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Implicit memory for visual objects and the structural description system

Arizona , Tucson, Arizona , USA 1 LYNN A. COOPER Columbia University , New York , New York 2 University of Arizona , Tucson, Arizona , USA Several experiments are described in which priming or implicit

Automatization and perceptual restructuring performance across the menstrual cycle

The cognitive performance of undergraduate psychology women (n=49) and men (n=48) was assessed using standardized automatization and perceptual restructuring measures. Women were classified into five groups based on the phase of the menstrual cycle they were experiencing at the time of testing. Results showed that the automatization performance of women who were expecting to...

Discrimination learning after hippocampal lesions in 1-day-old rats

Hooded rat pups (N=26) received radio frequency lesions at 1 day of age. Ten were operated controls, nine received hippocampal ablations, and seven sustained lesions of the entorhinal area. The effects of the surgery were assessed using a left-right spatial discrimination test with the home cage and mother serving as reward. The results suggest that partial deefferentation of the...

Field independence/dependence, sex, and water levels

should be made to Sherman Ross, Department of Psychology, Howard University , Washington, D.C. 20059 2 JEROME H. BLUE, JOHN A. COOPER, and SHERMAN ROSS Howard University , Washington, D. C. 20059 3