04

Australian general practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and practices towards breastfeeding

The aim of this study was to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of established general practitioners (GPs) in relation to breastfeeding. 10 GPs in the Australian Nepean Blue Mountains ... encouragement. General practitioners (GPs) are in ideal position to support and encourage breastfeeding. However, in order to be able to provide support and encouragement, GPs need to have positive attitudes

Megacity precipitationsheds reveal tele-connected water security challenges

Urbanization is a global process that has taken billions of people from the rural countryside to concentrated urban centers, adding pressure to existing water resources. Many cities are specifically ... , Colorado State University, Fort Collins, United States of America, 2 Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, 3 Department of Water Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering and

Quantifying the connections—linkages between land-use and water in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Land development without thoughtful water supply planning can lead to unsustainability. In practice, management of our lands and waters is often unintegrated. We present new land-use, ecological ... , and EC), with built land-uses (both low and high density) having the strongest impact. Our findings emphasize the need to integrate land-use planning and water resource management in general, while

Intermolecular interaction as a direct measure of water solubility advantage of meloxicam cocrystalized with carboxylic acids

aqueous solutions. It is argued that SA can be quantified by concentration of pairs formed in water. The pH and concentration of dissolved components is included explicitly in the model. The alternative ... aqueous media. In particular, performed in silico modeling confirmed experimental observation that meloxicam dissolved in water or modest acidic solutions is expected to be a mixture of anionic form in

Does cyclic water stress damage wheat yield more than a single stress?

71.52 and 73.51%, respectively. In general, a yield reduction from mild cyclic water stress did not indicate more severe damage than single treatments; in contrast, grain yield suffered more when water ... this decrease was undoubtedly greater under severe stress [ 11, 13 ]. Consistently, in this study, yield losses increased as the degree of stress increased. In general, water stress during the early