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Vibration Attenuation by a Combination of a Piezoelectric Stack and a Permanent Magnet

Conference on Rotor Dynamics, 25th–28th Sep, Vienna, Austria, 2006. A. Nandi and S. Neogy, Performance Analysis of a Hybrid One-sided Magnetic Exciter mounted on a Piezoelectric Stack, Shock and Vibration 17

Properties of the propagating shock wave in the accretion flow around GX 339-4 in the 2010 outburst

Context. The black hole candidate GX 339-4 exhibited an X-ray outburst in January 2010, which is still continuing. We here discuss the timing and the spectral properties of the outburst using RXTE data.Aims. Our goal is to study the timing and spectral properties of GX 339-4 using its recent outburst data and extract information about the nature of the accretion flow.Methods. We...

X-ray observation of SS 433 with RXTE

Apart from regular monitoring with the All Sky Monitor, the compact object SS 433 was observed with RXTE several times over the last 2 or 3 yr. We present the first analysis of these observations. We also include the results of the recent exciting Target of Opportunity campaign made during donor inferior (orbital phase φ = 0) and superior (φ = 0.5) conjunctions which took place...

Explaining Racial Disparities in Incidence of and Survival from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

A prospective observational study of 4,653 consecutive cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OOHCA) occurring in New York City from April 1, 2002, to March 31, 2003, was used to assess racial/ethnic differences in the incidence of OOHCA and 30-day survival after hospital discharge among OOHCA patients. The age-adjusted incidence of OOHCA per 10,000 adults was higher among...

SS 433: results of a recent multiwavelength campaign

We conducted a multiwavelength campaign in 2002 September–October, to observe SS 433. We used the Giant Meter Radio Telescope for radio observations, the Physical Research Laboratory Infrared Telescope at Mt Abu for infrared (IR), the ARIES telescope at Nainital for optical photometry, the telescope at the Vainu Bappu observatory for spectral measurements and the Rossi X-ray...