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The Effects of Iodine Attenuation on Pulmonary Nodule Volumetry using Novel Dual-Layer Computed Tomography Reconstructions

Nieuwegein , The Netherlands 2 A. M. den Harder Objectives To assess the effect of iodine attenuation on pulmonary nodule volumetry using virtual non-contrast (VNC) and mono-energetic reconstructions. Methods

Imaging of pediatric great vessel stents: Computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging?

Background Complications might occur after great vessel stent implantation in children. Therefore follow-up using imaging is warranted. Purpose To determine the optimal imaging modality for the assessment of stents used to treat great vessel obstructions in children. Material and methods Five different large vessel stents were evaluated in an in-vitro setting. All stents were...

Erratum to: Effect of magnesium oxide on interfraction prostate motion and rectal filling in prostate cancer radiotherapy: analysis of a randomized clinical trial

Department of Radiation Oncology University Medical Center Utrecht Heidelberglaan 100 , 3584 CX Utrecht 1 A. M. den Harder, C. H. van Gils, A. N. Kotte, M. van Vulpen and I. M. Lips The metadata are corrected