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On the effect of renormalization group improvement on the cosmological power spectrum

Asymptotically safe quantum gravity predicts running gravitational and cosmological constants, while it remains a meaningful quantum field theory because of the existence of a finite number of non-Gaussian ultraviolet fixed points. We have investigated the effect of such running couplings on the cosmological perturbations. We have obtained the improved Mukhanov–Sassaki equation and ...

Casimir force in the Gödel space-time and its possible induced cosmological inhomogeneity

Gödel's universe . Phys. Rev. D 27 ( 4 ), 779 ( 1983 ) 10. Sh Khodabakhshi , A. Shojai , Phys. Rev. D. 92 ( 12 ), 123541 ( 2015 ) 11. D.J. Fixsen , Astrophys. J. 707 ( 2 ), 916 ( 2009 ) 12. E.W. Kolb , M.S

Regularizing future cosmological singularities with varying speed of light

Cosmological models may result in future singularities. Using scalar–tensor gravity as the dynamical theory for describing a varying speed of light, we show that it is possible to regularize those singularities.