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The Relation Between Inflation in Type-I and Type-II Error Rate and Population Divergence in Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Multi-Ethnic Populations

Population divergence impacts the degree of population stratification in Genome Wide Association Studies. We aim to: (i) investigate type-I error rate as a function of population divergence (FST) in multi-ethnic (admixed) populations; (ii) evaluate the statistical power and effect size estimates; and (iii) investigate the impact of population stratification on the results of ...

The effect of losartan therapy on ventricular function in Marfan patients with haploinsufficient or dominant negative FBN1 mutations

Background Mild biventricular dysfunction is often present in patients with Marfan syndrome. Losartan has been shown to reduce aortic dilatation in patients with Marfan syndrome. This study assesses the effect of losartan on ventricular volume and function in genetically classified subgroups of asymptomatic Marfan patients without significant valvular regurgitation. Methods In this ...

The revised role of TGF-β in aortic aneurysms in Marfan syndrome

Biochemistry, Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam , Meibergdreef 15, Post-box 22660, 1105 AZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2 A. H. Zwinderman Durrer Cardiogenetic Research Centre Utrecht , Utrecht, the Netherlands 3

Blood volume measurement with indocyanine green pulse spectrophotometry: dose and site of dye administration

Background (1) To determine the optimal administration site and dose of indocyanine green (ICG) for blood volume measurement using pulse spectrophotometry, (2) to assess the variation in repeated blood volume measurements for patients after subarachnoid hemorrhage and (3) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this technique in patients who were treated for an intracranial ...

Extracellular matrix in human diabetic nephropathy: reduced expression of heparan sulphate in skin basement membrane

In diabetic nephropathy, expression of glycosaminoglycan side chains of heparan sulphate proteoglycan in the glomerular basement membrane is reduced proportionally to the degree of proteinuria. We performed a cross-sectional study to evaluate whether non-vascular basement membranes also show a decrease in heparan sulphate side chain staining in patients with diabetic nephropathy. ...