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Survey of Physicians’ Understanding of Specific Risks Associated with Retigabine

. A. Cooper, and M. Stender were involved in concept and study design, data analysis, and data interpretation; A. Kowalczyk provided operational oversight. All authors have reviewed and approved the

Evaluation of onset of pain relief from micronized aspirin in a dental pain model

A new formulation of a micronized acetylsalicylic acid swallowable tablet with an effervescent component (FR-aspirin) was evaluated in two independent studies using the dental impaction pain model. These clinical studies were performed to confirm the results of preclinical dissolution studies and human pharmacokinetic studies, which indicated an improved onset of analgesia without ...

Comprehensive Pharmacokinetic, Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacogenetic Evaluation of Once-Daily Efavirenz 400 and 600 mg in Treatment-Naïve HIV-Infected Patients at 96 Weeks: Results of the ENCORE1 Study

and Pfizer; David A. Cooper has received honoraria and research grant support from Gilead Sciences, Merck Research Laboratories and Bristol–Myers Squibb; and Sean Emery has received research grant

Lysozyme transgenic goats’ milk positively impacts intestinal cytokine expression and morphology

, Davis, CA 95616, USA 1 C. A. Cooper D. R. Brundige W. A. Reh E. A. Maga J. D. Murray (&) Department of Animal Science, University of California , Meyer Hall, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616, USA In