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Impact of the heavy-quark matching scales in PDF fits

We investigate the impact of displaced heavy-quark matching scales in a global fit. The heavy-quark matching scale \(\mu _{m}\) determines at which energy scale \(\mu \) the QCD theory transitions from \(N_{F}\) to \(N_{F}+1\) in the variable flavor number scheme (VFNS) for the evolution of the parton distribution functions (PDFs) and strong coupling \(\alpha _S(\mu )\). We study...

Prompt neutrino fluxes in the atmosphere with PROSA parton distribution functions

Effects on atmospheric prompt neutrino fluxes of present uncertainties affecting the nucleon composition are studied by using the PROSA fit to parton distribution functions (PDFs). The PROSA fit extends the precision of the PDFs to low x, which is the kinematic region of relevance for high-energy neutrino production, by taking into account LHCb data on charm and bottom...

Genetic dissection of sorghum grain quality traits using diverse and segregating populations

Key message Coordinated association and linkage mapping identified 25 grain quality QTLs in multiple environments, and fine mapping of the Wx locus supports the use of high-density genetic markers in linkage mapping. Abstract There is a wide range of end-use products made from cereal grains, and these products often demand different grain characteristics. Fortunately, cereal crop...

Potentially inappropriate prescribing in two populations with differing socio-economic profiles: a cross-sectional database study using the PROMPT criteria

Health Services Executive Primary Care Reimbursement 2 scribing Optimally in Middle-aged People's Treatments) 3 Janine A. Cooper 4 HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, Division of Population Health ... ), covering the full population in Northern Ireland and factors associated with PIP, using the PROMPT (PReJanine A. Cooper and Frank Moriarty denotes joint first authorship. - S e r vi c e ( H S E - P C R S

Osmoregulatory bicarbonate secretion exploits H+-sensitive haemoglobins to autoregulate intestinal O2 delivery in euryhaline teleosts

Marine teleost fish secrete bicarbonate (HCO3 −) into the intestine to aid osmoregulation and limit Ca2+ uptake by carbonate precipitation. Intestinal HCO3 − secretion is associated with an equimolar transport of protons (H+) into the blood, both being proportional to environmental salinity. We hypothesized that the H+-sensitive haemoglobin (Hb) system of seawater teleosts could...

The influence of moisture content variation on fungal pigment formation in spalted wood

Daniela Tudor 0 Sara C Robinson 0 Paul A Cooper 0 0 Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto , 33 Willcocks Street, Toronto M5S 3B3, Canada Eight fungal species known to produce wood pigmentation

Stimulating growth and xylindein production of Chlorociboria aeruginascens in agar-based systems

Four isolates of Chlorociboria aeruginascens were tested for possible stimulatory effects when grown on malt agar media containing wood additives. The addition of any of the four types of test wood (Acer saccharum, Populus tremuloides, spalted P. tremuloides, and Ailanthus altissima), stimulated colony growth and xylindein production in C. aeruginascens. Addition of any amount of...

Impact of heavy-flavour production cross sections measured by the LHCb experiment on parton distribution functions at low x

:10.1007/ JHEP01(2010)109 11. A. Cooper-Sarkar , P. Mertsch , S. Sarkar , JHEP 1108 , ( 2011 ) 042 arXiv:1106.3723. doi:10.1007/ JHEP08(2011)042 12. L. Pasquali , M.H. Reno , I. Sarcevic , Phys. Rev. D 59

Variants of ADRA2A are associated with fasting glucose, blood pressure, body mass index and type 2 diabetes risk: meta-analysis of four prospective studies

Aims/hypothesis We quantified the effect of ADRA2A (encoding α-2 adrenergic receptor) variants on metabolic traits and type 2 diabetes risk, as reported in four studies. Methods Genotype data for ADRA2A single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) rs553668 and rs10885122 were analysed in >17,000 individuals (1,307 type 2 diabetes cases) with regard to metabolic traits and type 2...

Changes in symptom clusters in patients undergoing radiation therapy

Goals of work The goals of the study were to determine the occurrence rates for and the severity of symptoms at the middle, end, and 1 month after the completion of radiation therapy (RT), to determine the number and types of symptom clusters at these three time points, and to evaluate for changes over time in these symptom clusters. Materials and methods Symptom occurrence and...

Telomeres are shorter in myocardial infarction patients compared to healthy subjects: correlation with environmental risk factors

Shorter telomeres have been reported in premature myocardial infarction (MI) patients. Our work aimed at confirming the association of shorter telomere with MI in two case–control studies and in familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). The HIFMECH study compared 598 white male patients (<60 years) who survived a first MI and 653 age-matched...

The apolipoprotein A-V genotype and plasma apolipoprotein A-V and triglyceride levels: prospective risk of type 2 diabetes. Results from the Northwick Park Heart Study II

. Talmud, J. A. Cooper and S. E. Humphries are supported by the British Heart Foundation (FS/2002/083 and RG2005/15). The Northwick Park Heart Study II was supported by the British Medical Research Council

A common mitochondrial DNA variant is associated with insulin resistance in adult life

Mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited. Mitochondrial DNA mutations could contribute to the excess of maternal over paternal inheritance of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). We therefore investigated the relationship between this variant, insulin resistance and other risk factors in a cohort which had been well characterised with respect to diabetes. Blood DNA...