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Effects of a Supportive Audience on a Handgrip Squeezing Task in Adults

International Journal of Exercise Science 9(1): 4-15, 2016. The role of social facilitation by way of audience effect in select exercise-related variables during an isometric handgrip task was assessed using a mixed design. Fifty three moderately active participants (Mage= 21.76 + 5.27) were recruited from the Midwestern United States. Participants were randomly assigned to one...

Secondary prevention of fractures after hip fracture: a qualitative study of effective service delivery

Summary There is variation in how services to prevent secondary fractures after hip fracture are delivered and no consensus on best models of care. This study identifies healthcare professionals’ views on effective care for the prevention of these fractures. It is hoped this will provide information on how to develop services. Introduction Hip fracture patients are at high risk...

Impact of hip fracture on hospital care costs: a population-based study

Summary Using a large cohort of hip fracture patients, we estimated hospital costs to be £14,163 and £2139 in the first and second year following fracture, respectively. Second hip and non-hip fractures were major cost drivers. There is a strong economic incentive to identify cost-effective approaches for hip fracture prevention. Introduction The purpose of this study was to...

Male Weaponry in a Fighting Cricket

(.99%) for each (K. A. Judge, unpubl. data). In addition to the linear dimensions of male and female morphology, we were also able to collect observations of deformed, damaged or missing body parts ... (K. A. Judge, unpubl. ms). The apparent congruence between these two different mechanisms of sexual selection may be the reason that head width and mouthpart size are all positively allometric in males