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Hex-Dominant Mesh Improving Quality to Tracking Hydrocarbons in Dynamic Basins

The proposed method regularizes as far as possible some verticals of a hex-dominant basin mesh; this regularization is used to optimize the numerical simulation of hydrocarbons flow in basins. The studied basins contain faults and constitute complex geometries.This mesh optimization is adapted for a new way to mesh basins called the “Constrained Grid Method” (CGM). Data...

Neural networks and principle component analysis approaches to predict pile capacity in sand

, Selection of the number of principal components: the variance of the reconstruction error criterion with a comparison to other methods , Indust and Eng Chemistry Research 38 , 4389 - 4401 ( 1999 ) 15. A ... . Benali . Application des réseaux de neurones artificiels pour prédire la capacité portante axiale d'un pieu . Thèse de doctorat, ( 2016 ) 16. Eurocode 7, Geotechnical design - general rules. Thomas Telford

Finite element modeling of the aluminothermic welding with internal defects and experimental analysis

, 20 - 21 ( 2006 ). 5. I. Mouallif , A. Chouaf , A. Elamri , A. Benali , Effets des défauts de soudure aluminothermique sur le comportement mécanique des rails , Revue de Mécanique & Industries (EDP ... Sciences ) 12 , 343 - 351 ( 2011 ). 6. I. Mouallif , A. Elamri , A. Chouaf , A. Benali , Étude du comportement des rails soudés par aluminothermie, 3ème Congrès International Conception et Modélisation des