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Reality Monitoring and Metamemory in Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Studies of reality monitoring (RM) often implicate medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) in distinguishing internal and external information, a region linked to autism-related deficits in social and self-referential information processing, executive function, and memory. This study used two RM conditions (self-other; perceived-imagined) to investigate RM and metamemory in adults with...

Rehabilitation of People with Lower-Limb Amputations

Affairs , 6425 Penn Avenue, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, USA 1 R. Cooper UPMC Health System Center for Assistive Technology , Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA 2 G. Fiedler J. Akins R. Cooper S. Munoz R. A ... . Cooper Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology, University of Pittsburgh , Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA Rehabilitation of persons with lower-limb amputation is a complex endeavor that requires the

Poverty, Wealth, and Health Care Utilization: A Geographic Assessment

Geographic variation has been of interest to both health planners and social epidemiologists. However, while the major focus of interest of planners has been on variation in health care spending, social epidemiologists have focused on health; and while social epidemiologists have observed strong associations between poor health and poverty, planners have concluded that income is...

Maximizing the Benefits of “We” in Race-Discordant Patient–Physician Relationships: Novel Insights Raise Intriguing Questions

Over the last decade, research on racial differences in the quality of the patient–physician relationship has yielded mounting evidence of lower levels of trust,1 satisfaction2 and perceived partnership2 in race-discordant patient–physician relationships. Evidence linking race discordance to technical aspects of care and health outcomes is limited and results are mixed.3 However...

Erratum to: Are Quadrilateral Surface Buttress Plates Comparable to Traditional Forms of Transverse Acetabular Fracture Fixation?

, Foundation for Orthopaedic Research & Education , Tampa, FL , USA 1 I. R. Smithson, S. A. Cooper, B. G. Santoni Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, University of South Florida , Tampa, FL

Provider Perspectives on Essential Functions for Care Management in the Collaborative Treatment of Hypertension: The P.A.R.T.N.E.R. Framework

BACKGROUND Care management has become a widespread strategy for improving chronic illness care. However, primary care provider (PCP) participation in programs has been poor. Because the success of care management relies on provider engagement, understanding provider perspectives is necessary. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to identify care management functions most valuable to PCPs in...

The influence of task requirements on priming in object decision and matching

We argue that task requirements can be the determinant in generating different results in studies on visual object recognition. We investigated priming for novel visual objects in three implicit memory tasks. A study-test design was employed in which participants first viewed line drawings of unfamiliar objects and later made different decisions about structural aspects of the...

EST and Mitochondrial DNA Sequences Support a Distinct Pacific Form of Salmon Louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis

Nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid sequences from approximately 15,000 salmon louse expressed sequence tags (ESTs), the complete mitochondrial genome (16,148bp) of salmon louse, and 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid (rRNA) and cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) genes from 68 salmon lice collected from Japan, Alaska, and western Canada support a Pacific lineage of Lepeophtheirus salmonis...

Using the Macintosh computer in psychophysiological research: Programs for stimulus presentation, data collection, and response quantification

-Salem, NC 27109 1 TERRY D. BLUMENTHAL and JOSEPH A. COOPER Wake Forest University , Winston-Sakm, North Carolina In this paper, we describe two Turbo Pascal programs, one for the control of stimulus

Individual differences in visual comparison processes

LYNN A. COOPER 0 1 0 This research was funded primarily by National Science Foun dation Grant GB-31971X to Roger N. Shepard and also in part by National Institute of Mental Health Small Grant MH ... should be sent to: Lynn A. Cooper, Department of Psychology , C-009 , University of California , San Diego, La Jolla, California 92093 1 University ofCalifornia , San Diego, La Jolla, California 92093 Two

Demonstration of a mental analog of an external rotation

LYNN A. COOPER 0 1 0 This research was supported primarily by National Science Foundation Grant GB-31971X to Roger N. Shepard and also in part by National Institute of Mental Health Small Grant MH ... . Requests for reprints should be addressed to: Lynn A. Cooper. Department of Psychology C-009. University of California. San Diego. La Jolla. California 92093 1 University of California , San Diego, La Jolla

A multiprocessor system for generating visual displays and controlling experiments

A laboratory is described that is based on an IMSAI 8080 microcomputer and an IMLAC graphics display system. Procedures for using the system are described and illustrated.

Estimation of the potency of ORG 9426 using two different modes of nerve stimulation

The potency of ORG 9426, a new nondepolarising muscle relaxant, has been estimated using two different modes of nerve stimulation in patients anaesthetised with thiopentone, nitrous oxide-oxygen and intravenous fentanyl. The force of contraction of adductor pollicis was measured following a single twitch (ST) at 0.1 Hz or a train-of-four (TOF) mode of stimulation at 2 Hz every...

Fourier analyses: A mathematical and geometric explanation

Fourier analyses are used in electrophysiological research to reduce EEG data to an interpretable, analyzable form. This article outlines the mathematical similarities and differences between Fourier transforms and fast Fourier transforms. A geometric explanation of the application of fast Fourier transforms and a Fourier series to theta-band EEG data is also included in this...

Haemodynamic effects of rocuronium during fentanyl anaesthesia: comparison with vecuronium

Haemodynamic variables were measured following administration of rocuronium 0.6 mg· kg−1 or vecuronium 0.08 mg · kg−1 (approximately equivalent to 2 × ED95 doses) in patients anaesthetized with fentanyl 50 μg· kg−1 and scheduled to undergo elective coronary artery bypass grafting. There were increases in stroke volume index (+15%) and cardiac index (+11%), and a decrease in...

Visual comparison processes: Identity and similarity decisions

In the first experiment, in which two successively presented free-form visual patterns varied in their similarity to each other, subjects had to decide, in one condition, if the patterns were “identical” and in two other conditions if the patterns were “similar.” Qualitative individual differences in the effect of similarity on the time required to make a decision were found in...

Fequency-specific color adaptation in the human visual system

Following prolonged exposure to two vertical grating patterns differing in spatial frequency—one pattern illuminated in green light alternated with the other pattern illuminated in red light—human observers will sometimes report seeing desaturated complementary colors when presented with a neutrally illuminated test field consisting of adjacent halves of the two adapting gratings...

Postoperative malignant hyperthermia: A case report

Canad. Anaesth. Soc. J. j. BELDAVS .l.D. C.R.C.P.  V. SMALL C.R.C.P. 0 D. A. COOPER ~I.D. C.R.C.P. ~"AND g. A. BRITT DIP.ANAES. F.R.C.P. 0 Department of Anaesthesia and Department of Internal